How to get dog pee out of a mattress


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Worried about how to get dog pee out of a mattress that has been disgusted because of dog pee?

Some people keep dogs in their homes as pet animals. However, if your dog is your honest friend, but still they have some incontinence problems as when they urinate on your mattress. Because it can be difficult when a luxurious mattress comes into this point, as it can be difficult to clean the urine out of the mattress. Your foam may not be very comfortable and downy after the dog urinates. As cleaning up the dog pee out of the mattress is simpler than you may understand.

Here is a detailed article, we are providing you with some tips after which there is no need of running your mattress and purchasing a new bed for your comfort. We’ll also inform you of the point-by-point procedure for undertaking fresh and different colors, and smells so you can rest peacefully then.

Ways to get rid of dog pee out of a mattress:

We will guide you step by step through the ways by which you can get rid of dog pee out of a mattress, sanitize it properly, and remove any kind of smell from it or shade backward. We recommend some ingredients that normally we are using in our household. The items are:

1. Reducing any bedding from the mattress:

Crop the mattress perfectly away and clean your bedroom in warm water. Clear out any coverings, comfortable, and layers, and hurl them into the wash. Wipe your bed right away to remove any colors from the urine.
If the urine remains for a longer time on your mattress then you need to deal your mattress with a color remover earlier than inserting it in the water.
Wash your bedding in warmness or heat water to sanitize it and hand it completely.

2. Using of Sprinkle Baking Soda Over The region:

If you have baking soda powder it has baking soda in it but making baking soda is best for Hydrogen peroxide. We use 3% liquid dishwashing soap like Dawn and drops from a spray bottle.
Baking soda is helpful to clean up any staying smells and get clear of the vinegar odor as well.
Baking soda is a realistic deodorizer, which is ideal for urine particles. Grip your baking soda and moisten a thick layer onto your bed, coating the full wet area. Coat the external stained area of the mattress with baking soda and settle it for 8 hours. And can’t set too much baking soda onto your mattress, so in this case, the further, the better.
Baking soda is also sincerely permeable, so it will work to soak up any urine that has come into intense contact with the threads of your mattress.

3. Sprayed down your mattress:

Take a sprayed bottle and mix a solution of two glasses of cold water and one glass of white vinegar and a small portion of laundry detergent( if your bottle is wide so take a few tablespoons for a basic spray.
Spray down the urine-dye area with a large covering of vinegar. With the help of vinegar, we remove the dog pee from the mattress. The best solution is to remove the strong odor of urine smell from the mattress.
All areas soak with the cleaner and let sit for 10 minutes. Take your spray bottle and sprayed a flexible amount of cleaner overall urine areas.
Later you’ve let it settle, absorb the vinegar with your page towels or fabric (not the single you initially used to clean up the different pee.

4. After 8 hours vacuum the mattress:

Let the baking soda take a seat for a single day to get rid of the urine odor. In the morning, grasp the vacuum and cautiously vacuum up all of the baking soda. When the baking soda is gone, most of the urine and the cleaner you used should be gone, too.
Be positive to empty the vacuum after you’re achieved to maintain away from clogging your vacuum’s filter.

5. Combine warm water and vinegar to make a cleaning solution:

A vinegar-water cleansing solution rapidly gets rid of urine odor. Fill a spray bottle 2/3 of the way full with heat water, then fill the entertainment up with white vinegar. Vinegar is a herbal deodorizer and disinfectant, so it’s an exceptional way to get urine out of a mattress.

If you don’t have white vinegar? So then use apple cider vinegar rather.

You can additionally add 1 to two drops of lavender or citrus integral oil to make your cleansing reply scent great.

6. Spray the region with your cleansing solution:

Douse the whole region with the cleaner and let it sit down for 5 minutes.
Grab your spray bottle and spray a liberal extent of cleaner over the entire urine spot. Let it sit for about 5 minutes to furnish your cleansing spray danger to working.

7. Blot the place once more with a paper towel:

Dry towel to use to get liquid up if the pee is still wet. If it’s really bad then spray water on it and use a dry towel to soak it up. This is like a pre-treatment.
The towel soaks up the cleaner and gets rid of most of the urine. Grab any other clean paper towel and gently blot the wet spot. Again, strive not to rub or scrub the urine, on account that that ought to power it further into your mattress fibers.

Need for bed Care and Stain Prevention:

A small amount of pee did not ruin your mattress but once it retains a stain can damage and make a bed smell.
If you do not stain out your bed so dispose of dirt quickly enter and mold and bacteria will grow in the damp environment of your mattress. These microorganisms not only cause allergies and odors but also deteriorate the mattress.

Some Important tips and tricks:

A comfortable sleeping mattress is more effective for sleeping, so you will have to clean the dog pee stains rapidly. Because sometimes the urine may leak profoundly into the filament then the mattress takes longer to dry out. So you need to put sheets on a moist sleeping pad of any sort. Also, quickly washes the area where you found dog pee by using baking soda.

The thing to consider for mattress care:

1. Do not try any carpet shampooer or steam cleaner on the mattress:

For cleaning your mattress do not utilize any carpet shampooer or steam cleaner mattress because these machines don’t deliver all dampness, and the volume of fluid will turn into covered form and mildew.

2. Treat all mattress stains in one:

In one straightforward manner, all mattresses should be cleaned. Because a blend of all methods doesn’t work so treat all stains of one kind and let them dry after. After some time of treatment, use another type of method.

3. Never pour anything short:

onto your mattress:
The mattress is meant to give a comfortable sleep so better to take care of your sleeping bed. Do not pour any type of liquid onto your mattress because the sponges on the foam quickly absorb the liquid, which in turn makes the bed moist and wet.

4. Clean the stain on the spot:

The most important point to keep in mind is to clean as soon as possible.

5. Utilize a crumble cloth or wipe instead of paper towels:

Take special care of your mattress and do not induce your sleeping mattress. So better to utilize a crumble cloth or wipe instead of paper towels:

Frequently Asked Questions

Is baking powder best for the removal of dog pee on a mattress?

Yes, you can use baking soda powder for the removal of dog urine because the powder contains baking soda which is made with hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide is the best acid for the removal of any stains.

How to reduce the bad smell of dog pee on the mattes?

As we know dog pee has a bad smell. To remove that bad smell you need to combine warm water and Vinegar to make a cleaning solution. This cleaning solution is the best way to remove the odor.

Why should you clean your mattress if it is stained by dog pee?

It’s not hygienic to sleep on a mattress that has been stained by dog pee. Cleaning your mattress reduces bad odor and stains and keeps your mattress neat. Cleaning a mattress lasts a long time but it saves you money.

Once your mattress is cleaned of dog pee then how can you keep it as a new one?

Once you’ve removed all stains and odors of dog pee from your bed, you can keep it clean just by using the mattress cover, not just the sheets. Always use waterproof protection because, with waterproof protection, you no longer have to worry about the mattress getting dirty.


A bedding is the best place where one can find satisfactory sleep so you need to take care of your mattress. Unfortunately, if your mattress has been urinated by dog pee then you need to clean the mattress right at the time. Because if the pee remains for a longer time it can damage the original color and also odor a bad smell. In this article, we have explained some important tips through which you can remove the dog pee from your mattress. So scroll up to find the ways on how to get dog pee out of a mattress.

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By Muhammad Asim