How thick is the Queen mattress


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Introduction To Queen Mattress Thickness:

The Mattress Thickness Guide will help you understand how to optimize your queen mattress thickness. Like queen-length queen mattress length, mattress frames are within the variety of preferred queen mattress measurements but can measure 2 to 3 inches smaller or larger, depending on the mattress cloth (including feather, memory foam, ticking material, etc.

How thick is the Queen mattress?

Queen-size mattresses can degree everywhere from 8 inches deep to 18 inches deep. While bed thickness is an issue of desire for most people, adults generally sleep on a bed with at least 10 inches of thickness.

A queen-length bed is 60 inches thick using 80 inches lengthy, or five feet through more or less 6. Sixty-six feet. It’s a versatile bed, able to easily fit humans or give someone a bunch of space to move around. That’s why a queen bed is the most famous mattress size.

A queen is 6 inches wider and five inches longer than a complete bed, however 16 inches thinner than a king mattress. If two humans share a queen mattress, they each have approximately 30 inches of width to themselves; that’s 8 inches much less than a twin XL bed, but enough area for primary couples.

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Queen Mattress Dimensions:

Metric Measurements

In centimeters, the queen mattress is 152cm x 203cm, 30,968cm² surface area. In meters, the queen mattress is 1.5 meters x 2 meters, 3.1 square meters of surface area.

Imperial Measurements

In inches, a queen bed is 60″ x 80″ with a surface area of 4800 rectangular inches. In feet, a queen bed is 5 feet x 6.7 toes a floor location of about 33 rectangular ft.

Mattress Thickness

Like any general mattress, a queen bed is round 8-13 inches deep, or approximately 20-33 cm deep.

Variations of a Queen Size Bed

The general queen size is not your only desire when it comes to a queen mattress. Difference sizes are tougher to find and might need special orders from a custom bed producer, however, they do exist and provide more area.

California queen mattress

The California queen is 4 inches longer than a regular queen, much like how a California king bed is 4 inches longer than an ordinary king. A California queen mattress can deliver a tall individual a whole lot-want prevent and legroom their feet from hanging over the brink.

Split queen mattress

A split-up queen mattress is the same length as a standard queen however distributed into partners. A cut-up queen bed lets every companion select their desired firmness for a great night’s rest. Many couples find it higher than agreeing on a bed that outfits neither of them.

Olympic queen mattress

An Olympic queen, that is once in a while known as an expanded queen, is 6 inches wider than an everyday queen bed. It gives more sound asleep space without requiring the floor area that a king mattress could.

What Factors Should I Consider When Selecting a Mattress Size?

When shopping for a new mattress, you should consider several factors that will affect the size of mattress you need:

Mattress price:

In common, the bigger a bed is, the more profitable it is going to be. Therefore, you need to weigh your price range in opposition to your needs and the available area. If you’ve got a good price range, check out our mark of the Best Cheap Mattresses for choices that can be excellent for you.

Room size:

Take into consideration the overall size of your room. Use a tape degree to degree out the ground area. Each bed size takes up a distinctive amount of ground space, and you’ll want to determine which size suits your room at the same time as nevertheless supplying you with an inexpensive quantity of area to transport across the bed and other fixtures.

Sleepers’ sizes:

While most bed options are suitable for various heights, some are designed for taller sleepers. If you are 6 feet or taller, the Twin XL, queen, king and California king mattresses will suit you better.

Several sleepers:

If you proportion a mattress with a companion, you may likely need to choose a bed that is at least sizable. However, king-size and queen beds might be better acceptable for couples because they provide more space to unfold out at night and will leave you sleeping with limited disturbances from an accomplice that turns and tosses.

Sleeping positions:

Diverse Sizes of beds are better for diverse sleeping positions. If you move around at sprawl out or night time, you may want a bigger mattress than a person that stays fantastically nevertheless. For greater facts, see the way to find a bed through the sleeping position and check out our mark of the Best Mattresses for Side Sleepers.

Benefits of a Queen Size Bed:

A queen-size mattress arrives with various advantages each contributing to higher nighttime sleep. Below, we define why a queen bed might be good for you.

Suitable for Couples

A queen-length mattress measures 60 inches huge, providing each sleeper with 30 inches of space. For most couples, a queen presents enough room for everyone to unfold without interfering in each other’s private area. A king bed offers each sleeper 38 inches of area. But, king-size beds need greater floor space and don’t often in shape in a popular-length bedroom (measuring eleven feet with the aid of 12 feet). Couples with smaller living areas orra and nd or narrow bedrooms will enjoy the flexibility of a queen mattress.

More Leg Room

Queen-size beds are famous among single sleepers because they offer greater legroom than a complete bed. Tall people will probably dangle off the threshold of a complete bed. But on a queen, they may have greater area and sense greater support. Combination sleepers who flip and toss throughout sleep will also revel in the greater width of a queen mattress. With this length of the bed, you will be less likely to roll off the brink of the bed. Legs, Plus, and arms will stay assisted; it turns out to be drooping over the bed’s sides.

Longer Lifespan

Since queen beds provide sufficient space to unfold out, the mattress will naturally wear more lightly. On a queen, you do not sleep at the same each night, so that it will assist save your indentations and preserve the existence of the mattress.


For a queen bed to be healthy in a room effortlessly, it best desires approximately 10 by using 10 square feet of space. Since maximum standard-sized bedrooms in the United States gauge eleven feet by way of 12 toes, queen-length beds are superior for most room sizes. These mattresses will even leave lots of room for bedroom furnishings if you want to move willingly around the room. For this statement, queen beds are often utilized in guest rooms, accommodations, and excursion homes. In a master suite (measuring 14 inches by way of 16 inches), a queen-length mattress establishes the best focal factor without being restricted by the size of the room.

Taking Care of Your Queen Size Mattress:

Your mattress ought to be turned around each three to 6 months. With a queen-length mattress, you might want an additional set of hands that will help you elevate and turn the mattress.

You should try to wash your sheets weekly to save you debris and dust mites from living in your bed. If you use a comforter encased in a cover, you must smooth the cover weekly while restricting your comforter to a wash a few times a year. To further maintain your bed clean, supply it with a quick vacuum in among sheet adjustments to suck up any allergens or dust that your frame may otherwise grind into your bed.

Once you’ve selected your best queen bed, ensure you make the effort to care for it. Just a touch bit of time spent worrying about your bed can increase its lifespan. We strongly advocate a cover for queen-length comforters, as most comforters are too big to match within the average domestic’s washer and need trained cleansing. It’s less difficult and less luxurious to bring it in every six months than once per week.

You will need to clean your pillows for at least 3 to six months. Pillows can collect all styles of stuff which include hair, sweat, and useless skin. Just double-check that your queen-size pillow is machine washable in view that some types may be destroyed by instigators, along with solid memory foam pillows.

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It is concluded that the thickness of a queen mattress, If you are buying a new mattress and have specified space, a queen-size bed is ideal. These beds offer ample stretch and comfort for couples and single sleepers. When you feel less crowded and have more support on your mattress, you’ll be more likely to get a good night’s sleep.

Queen mattress thickness is very essential for a favorable night’s sleep. The queen mattress is high-quality for a couple since it gives every associate a fair quantity of space to roll around in. It takes up some space, so make sure your room is big enough to fit it effectively.

Not most effective is a queen-length mattress first-rate for couples, however, it’s also top-notch for unmarried folks that just want extra space to unfold out. A queen mattress typically lets you unfold your legs and arms quite hugely and nonetheless get enjoyable comfort below. Queen mattresses measure 60 inches extensive to 80 inches long and are the maximum known bed length on the market. This has its benefit: It’s smooth to find bed frames, sheets, blankets, and mattress protectors that fit a queen mattress.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is the length of a queen mattress?

From 18″ to 36″ tall, all queen mattress sizes average 24″ off the floor. Typically, antique or storage beds have an above-average mattress.

Q: How lengthy is a queen mattress? And why is it a mattress?

A queen-length bed measures 80 inches in length, which is 5 inches longer than a tremendous bed and has the same duration as a king-length bed. Whether you’ve got an associate or are a single sleeper, this could be a high-quality fit for folks who revel in sleeping with a bit greater pets or have legroom who may also want to sleep at the end of the bed at night (specifically in case you are a taller person).

Q: Is a queen mattress sufficient for a pair?

Queen beds may be the great bed sizes when you have a fairly sized bedroom or a small main bedroom that may accommodate it and need extra room than a full mattress (or double bed).

Q: How extensive is a queen bed? And why is it the subject?

A queen-length mattress measures 60 inches extensive. With dimensions which can be 7 inches wider than a full-size mattress (or double bed), the width of a queen bed will give greater room for single individuals and couples to sleep without difficulty at night time.

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