What is the size of the Hospital bed Mattress?


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Hospital is a place where patients are treated with great care. Thus the patients are provided with extra comfort and peace. In all great care, the place for the sleeping of the patients is necessary. Patients need an extra smooth place for sleeping peacefully.
Hence the mattresses for the patients are made of food quality. Mostly, foam mattresses are used in hospitals for patients. A foam mattress is beneficial in many ways. One of the main benefits of a foam mattress is that it provides extra comfort to the patient. Instead of this, it also provides therapeutic support to the patient which is necessary for the patient to recover very early.

What are hospital mattresses called?

There are two names for the mattresses used in hospitals. Mostly, hospital mattresses are called medical mattresses. Instead of this, hospital mattresses are also called therapeutic mattresses. Because these mattresses are designed in such a way as to provide comfort and support to the patient to recover soon. These mattresses are free from side effects. They are hard to move as well, hence are called immobile mattresses.

Can you use a regular mattress on a hospital bed?

It is not a good option to use a regular mattress on a hospital bed. A normal mattress hardly allows the patient to change positions while sleeping. Thus matters in the hospital should be made in such a way that would support the patient in every sleeping position. A hospital mattress should reduce the pressure and also help in healing the bedsores. But a regular mattress fails to do so, hence it is not a better choice to use a regular mattress than a hospital mattress.

Types of Mattresses used in Hospitals:

Mattresses for patients in hospitals are of great comfort and flexibility. Some of the best mattresses used for patients in hospitals are explained below:

1) Foam Mattress

A foam mattress is a type of mattress made of petroleum and latex foam. The foam mattress is considered very safe for health. It provides reasonable support to the patients and doesn’t cause back or other sorts of pain. Hence, memory foam is mostly preferred in hospitals.
A foam mattress is a patient-friendly mattress. But foam mattresses are also available in many types such as Polyfoam, Memory Foam, and Polyurethane Foam mattresses. But all types of foam mattresses work equally best.

2) Innerspring Mattress

Another best type of mattress is used in hospitals and is hospital friendly. An innerspring mattress is not only flexible but also firm enough to align the parts of the body in a straight position. The springs that are put into the mattress make the mattress more flexible and smooth. Thus an innerspring mattress is highly used in hospitals and patients also like this.

3) Low Air Loss Mattress:

This type of mattress is famous and usually used in hospitals. The special thing about this mattress is that this mattress consists of tiny holes drilled into it. These holes allow the air to blow out when the patient sleeps. This offers the patient to float on the mattress, which feels very comfortable and soothing. It helps in reducing pressure as well. It not only heals bed sores but also avoids bed sores.

4) Alternating Pressure Mattresses

As it is clear from the name of the mattress, it alternates the pressure according to the situation. It automatically regulates itself according to the body and weight. If the air is needed, it inflates itself and deflates if needed as well. Thus, it supports quite very well and regulates the flow of blood in the body. Thus, these types of mattresses are also preferred.

Size of the Hospital Mattresses

Mostly the hospital beds are made for the single patient. But the bed is large enough to deal with a patient with a high physique. Thus a mattress used for the hospital bed is also large, equal to the bed of the hospital. The estimated size of the hospital mattress is nearly about 80 inches long and 36 inches wide. These are fixed to the bed to avoid any disturbance while moving the patient. These days adjustable mattresses are available, and the size of the mattress can be changed according to the situation.

Best Mattress for the Hospital Use

We have discussed earlier the types of best mattresses used in the hospital. Among them, a foam mattress is more suitable for the patients. As foam mattresses are more durable and comfortable than innerspring mattresses. This type of mattress provides extra support to the patient as well. Hence, a foam mattress should be preferred in hospitals.

Ways to Make a Hospital Bed More Comfortable:

Though the mattress of the hospital is very comfortable and flexible. But if you feel that still there is certain firmness while sleeping on the hospital mattress, then you should follow the following ways to enhance the comfort and flexibility of the mattress.

1) Using a Bed Wedge

A bed wedge is said to be a foam-made pillow that can be used whilst sleeping on the hospital mattress. Talking about the shape of the bed, the wedge is triangular and also inclined, so may the patient get natural support on the bed. Instead of this, a bed provides relief and comfort to the patient and helps in relieving sinus congestion and acid reflux. Another good thing about using a bed wedge is that it corrects the posture of the patient as well. So, it feels very pleasurable to use a bed wedge on the hospital mattress.

2) Using a Bed Table

Using a bed table is another good technique and source to get relief from the stress of sitting and sleeping on the same bed for a long time being a patient. Plenty of patients seemed to struggle to move from one place to another place. But they are forced to stop to move to and fro til completely recovered. This bed-bound situation creates great stress and makes the patient nervous.

So, a bed table is a modern invention that helps patients a lot by offering relief to the patients. It seems to be a good option as it provides the raised position for the people to place things on it. This can be done by the patients. They can use the bed table to read some books by placing them on the bed table or can use it for other purposes.

3) Using the Bed Risers

Bed Risers are also being used in hospitals. Because bed risers can be used to support the hospital bed. Instead of this, bed risers can also make the legs of the bed firm enough to not move when the patients change their position. They can be installed easily and removed easily. The bed risers rise the position of the bed as well, hence making the bed feel more comfortable.

Benefits of Good Hospital Mattress

A mattress suitable for the patient must be preferred to provide the patient with more rest and comfort. The benefits of a suitable hospital mattress are given below:
1. More comfort and soothe
2. Less or reduced pressure
3. Saves from the bedsores
4. Avoids back and joint pain
5. Speed up the recovery time
6. No risk of muscles injuries
7. No risk of muscle strain
8. Better for every person


Choosing a better hospital mattress is a good thing to do. It is because a useless mattress not only increases the stress and disease of the patient but also causes prolonged recovery. Hence a normal mattress should not be preferred for hospital use. A mattress that is equally beneficial for all patients is a better choice. If the mattress is not as comfortable as you want, then you can use other methods to increase the comfort of the mattress. Hope this article will enable you to make a good choice for choosing a hospital bed mattress. If you find this article helpful, please do inform us via comments. Keep on following our website for more updates.

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By Muhammad Asim