How to remove stains from a Memory Foam Mattress?


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Cleanliness is very important to protect ourselves from diseases and infections. We should clean our sleeping surfaces regularly to have a better and more comfortable sleep. We should use portable protective covers to keep the mattress clean and wash the cover when it becomes dirty. We should regularly change the bedsheets one time a week.

The bedsheet becomes dirty or has dust particles on it when we clean our room. Must clean your bedsheet and lay it again after removing the dust. Don’t need to be bothered about cleaning the mattress. The article will help you lessen your anxiety and you will be able to get different ideas from this article on how to remove stains from a Memory Foam Mattress.

You have to clean your mattress two times a year to avoid allergens, dust particles, or diseases like asthma. If you use a sheet or protective cover that is portable then you have to wash it at least once a week so that any soaked or absorbed materials are washed out and become free of germs.

Reason to Clean a Mattress:

Cleaning can reduce the risk of different allergens. It improves the air quality which we breathe at night. It also decreases the risk of mildew and mould. So that it improves your health as well as you can sleep better. It also increases the life of the mattress and helps allergy sufferers to sleep well. It makes you sleep healthy.

How to freshen a Memory Foam Mattress?

If your mattress is not too dirty, it just needs to be fresh. There are procedures to refresh and clean it without doing so much effort.
● Use a vacuum with the upholstery attachment and clean the mattress to eradicate dust and crumbs.
● To get rid of bad odour, use baking soda.
● Let the window open to pass out air.
● Wash out the cover of the mattress

How to clean a Memory foam Mattress?

If you have not refreshed your mattress for a long time, then deep cleaning is done. There are some tips that are helpful to do deep cleaning including White vinegar which is very useful to remove heavy stains. The process of using vinegar is to use it by mixing water in it and fill it in a spray bottle. Only spray it on sweat patches or stains that’s why a Spray bottle is usually preferred.

Avoid using hydrogen peroxide or bleach or any harsh cleaners on the foam because it damages the mattress.
If your mattress accidentally comes with any stains, then you have to act fast to remove that stain so that you protect the mattress from a deep cleaning.

● Firstly, remove the protective cover and wash it.
● Use a spray of lukewarm water and a soft detergent and sprinkle them on the stained area.
● Wipe the stain on the memory foam with a clean cloth.
● Move the cloth in a circular motion to clean the spot.
● When the stain is removed, dry the foam in a cool room.

How to get rid of Odour:

Odour like smoke and smells of pets stayed in the foam for a long time. If you your mattress to smell fresh, then use some tips;
● Use baking soda.
● Sprinkle the foam with a citrusy product, dry it in an open area, and vacuum it properly.
● Use a Febreze, a deodorising product to get rid of odour.
You can also clean your memory foam by using baking soda. Shower baking soda on the foam mattress entirely and leave it for a night. Vacuum it properly the next morning with the help of a soft brush on a vacuum cleaner. It helps to protect the foam from damage. The pH of odour is neutralised by using baking soda.

What should I do to dry the Memory Foam Mattress?

As we use mattresses several hours a day. We usually do breakfast on it and sometimes we pour water or juice on it accidentally or due to any reason, it gets wet. Then we have to dry it immediately. Firstly we have to clean it with a piece of cloth and allow it to dry in the air for some time. Keeping it in the sun is the best option to dry it faster. But if the weather is cloudy or foggy you can use a hair dryer to dry it on moderate heat.

Avoid using high heat on a particular spot because it can damage the mattress. Use protective covers to protect your mattress from inner damage. You can also use some sheets that are waterproof if you have kids. For kids, there are many waterproof protective covers or sheets to place on a mattress to save the mattress from any damage from water or any things including colours, and paints that are usually used in their school.

Never put the foam in the washing machine because it ruptures its internal structure and loses its comfort. Only use washing machines for protective sheets or covers. Like memory foam, a pillow is not washed in a washing machine. If you found your pillow dusty or there is a need to clean it then some tips are given below to follow.

● Use the vacuum with its attachment brushes and vacuum the pillow.
● Avoid using harsh detergents because they destroy the soft material inside a pillow.
● If you find any stubborn stains that are not easily washable, then you have to deep clean them. The method to clean the pillow is to soak it in lukewarm water along with a little amount of detergent. Press the pillow gently and allow it to dry.
● You should change the pillow cover one time a week.
● If your pillow is not so comfortable and 2 or 3 years past over, then switch to replace it with a new one.


If your mattress has a stain and you want to remove it for its longtime use, certain tips are available that prove very beneficial to get rid of stains and bad odour. The above article is coated with all possible information about eliminating stains by using different techniques.
If you find this information valuable, please do inform us via comments. If you see any mistakes in the article, try asking us. We will come back sooner with the next information-coated article. Carry on following our website.

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By Muhammad Asim