How to sell used mattresses


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If you have made an idea to purchase a new mattress and want to put the old mattress aside by selling it, and you don’t know how to sell used mattresses, So, don’t worry you will get the proven strategies down the article. Selling a used mattress is said to be a big deal at this time as one has to suffer a lot to sell it. It takes a long time to sell a used mattress, because people are less interested in buying the old mattress. This is the modern era and it is very hard to manage time and search for the used materials.

Though the old stores made for selling used things have made it easier to find the used things, people have lost the taste in buying old things. Especially when we are talking about the old mattress, it becomes more difficult to sell it and save some money.

Though it is still possible to sell old mattresses, it takes a lot of struggle as well. There are many ways to increase the chances of selling the old mattresses. This article is there to help you out in selling old mattresses instead of wasting them. So, do read the complete article to get informed.

Are used mattresses worth anything?

We all do know that the average lifespan of the mattress is between 5 to 7 years approximately. So, if the mattress is used for at least four to five years, it becomes very difficult to sell it. If it is possible to sell the old mattress, they will be given a very small amount as well. Hence, saying that the used mattresses are worth nothing, would not be a bad thing to say.

A used mattress costs nothing, but if you want to get rid of the old one and want to buy the new one, you have to compromise with the buyer. It is because the buyer will purchase the mattress for twenty to thirty percent of the original price of the mattress.

One can estimate that if the new mattress costs 500 dollars then the new mattress will cost hardly 150 dollars or less. So, it becomes very difficult to deal with the customers as well. If you are satisfied with the percentage of the value offered by the customer, you can sell it happily.

Is it legal to sell a used mattress?

It is not a bad thing to sell the old mattress. It is because it is your own property and you can do whatever you want to do with your mattress. There are some countries that would have banned the selling of used mattresses, and California, USA is one of those locations that has prohibited the selling process of used mattresses.

But it is not a good idea to stop people from selling their owned property. It is their legal right. It depends upon the customer whether he wants to buy it or not. So, one can sell them if they want, if they are prohibited by the law, it matters.

Is it safe to sell the used mattress?

A used mattress can have bugs and stains in it. If it is not completely washed and cleaned before selling it, it would not be safe for the customer’s health. It is said by the laws of some countries that old mattresses should be dry cleaned before selling them. It should be free from bugs and other dangerous materials as the used mattress can be allergic to the users. Check out whether the mattress is torn for the sides or the corners. if so, then don’t prefer to sell it because it is no longer usable for people at all.

Risks of disease in a used mattress:

It would not be bad to say that a used mattress can be dangerous for health if it is not cleaned before use. As we don’t know who used this mattress before, whether it was a serious patient or another kind of sick person. So, using an old mattress is a risky business that can cost a lot. If you are running short of money and can’t afford a new mattress, then make sure to clean the mattress before going to use it.
If you can purchase a new mattress, then try wasting the old one because it can be dangerous for your health. If you want to sell the used mattress, then again make sure to clean it well before selling it.

Strategies to sell the used mattress

Though it is pretty hard to sell used mattresses, following certain steps can make it easier to sell. We have provided the ways below to whom you can follow and sell the used mattress easily:

1) Clean the Mattress Well

It should be your first priority while selling the used mattress to clean the used mattress very well. This will not only clean the stains of the mattress but also help the mattress to look slightly new and less broken. Try using different ways to clean and wash the mattress thoroughly, so it may look better to the customers. On the other hand, a clean mattress would be safe to use by the customers and will be less allergic as well.

2) Set Up the Price

Another way to sell the mattress is to set up the right price for the used mattress. It would be a good idea to make the right price for the mattress according to the situation of the mattress. You should have checked whether the mattress is in good condition or not. The average lifespan of the mattress is nearly seven years. If you have used the mattress for two to three years, and the mattress is in good condition, you can demand half price of the price of a new mattress.

If the mattress has been used for about five years, it would be hard to sell it due to its too much use. So, you have to demand less value for the used mattress. Hence, demanding twenty to thirty percent of the new mattress price would be enough. On the other hand, it will not attract customers easily.

3) Offering Discounts

If you have to find a customer for a used mattress and the mattress is in a good situation, but the customer is not willing to pay you your demanded price, try to reduce the price.
If the buyer is resistant to buy the mattress at a five to seven percent lesser price, don’t hesitate to sell them. You should lower your price. It is because it is very hard to sell the used mattress. If your mattress is not able to be sold, then offer a huge discount to the customer to sell it immediately.

4) Offering Free Delivery

This strategy may work well while selling the used mattress. It can work as a hook for the customer. Offer the customer that if they are going to purchase the old mattress, they would be given free home delivery right away. It will work very well because the customer will fail to travel for a long distance to buy a used mattress. You can charge a little fee for delivering the mattress at home, and you can charge it within the mattress price or after setting up the price.

5) Offering Extras with the Mattress

If you have failed to sell the used mattress, try offering some extra things with mattresses such as bedding and pillows. This again may work as the hook for the customers. Due to some extras with the used mattress, customers would be attracted more easily. So, using this strategy may save you time and money to some extent.

6) Listing the mattress for sale

Try listing the used mattress for sale by some means. You can get the use of social media, print media, etc. Get the ad of the mattress print and attach those prints of the mattress on the walls and public places. It is an easy way to list the mattress. Another way is to get the help of social media.
You can post the ad for the used mattress on many social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, youtube, etc. There are some official sites for selling old mattresses such as Craigslist, and OfferUp. eBay Classified, Facebook Marketplace, etc. This may help to drain the audience towards your used product and may save our time.

How to Write an Ad for the old mattress?

There is an easy way to write an ad for a used mattress. The following is the best way to write the mattress:
● Write the price of your mattress
● Write the size and shape of the mattress, such as the length and width of the mattress
● Mention the name of the model as well as the brand of the mattress
● Mention the age of the mattress
● Mention the level of the mattress used
● Write the current situation of the mattress
● Use some best photos of the mattress to attract the customers


It was said earlier that it takes time and a struggle to sell old and used mattresses. If you have extra money and you can purchase the mattress easily, you can donate the used mattress. If you want to sell the mattress, you can follow the above steps to sell it easily.
If you need more information on this matter, try asking us via comments. If you find this article helpful, tell us through your reviews and comments. Keep following our website for more updates. See you in the next information-coated article.

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By Muhammad Asim