How to wash a heated mattress pad?


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In this article, we are going to reveal what heated mattress pads are and how to wash a heated mattress pad. Heated Mattress Pads have electrically heated water or wires in order to enhance the temperature of the pad. It does not mean that it conducts electric current and one can’t sleep on it. You can easily sleep on a heated mattress pad that is laid down on the surface of the mattress.

Water tubes(hydronic) or electric wires present inside the mattress pad cause it to heat according to different temperatures. It has many advantages such as improving sleep quality, relaxing the muscles, and lessening the pain in body parts. Using heated pads is very incredible to provide a comfortable and healthy sleep. In contrast to using a space heater, heated mattress pads are much safer and more reliable.

Its good feature is that these heated pads do not move and displace the bed sheet while anyone is sleeping because of over-electric blankets. Using heated mattress pads is slightly different as compared to using a simple mattress pad or cover. Always place a fabric layer between your mattress and the heating pad. On the heating mattress when you are in your bed otherwise keep it off.

The lifespan of a good heating mattress pad is about 5 to 10 years but the condition is that you turn off your thermostat while it is not in use especially when you wake up and keep the temperature down at night to prevent any damage. In this way, you will save energy costs. When you hear the name of Heated mattress pads, the first question that you think of is how much electricity or heat it has.

Regarding their power consumption, the electricity they can occupy is around 60 watts to 90 watts per side on condition that it keeps on all night. There are automatic heating mattress pads that can adjust their temperature automatically according to need. These pads can automatically turn off after 12 hours. There is no need to adjust the temperature and turn them on or off again and again.

Why are Heated Mattress Pads better than simple Mattress pads?

Heated pads give better heat retention overall and produce insulation as the bedding. It provides relaxation and strength to your muscles and keeps you active when waking up. They heat up the top surface of the bed which helps to keep your body warm all night. It is more efficient, soft, and flat than a simple pad.

How do you clean Heated Mattress Pads?

As it is very efficient to use and proves very beneficial for a person’s body, also they are very harsh to clean and wash. You can also clean your heated mattress pads but like other pads. There are different ways to clean your heated pads without damaging them.

1. Spot Clean

It is the best method to spot clean heated mattress pads. By this method, you can remove stains and dust from the mattress without soaking the mattress pad entirely. For this purpose, you have to use a detergent or remover to eradicate the dirt spots. Sprinkle each stain and clean it with a piece of cloth to get rid of the stain properly. Allow it dry before placing a bed sheet or comforter on it.

2. Washing Machine

Machine wash is usually preferred for some heated mattress pads but not for all. It is risky to wash your heated pads in the washing machine, so some precautionary measures are necessary to follow. First of all, check the mattress that has no wires from the pads on the outside. Then separate the electric cord. Then put it in cold water or mild soap in the washing machine for 2 mins. Avoid using bleach because it can damage soft fabrics. Dry it properly before use.

3. Drying

It is the most important step to dry the mattress pad, especially the heated mattress pad. It helps to increase the lifespan of heated pads. Avoid drying it through a dryer. Must dry it by hanging it properly in your laundry room. But if there is no space in your laundry room, Do not hang it on a line outside. Make sure to let it dry thoroughly after washing and not store it when it is even slightly damp.

These tips will help you to clean or wash your heated mattress without any damage. And you will not face any problems regarding losing strength, comfort, or warmth. Avoid placing it in direct sun and do not use a heating pad with a broken electrical cord. Always start it from the lowest level and then increase its intensity.

What should I do if my heated mattress pads get water?

If your heating pad is on and by chance moisture leaks into it or anyone pours water on it, then you can feel a serious shock, unfortunately. Avoid inserting pins in your heated pads because it is made of metals and is a conductor of heat which results in a great shock. It also damages the waterproof lining and causes great hazards.

Can I sleep on a heating pad every night?

It is said, excess of everything is bad. It is common sense that a heating mattress is not good to use in a routine. If you sleep on it every night, it causes your skin burns and proves very dangerous even if you are using an automatic heated mattress pad. Use it according to the instructions so that you can save yourself from any skin damage.


We have seen that heated mattress pads are very soft to sleep on. It is suitable for the health of patients and keeps their muscles relaxed. We also read that the heated mattress pads need proper care to avoid rupturing them. It should not be treated as usual pads.
Their washing and cleaning method is also very different and takes much care. Hope you have enjoyed reading this article about how to wash heated mattress pads. If you find it useful, please do inform us via comment. We will come back soon with the next article. Stay tuned and Cheerful.

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By Muhammad Asim