How to Stop the Mattress from Squeaking?


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Almost every kind of noise is troublesome. Especially noise that is hammering the peaceful environment, it seems more troublesome than any other noise. If you have a house on the road, then you would have experienced that you are mentally and physically disturbed by the noise, it is because it is very hard to sleep in the noise. The same goes for the mattress.

If the mattress of your bed is too noisy to sleep, then it would not be wrong to say that it is not safe for your health. Because you will fail to sleep peacefully on a noisy mattress.

These days it is the common issue for the mattress users that their mattress makes noise whenever they go to sleep. So, it is some sort of hurdle between a peaceful sleep. They are looking for some solution to stop this unbearable noise. For their information, they are in the right place.
It is because this article is going to deal with such an issue. If you are facing such a problem, read this article and learn how to stop the mattress from squeaking.

What is Squeaking of the Mattress?

There can be many reasons for squeaking the mattress of your bed. But one of the biggest reasons is the friction between the components of the mattress and bed. It happens when your mattress is not fixed properly on the bed frame. If the mattress is not fixed very well, it will move to and fro whilst you sleep.

Another reason for noise in the mattress is due to the friction between mattress and your body suit. If you are wearing a suit that creates friction, and there is no topper on the mattress, it can make a noise. Noise can be created between mattress and mattress toppers. Hence, there are various reasons and you have to search the valid reason for the noise.

Squeaking of the mattress when you move:

Mostly, the mattresses are made of metal coils and these coils make noise when they get old. This is the reason that hybrid and innerspring mattresses create much noise over the time when they get old. The noise also can come from the bed as well. Other mattresses such as memory foam mattresses and latex mattresses hardly create noise.

It is because they don’t have such metal coils in them. When you move on the mattress while sleeping, these coils make noise, because they rub together and friction creates noise.

Can Squeaking be stopped?

Yes, it is possible to stop squeaking the mattress. There are many ways to do this. One should find the area of the noise, then follow certain steps to stop the noise of the mattress. If the noise is coming from the bed, then it might be coming from the joints of the bed frame.
So, tightening the joints, adjusting the position of the mattress on the bed frame can do the trick as well. Read the steps below to avail the ways to stop the noise coming from the mattress.

How to Fix a Squeaky Bed:

It is very easy to diagnose the noisy area and treat it. One must know first that from where the noise is coming. You don’t need any help from others, as you yourself can fix it up. Follow the below steps to overcome this noise:

1) Identifying the Source of Noise:

The first step to treat the noise of the mattress is to know the source of the noise. Checkout the area from where the noise is coming. As there is no chance that a foam and latex mattress can make the noise. So, if you have the mattresses like memory foam, there may be other reasons for the noise. The noise might have come from the foundation of the mattress.

Other mattresses such as innersprings and hybrid mattresses can create the noise. It is because they are prone to friction.
Springs in the innerspring mattresses can make the noise due to increase in friction. If the noise is not coming from the mattress, then the issue may be from the bed frame. So, the user first knows the source of the noise, then treats and fixes it.

2) Tightening Joints of Bed Frame:

When you know that the noise is not coming from the mattress, then there is a chance that the noise is coming from the bed frame of the mattress. It is because the foundations of the mattress and bed frames are made of many parts and they are joined by screws.
If the screws are loose by that time, they can make a noise when you sleep on the mattress. As these joints of the bed frames are the common reasons for the squeakness of the mattress.

So, check out these joints and tighten them very well. For this purpose you have to use a screwdriver, wrench, and other source you have. If the screws are not getting fixed, use a piece of cloth, and plastic instead to add firmness to the screws. So, this step treats the noise coming from the mattress.

3) Apply Lubricants to the Joints of the Bed Frame:

The noise in the joints of the bed frame can be the cause of the friction in the joints. It is due to the lack of lubricant in the mattress joints after a long time. Hence, you should use some lubricants in the joint of the bed frame on which the mattress is placed. Lubricant will allow the bed frame to stop making noise, while moving as well.

4) Rotate Your Mattress:

Squeaking can occur due to the wrong adjustment of the mattress on the foundation. Due lack of adjustment, the mattress moves to and fro. Thus try to move and rotate the mattress to adjust the position of the mattress on the bed frame. Rotation alos can fill the spare place on the mattress frame.
So, make sure to rotate or flip the mattress after every three months. Hopefully, this step will also do the trick in treating the squeaking of the mattresses.

5) Using Plywood under the Mattress

If other tricks are not working very well, then try placing the Plywood under the mattress. Doing this, the mattress will fit on the bed frame and there would be less chances of noise. As it will firm the mattress on the bed frame, and squeaking will be minimised.

6) Buy the New Mattress:

If no trick is doing its job, try to replace the mattress with a new one. If other ways are hardly working. then there may be less chances that you will be able to fix the mattress. Hence, you have no other option left for you to fix the sound of the mattress. So, buy a new mattress and stop finding other alternatives for this.


Thus, we saw that there are ways to treat the noise coming from the mattress. You can use them to fix the squeaking. If nothing is working, then buying the new mattress is not a bad idea at all. If you are comfortable with this noisy mattress, you could carry on with this. Hopefully, this article has fixed the issue to some extent. Tell us via your reviews about the other options to fix the mattress. Do follow our website for more articles like this. See you soon with the next article.

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By Muhammad Asim