What is a Gel Mattress?


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As we read the name Gel Mattress, our mind automatically goes toward the gel. Yes, you are right. The gel mattress is made up of gel, as the gel provides the foam of the mattress more support. When the foam of a mattress is mixed with gel, its durability changes, and the mattress becomes firmer and long-lasting. This kind of mattress is famous among people due to its quality and softness.

Though these mattresses are heavier than other mattresses, it is suitable for those who want to have long-lasting comfort. The best thing about the gel mattress is that it makes the bed cooler with time in contrast to other mattresses. Hence, gel mattresses are suitable in the summer season as well. This article is going to deal with information about a gel mattress and its uses. Read the complete article to get all information about the gel mattress.

How a Gel Mattress is made?

A Gel Mattress is a memory foam infused with gel. It means that, when standard memory foam is mixed with gel or gel beads, the mattress we get is the gel mattress. Adding gel to the mattress provides extra support and firmness to the mattress.

As the particles of the foam attached more closely to each other, hence the gel mattress becomes more strong and more durable. Though the weight of the mattress increases to some extent, it is not a great issue at all. One can purchase the gel mattress and enjoy sleeping on a new variety of mattresses.

Life Span of a Gel Mattress:

A gel mattress foam has a longer lifespan than other mattresses. It is because of the gel foam used in making these mattresses. It is estimated that the average lifespan of a gel mattress is nearly about five to eight years or longer than that. It depends on how you care for the mattress. If the mattress is protected with other mattress toppers or looked for regularly, its life span can enhance as well.

Difference b/w Gel and Memory Foam Mattress:

Both the gel and memory foam mattresses are equally softer and more durable. There is no clear difference between these two. Still, both have a difference as the gel mattress is cooler than the memory foam mattress.
So, a gel mattress is best for hot sleepers. On the other hand, a memory foam mattress gets hot earlier than a gel mattress. Another difference between these two mattresses is that the memory foam mattress is less expensive and easily affordable than a gel mattress. As the gel mattress is highly expensive due to its high demand.

Is the Gel mattress toxic?

For your information, gel mattresses are hardly toxic. Though some people shared that they feel allergic while sleeping on the gel mattress. It is because the gel mattress is made of gel which can be allergic to some sensitive users. Otherwise, the gel mattress is very safe and does not cause any toxicity or allergy.

If you are feeling allergic due to the gel mattress, try to use the mattress toppers to avoid it. As the mattress topper will provide an extra layer which is good to avoid toxicity.

Cooling of a Gel Mattress:

The gel mattress provides cooling and keeps the heat away from the body while sleeping as the gel is used for making it. As we all know, we feel hot while sleeping on a mattress at night. If you prefer the gel mattress, it will help you to draw the hotness of the mattress away at night. Hence, usually, people prefer the gel mattress as it proves more comfortable.

Does a gel mattress make you sweat?

It is possible that a gel mattress can make you sweat while sleeping at night especially if you are a hot sleeper. If your body produces too much heat then the gel mattress makes you sweat to regulate the temperature of your body. But you haven’t to face this trouble if you are not a hot sleeper. As the gel mattress provides cooling to the body after regulating the temperature. It makes the temperature of the body equal to the mattress. So, we feel very comfortable while sleeping.

Does gel memory foam make you hot?

Surely, not! A gel mattress does not make your body hot while sleeping. It is because a gel mattress is made to make you feel cold, not hot. The mixture of the gel in the mattress is the cause of the coldness of the mattress. So, if you are feeling hot on the gel mattress, get the mattress checked as it might not be a gel mattress. Or it might be a gel mattress of very poor quality.

Why buy a gel mattress?

Many people ask for reasons to buy gel mattresses. They must read the benefits a gel mattress provides before going to purchase a gel mattress. A gel mattress regulates the temperature while sleeping. It provides extra pressure relief as well. Hence, a gel mattress should be preferred. Read the article completely to read the benefits listed below.

Benefits of a Gel Foam Mattress:

A gel mattress is beneficial in many ways. Some of the benefits of purchasing a gel mattress are listed below.
1. Provides great durability
2. Provides a great pressure relief
3. Helps in Temperature regulations
4. Hard to roll together due to firmness
5. Suitable for the heavy people
6. Aligns the spinal parts perfectly
7. Supports the whole body
8. A longer life span
9. Provides cooling while sleeping
Types of Gel Mattresses
These days, there are many varieties of gel mattresses available in the market. The following are some famous varieties of gel mattresses:
1. Casper Wave Hybrid – Best Luxury
2. Loom & Leaf – Best Overall
3. Bear Original – Best Value
4. DreamCloud Premier – Most Comfortable
5. Nectar Premier – Best Temperature Regulation
6. Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Luxe – Best for Cooling
7. Softer WinkBed – Suitable for Side sleepers
8. Brentwood Home Oceano – Best for Back Pain
9. Lytton Sleep Signature Comfort Plus – Best for Couples

Can we use a mattress topper on a gel mattress?

As we all do know that a mattress topper is used to enhance the softness of the mattress. So, using a mattress topper on a gel mattress is not a bad idea. A mattress topper helps in increasing the softness of the gel mattress.

Instead of this, a mattress topper can decrease the level of sweat in your body if a gel mattress makes you sweat while sleeping. So, be comfortable using the topper on the gel mattress. There is no issue with using a mattress topper on a gel mattress.

How to make a gel mattress softer easily?

A new gel mattress feels hard earlier for a few days. Though it gets softer over time but takes too much time. If you want to make the gel mattress softer before the time, you should use it regularly.

It means that one should sleep on it regularly for almost 60 to 70 days. Doing so, the breaking-in process of the mattress will increase and it will soften earlier than usual. Applying pressure for continuous time will make the mattress softer before the time.

Choosing the best Gel Mattress:

While choosing the best mattress, keep the following things in mind to stay away from discomfort:
● Quality of the mattress
● The durability of the Mattress
● The softness of the mattress
● Size of the mattress
● A good variety of the mattress
● Price of the mattress, etc.


If a person wants a cooler mattress and wants to sleep the whole night, a gel mattress is a good option for him. As the gel mattress not only provides softness to the body but also coldness by regulating the body temperature.

Plenty of varieties of gel mattresses are available in the market, and one should choose the mattress according to his body. We tried our best to provide our readers with all possible information. If you find our article helpful, please inform us via comments. We will try to fix things up for the next time. Will will come back with the next article.

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