6 Best Mattress For Neck And Shoulder Pain


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Are you in search of top-quality branded and trending Best Mattress for neck and shoulder pain?

 No more worries as you are hanging on the right page that is enriched with all detailed information about Best Mattress for neck and Shoulder Pain. You may feel happy to know that our experts personally tested hundreds of mattresses with an emphasis on cushioning, support, and pressure reduction for the neck and shoulders to bring you the list of best recommendations below.

After testing them for neck and shoulder pain treatment, our staff gave these mattresses the best ratings. Each one has received an honor to highlight one of its greatest qualities. We’ve provided product profiles with more details about our top picks down below. A thorough buyer’s guide tailored to mattress customers with neck and shoulder pain can be found further down.  as well as pricing and size details, additional mattress-buying considerations, and a summary of mattress sleep trials and warranties.

 Top 6 Best Mattress forNeck And Shoulder Pain relief in 2022:

It is important to note that the 5th one on the list got mostly positive reviews from Buyers than any other mattress on this list.

 2. Nectar Mattress:

Best Mattress for Shoulder Pain


This is the overall best mattress for neck and shoulder pain that’s why have put it on top of the list.

Anyone with neck and shoulder problems who prefers the even contouring of memory foam might consider the Nectar Mattress. The Nectar has a very reasonable pricing point for people on a budget when compared to other all-foam beds.

The quilted cooling Tencel mattress cover has a soft and light top layer. Gel memory foam in the second layer helps distribute your weight. Include a transition layer for adaptive responses that offers support to prevent the sensation of sinking into quicksand. backed by a foundation layer to bolster support.

A mattress cover is located at the very bottom to prevent the mattress from slipping. The perfect combination of hardness, coolness, breathability, and comfort. This best mattress for neck and shoulder pain conforms to your body, easing all of your troubles. Although soft enough to be kind where you are sensitive, it is sturdy enough to support you. Nectar sleeps cool, softly controlling heat for a comfortable temperature all night long, even on those 90° evenings.


This best mattress for neck and shoulder pain is available in 6 different sizes which are Twin, Twin XL, King, Queen, Cal King, and full.

Nectar Mattress comes with 365 days free night trial and a lifetime warranty.

It is Best For


Side sleepers

People who are in search of a mattress that has a long test trial.

  • The comfort of five layers.
  • Affordable
  • Not easily washable
  • Some customers didn’t like its firmness

2. Brooklyn Bedding Signature:

Best Mattress for Shoulder Pain


Sleeping on the foam hybrid model should be relatively cool for hot sleepers. The pocketed coils in the mattress aid in temperature regulation by circulating air throughout it. The three firmness levels are advantageous for people who prefer different sleeping positions and have different body weights. The softer type, which allows users to sink deeper into the mattress, will be appreciated by side sleepers and those who weigh less than 130 pounds. The firmer variants might be preferred by side and back sleepers who weigh at least 130 pounds.

 To support a variety of sleepers, the Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid is available in three firmness levels. To achieve the best support, customers can select a medium-soft (4), medium-firm (6), or firm (8) feel. The combination of supporting pocketed coils and pressure-relieving comfort layers should be welcomed by those who have pain in their neck, shoulders or hips.


No mattress-making brand has ever packed this many high-end features into a bed that is so reasonably priced. The Brooklyn Signature includes 2″ of transitional Energex foam for deeper compression support, 6″ of individually pocketed ascension coils, and 2″ of unique TitanFlex foam, which combines all the contouring qualities of memory foam with the responsiveness of latex.

This best mattress for neck and shoulder pain is the best value available thanks to the cooling TitaniumGel infusion that is applied to the top foam layers to regulate temperature. This best mattress for neck and shoulder pain weighs 100 pounds   Brooklyn Bedding provides a 120-night sleep trial as well as free shipping to the 48 contiguous states. Purchases of Signature Hybrids include a 10-year warranty.

It is best for

People who like multiple layer firmness

Hot sleepers with shoulder and neck pain

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  • Best regulation of temperature
  • Adjustable
  • Not skin-friendly
  • Expensive

3. Sweet Night Mattress:

Best Mattress for Shoulder Pain


On the Swaretnight, the company’s flagship mattress and one of the most recognizable luxury brands in the online mattress market, people who are concerned about neck and shoulder pain may rest easy. This best mattress for neck and shoulder pain and full gel memory foam mattress has a  feel that is medium fiem, relieves lower and hip pain, and keeps you cool while you’re sleeping.

This entire best mattress for neck and shoulder pain relieves discomfort while providing varying support from head to foot. Additionally, infused gel keeps you cooler while you sleep than conventional foam mattresses by regulating temperature. Sleep soundly and wake up feeling rejuvenated with a breeze memory foam mattress. This best mattress for neck and shoulder pain the contiguous United States, Sweet night and offers free ground shipping on all orders.


Ten years limited,  and a 30-day free return policy is included with the Sweetnight full-size foam mattress.

Designed with 2-inch gel memory foam, four-inch excellent airflow foam, and have 4 inch high-density foam, the Sweetnight10″ cooling queen size mattress is made. In addition to conforming to your body’s shape and offering adequate support, this ten inch memory foam mattress also helps to ease back discomfort.

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It is best for

Those who value having a springy mattress

Shoppers seeking complimentary White Glove delivery.

Hot sleepers

Stomach sleepers

  • Excellent bouncing
  • Elastic
  • Skin-friendly
  • Not Ecofriendly
  • Not good for petite sleepers

4. Nolah Signature Mattress:

Best Mattress for Shoulder Pain


A hybrid and best mattress for neck and shoulder pain with a broad profile and a foam-padded Euro-top that gives the surface a soft feel, the Nolah Evolution 12 is expertly made. At night, the soft surface provides good relief for pressure spots that are painful or uncomfortable, especially neck and shoulder pain.

This incredibly comfortable and best mattress for neck and shoulder pain is available in a plush 12-inch profile with a 20 percent thicker core base and a luxury organic cotton cover with a diamond pattern that is 300 percent more durable and unbleached, custom-made, protective diamond pattern cotton cover that wicks away moisture, keeping you cool all night long. This best mattress for neck and shoulder pain is compressed and shipped in a box for easy delivery and setup.


The premium layered 12-inch AirFoam mattress relieves strain on the neck, hips, and shoulders to lessen aches and pains throughout the night and provides ideal spinal alignment and lumbar support.

It is best for

Up to 230-pound back and stomach sleepers 

Hot sleepers

Those who love to sleep on mattresses that are very thick.

  • Extra thick
  • Skin-friendly
  • Eco-friendly
  • Breathable
  • Firmness not good
  • Smell at the start days of using.

5. Cacoon Sealy Mattress:

Best Mattress for Shoulder Pain


This best mattress for neck and shoulder pain might be exactly what you need if neck and shoulder discomfort and nighttime overheating are problems for you. It is comprised of memory foam, which reacts to your body’s movements and shapes to provide a soft, supportive feel.

 To take advantage of cooling memory foam that has been infused with additional cool technology, upgrade to the Extra-Cool Foam option.

This premium  pack’s knitted stretch is loaded with a special “Phase Change Material” that disperses heat for a cool-to-the-touch surface that is pleasant. Greater quality, more density The Perfect  Memory Foam of this best mattress for neck and shoulder pain will conform to the shape and, and sleeping position of your body. With materials that are heavier and more durable, our Essential Support Foam provides the support you needs to unwind.


This best mattress for neck and shoulder pain is available in Cal king, king, twin xl, Full and queen.

It is best For people who sleep on their backs and search for the best cooling mattress, this is the best option for them

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  • fantastic pricing
  • With a 100-night trial, free shipping, and a 10-year warranty,
  • This item is soft and supportive to reduce pain.
  • It also comes with free pillows and sheets that are made to keep you cool

  • Some critics believe it to be overly soft.
  • It is not skin-friendly and Eco Friendly
  • Some sleepers might not get enough support from memory foam designs.
  • Expensive additional cooling features

6. Brentwood Home Cypress Mattress:

Best Mattress for Shoulder Pain


Even if you’re worried about neck and shoulder pain, there’s no reason you have to spend a lot of money on a mattress.

This memory foam mattress is manufactured in Los Angeles using CertiPUR-US foam and is Greenguard Gold certified.

 Many reviewers who suffer from neck and shoulder discomfort claim that after using this mattress, their pain and stiffness are lessened when they wake up.

Despite being classified as medium, some people believe this best mattress for neck and shoulder pain to be a little too firm. You have a yearlong free trial period during which you can consider your options.As an extra plus, the memory foam construction ensures that your bed companion won’t notice if you move around a lot while you sleep. This best mattress for neck and shoulder pain regulates body temperature, wicks away moisture, serves as a natural fire barrier, and keeps you cool in hot weather and warm in cold weather. Remove packaging within 72 hours, and give proper decompression an additional 48–72 hours.


Your purchase consists of The ideal mattress for all types of sleepers is the One Brentwood Home Cypress Gel Memory Foam Mattress in Queen Size, which fits both adjustable and conventional frames.

Dimensions of this best mattress for neck and shoulder pain are 80″ L x 60″ W x 13″ H; feel is medium-firm, and weight is 53 lbs.

It is best for

All type of sleepers whether they are back sleepers, petite sleepers, stomach sleepers, heavy weight people

Side sleepers, etc.

  • Two possibilities for height
  • fantastic pricing
  • Various firmness variations are offered in foam or hybrid options.
  • Non toxic
  • Foam is made of plants and is sustainable.

  • Durability issue
  • Too firm which cause bad back
  • Dip at the middle overtime
 Buyers Guide

With so many bedding brands available on the market, to save you from this unfavorable condition we have enlisted top factors that you might consider while purchasing best mattress for neck and shoulder pain:


You’ll also want to pay special attention to the mattress materials you’re purchasing because different mattress kinds provide varying degrees of relief from neck and shoulder pain. Learn more about the pain-relieving properties of common mattress types by reading the information below.

Memory Foam mattress

For anyone withneck and shoulder pain, memory foam mattresses are definitely the best option. They provide a ton of pressure relief and body-contouring, and because they react slowly tremendous pressure, you can sink into them. In general, I strongly advise those who experience neck, hip or shoulder pain when sleeping to look into memory foam mattresses.

Polyfoam mattress

For those who suffer from neck and shoulder pain when they sleep, polyfoam mattresses work well. While not as supportive or slow-moving as memory foam mattresses, soft polyfoam beds can be excellent short-term budget solutions for neck and shoulder pain relief.

Latex Mattress

Latex mattresses frequently provide a cooling, springy feel. Side sleepers with neck and shoulder problems may not get the support they need in these beds because they don’t give as much body contouring as other foam mattresses. However, back sleepers with neck and shoulder problems may find considerable relief from soft latex mattresses.

Hybrid mattress 

The feel of hybrid mattresses, which contain steel coils and foam top layers, can vary greatly. Looking for a hybrid with deep memory or polyfoam top layers that provide enough of room for sinkage before transitioning into the coil support layer is advised if you frequently experience shoulder pain.


Innerspring Mattress

In general, innerspring mattresses are not recommended for people who suffer from neck and shoulder pain. These mattresses feel classic and springy and are frequently extremely firm. Unless they are sleeping on their stomachs, individuals with shoulder problems won’t experience quite enough pressure reduction from a coil mattress without a substantial top layer.

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Pillow Top Mattress

Hybrid or innerspring layers with an extra foam, wool, or occasionally down top layer make up pillow-top mattresses. These beds have a little extra sinkage and can provide excellent pressure relief. For people with shoulder problems, pillow-top mattresses are generally very comfortable.

How to sleep with shoulder pain?

Some tips include:

  •  Purchase a new pillow that will guarantee that your head and neck are supported appropriately. This can assist relieve strain and discomfort in the neck and shoulders. For some choices, look through our selection of the finest pillows.
  • Before going to bed, take over-the-counter pain medication. At night, some neck and shoulder issues may feel worse or more inflamed. An anti-inflammatory or painkiller sold over the counter can help ease some discomfort.
  • To lessen pain, side sleepers should try sleeping on the opposing shoulder.
  • Regular stretching and exercise can help with neck and shoulder pain over time.
  • If you have never tried sleeping on your back, you should. A fantastic approach to ease neck and shoulder strain and soreness are to sleep on your back. See our article on developing a back sleep routine.
  • Back sleepers may want to try putting one arm up on a pillow. Elevating your arm may relieve some of the strain on a sore or painful neck and shoulder.
  • Back sleepers could try putting one arm on a pillow while they are in bed. Lifting your arm may relieve stress on a sore or painful neck and shoulder shoulder.
  • Between your shoulder blades, place a small pillow or curled hand towel. Pressure on both shoulders may be relieved by doing this. For the same effect, try sleeping on your back with a pillow or towel under your hurting shoulder.
  • Adapt your overall sleeping habits. Getting enough deep sleep can reduce discomfort and hasten healing.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How mattress relieve shoulder pain?

A layer of coils at the center and a layer of memory foam on top are made to embrace your body and relieve pressure on your side. Additionally, it provides a bounce back if you frequently have sleepless nights. Whatever mattress you choose, keep in mind that it’s preferable to sleep on the side of your shoulder that hurts.


Does a mattress cause shoulder pain?


Your shoulder alignment will be off-center and inflamed structures will be squeezed if you sleep on your side and have a mattress that is overly firm in the shoulder area. This causes tension, soreness, and discomfort up to the cervical region.

Why is gel memory foam best for shoulder and neck pain?

It is best for shoulder pain because the foam has gel mixed into it to absorb and release extra body heat. VariFlex polyfoam is used as a transitional layer between the support core and the comfort system to add cushion. The mattress’s support core is made up of pocketed coils, some of which are zoned along the edge of the mattress for added edge support.

Bottom line 

That’s the wrap of our article about the Best Mattress for neck and shoulder pain. Regardless of the mattress, you select, keeping these suggestions in mind will enable you to choose the one that relieves neck and shoulder pain the most effectively. Please only use this manual as a source of information. If you have any ongoing medical problems, please consult a licensed medical expert since we are not one of them.


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