How to kill dust mites in a mattress?


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It is normal that your mattress can contact with dust and allergens but if your mattress is in contact with some severe problems that can only be caused by bed bugs or dust mites, then it is necessary to take strict steps against it. These can multiply in your mattress easily and rapidly and result in different allergies. You have to remove them immediately to protect yourself.

What is a dust mite?

It is a tiny creature having eight legs that can be seen with the naked eye. They ingest flakes of shed human skin and they grow and live in every place whether it is clean or not. They are also found on the mattress and the reason is a number of dead flakes of human skin present there. They can easily live on bedding and mattresses because of shed skin and perspiration which is the main source of humidity and food for them.

Why is dust mite a problem?

Dust mites cause many problems and allergic diseases. They secrete enzymes in their faeces which are very allergic to humans. It leads to coughing, sneezing, watery eyes, wheezing, etc. They only cause problems for those people who are allergic to them rather than those who are not allergic to them. They do not burrow and bite into the skin. Anyhow, if you are allergic to dust mites, then getting rid of these dust mites is the first and good idea to do. Here are some measures to eradicate dust mites.

Method for How to kill dust mites in a mattress?

You have to get rid of dust mites from your mattress, bedding, pillowcases, and sheets, no matter which method you use to eradicate them completely. You can remove dust mites by washing all the affected materials such as mattress protectors, pillow covers, bedsheets, or comforters at high temperatures.
If dust mites are also present in your pillows, you have to pack them in an airtight plastic bag and keep the bag in the freezer for almost 48 hours. It can kill all the dust mites which are present there along with their eggs. Some ways to remove dust mites are given below;

1. By using baking soda

You have to decrease the humidity level of your bedroom because dust mites love to live in places with high humidity levels. You can use a dehumidifier which helps to decrease the level of humidity by up to 35%. If the moisture in the room decreases then the condition becomes unfavourable for the survival of dust mites. In spite of the advantages, there are also some drawbacks.

The three major cons of using this method are At night, perspiration can enhance the moisture level on your bedding while you are sleeping. This leads to the favourable condition for the propagation of dust mites again. Another drawback is that some people are not comfortable with such a low level of humidity of 35%. The last disadvantage is humidifiers can be very expensive and you have to spend a lot of money on electrical costs.

In addition, you can only make the environment unfavourable but you are not removing them completely and their faecal matter remains in your mattress and leading to allergic reactions to your user. Briefly, this method is only beneficial when you can combine some other methods that can remove dust mites physically.

2. Use baking soda along with a vacuum

You can do vacuuming with only some types of mattresses such as spring coil mattresses with a fabric surface. Avoid using it directly on a memory or latex foam core. Take a mixture of baking soda with a few droplets of essential oils. Then simply spray this mixture by putting the mixture in a spray bottle and leaving it for 15 mins.

Then use a vacuum with a hose attachment to absorb all the sprinkles baking soda fully from the mattress. By doing this, all the dust mites along with the baking soda are sucked by the vacuum cleaner. Prefer a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter is the best choice to remove dust mites. Standard vacuum cleaners can only spread dust mites throughout.

3. Call a Professional

You can also take help from professionals who are experts in cleaning mattresses and easily removing dust mites and other allergens. The reason for calling a professional can save you from expenses, they can eradicate dust mites by using chemical methods and these can also harm the mattress. If you are allergic, then these chemicals will prove toxic to you and lead to further irritations.

So, use non-chemical methods to remove dust mites, for example steam cleaning and UV light. These can not harm the mattress and also prevent irritation. These techniques are useful for the short term and there is a risk of coming back from these dust mites after a month. Remember to apply UV light and steam cleaning on only fabric-topped mattresses. It is not suitable for a latex mattress.

4. Use a dust mites-resistant mattress

It is the best option to use a dust mites-resistant mattress. You can easily purchase a resistant mattress from a market firm. The only mattress that has a natural resistance to dust mites is the latex mattress. It is actually made up of rubber tree sap that is naturally resistant to dust mites.
It saves you from many troubles of cleaning to remove dust mites many times. It can provide hygiene and relief to sleepers who are allergic to dust mites. Moreover, it is very comfortable and luxurious to sleep in.


We have seen How to remove dust mites from your mattress. There are many ways to get rid of dust mites that are described in detail in this article. We also read that the mattress needs proper care to avoid dust mites entering your mattress. It should not be treated with chemicals to avoid any damage. Hope you have enjoyed reading this article. If you find it useful, please do inform us via comment. We will come back soon with the next article. Stay tuned and Cheerful.

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By Muhammad Asim