How to make a memory foam mattress cooler?


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When you purchase a new mattress, you are worried about its quality, softness, and whether it is relaxing to sleep on, or how cool it is. You have to wait for some days to adjust it according to your weight and body. You feel many problems when your mattress is new such as it is very hard and is not looking comfortable as you expected. You have to follow the instructions on how to use the mattress which you have purchased.

A mattress is a structure or a pad that is filled with soft materials like foam, and other soft materials. There are different varieties of mattresses and each variety has different features like softness, size, shape, lifespan, and breaking-in period. The breaking-in period is necessary for every mattress because it makes the mattress soft and comfortable. The different types of mattresses have different lifespans and different levels of comfortability.

What is a memory Foam Mattress?

It is a unique type of mattress that is made up of a memory foam layer along with support foam and springs. It is a special type of mattress that needs your body heat to soften and adjust to your shape. This mattress gives extraordinary comfort and support. This memory foam can bounce back when you put off the pressure. It is known as memory because of remembering your sleeping position and the shape of your body.

It was first designed in the mid 1960s by NASA and is also famous as Visco-elastic foam. It is made up of polyurethane and it is designed in such a way that it can endure extreme pressure hence it is very demandable and people who need comfortable sleep all night. It evenly distributes your body weight and reduces pressure on your body. It is also resistant to allergens and dust mites.

Is a memory foam mattress warm?

When memory foam mattresses were first designed, there was no technology to regulate the temperature at that time. They absorb much heat while sleeping at night. After the advancements over time, they started designing with temperature regulation techniques. Now, the new mattresses have temperature regulation features that help to manage the temperature at night. Some other factors including medication and duvet thickness are also taken into account before designing new types of mattresses.

Memory foams are very expensive due to their special features and comfort. Its density makes it less porous or breathable when compared with other mattresses. Its special characteristics of body-hugging make them soak the body heat when someone sleeps on it. It also leads to discomfort and feeling warm when sleeping, especially in summer. But not to be bothered about its warmth, you can make your memory foam cooler.

How to make a memory foam mattress cooler?

Memory foam mattresses seem to trap a lot of heat from the body. You can not impact the heat storage property of a memory foam directly. You have to use some bedding accessories to better the temperature characteristics of your memory foam mattress. You can use mattress sheets, mattress pads, and toppers of protective covers to stabilize the heat storage capacity.

1. Mattress Topper

They are actually referred to as mattress covers or protective covers. It is a thin layer of material that is used to cover the mattress by placing it over the mattress. It increases comfort and makes you softer when you go to sleep. The mattress toppers are made of polyfoam, latex, or memory foam and some toppers are also made up of wool and feathers. It helps to make your memory foam cooler. It also helps to improve the comfort of mattresses.
The Mattress topper is thick and is not very expensive. Its thickness is 1-4 inches. It is good to use a mattress topper rather than replacing your mattress with a new one. If you want to make your memory foam cooler, then you refer to a mattress cover that is Gel-infused memory foam or latex. There are varieties of cooling mattress toppers and different ranges of temperature regulation features.

2. Mattress Pads

It is an extremely thin fabric covering that is made to prevent your mattress from any damage and dust allergens. It is a thin material that usually helps to increase the cooling effect of your mattress.

But it can not help in the case of providing comfort and feeling softer when sleeping. A good mattress pad is made of very soft and cool stuff such as natural cotton. It is breathable and also helps to soak up moisture, that’s why producing a cooling effect.

3. Cooling sheets

Sheets are also beneficial to provide cooling as it acts as a buffer between the surface of the memory foam mattress and the sleeper. A significant thing that makes the mattress cool is the material and braid of the sheets. It is very effective in producing cooling effects. In winter, Flannel sheets are a good choice because it is warmer and thicker to make the sleepers feel comfortable.

The cooling sheets provide cooling because they have the ability to absorb moisture. The sheets keep away sweat because the material used in making the sheet is high-quality linen or cotton.

4. Cooling pillows

Another thing that you do is to replace your pillow. Cooling pillows are very effective to increase cooling. They are usually breathable and lightweight. As we know that our necks and heads are heat sensitive. Recommending cooling pillows that are made with new technologies are very beneficial. They are made of cooling panels or copper-infused foams and gel-infused foams.


Hope you have read the complete article about how to make your memory foam cooler. There we discussed all possible methods to increase the cooling effect and make your mattress softer. We made it clear how to use many mattress toppers and alternatives to them as well. Hope all those things will prove very helpful to you. Please do inform us via comments if you find any mistakes, and we will come back soon with more information. Keep on following our website.

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By Muhammad Asim