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In today’s crowded bedding market, a number of accompaniments were present which are intended to increase the comfort and support of existing beds. It is difficult to choose a particular one because many of these have overlapping advantages and functions. Mattress pad vs topper is often mistaken because of the number of same functionalities. Although both seem similar at first glance, they greatly vary from one another in major aspects. These accessories are intended to add comfort, support, and protection to the existing bed but to varying degrees.

In this Mattress Pad vs Topper comparison, we are going to touch every aspect of the mattress topper and mattress pad. We will clear your readers with a clear perception, of why to choose one over the other. Further down in the article, we will review some mattress pads and mattress toppers that are trending on the market nowadays.

Head To Head Comparison Between Mattress Pad vs Topper in 2023:

Both bed fixtures coincide in some aspects while they excluded and cut each other in other aspects. In this impartial Mattress Pad vs Topper, you will go through every aspect from design to performance. This side by side Mattress Pad vs Topper will clear you out whether you need a mattress pad or mattress topper.

Mattress Pad:

The mattress pad is a bed accessory that is placed on the top of a mattress to protect it from dirt, fluids, and other accidents. They are also intended to change the sensation of the mattress.

Mattress pads are used to make a mattress feel plusher without bringing drastic alterations in its firmness. Moreover, they don’t have the ability to alleviate pressure points effectively. A high-quality mattress pad can be made both of synthetic and natural polymers.

The amount of change that occurs in the firmness of a mattress after placing the mattress pad on it entirely depends on constriction and the quality material used.

Types of Mattress Pads: 

Mattress pads are available in different types. Each type is designed for a different function. For example some are designed for coolness while some are designed for modifying the feel of a mattress.


Wool fabric is obtained from sheep, which is best known for its moisture and wicking property. The significantly disperse off beat from the vicinity of sleeper and mattress resulting in cooler and dryer night sleep. Another advantage associated with wool mattress toppers is that they are fit resistant. We highly recommend wool mattress pads for hot sleepers.


A feather mattress pad is often made of goose or duck feathers. Feather has a plusher feel and this type of mattress pad is always used to make a firmer mattress pad softer. Secondly, they are resistant to heat trapping, so one should not worry about night sweats and hot flashes. Feathers are prone to clumping. To avoid clumping, it is advised to fluff off the feather mattress frequently.


Fiber mattress pads  are the best option for people who are sensitive to down feathers. For significant comfort and support, these are filled with polyester. Fiber mattress toppers can add significant cushion and support without abiding motion to the mattress.

They are more, washable and breathable than other types of mattress pads. Moreover, they are more affordable and budget-friendly than feather and mattress pads. The breathability of the mattress pad entirely depends on the type of construction.

  • Mattress pads can modify the population of softer mattress
  • It can add a more plush feel to an existing firm mattress.
  • It can protect the mattress from unwanted accidents like fluids, stains, dirt etc.
  • It can modify the feel of the existing bed
  • They are the best alternative to mattress protectors because mattress protectors are often noisier due to the water-resistant layer. While the mattress pad is all quiet and is not irritating at all.
  • They are less expensive than mattress protectors and mattress pads.
  • Some mattress toppers are not effective a giant stains and pills
  • Many of them are devoid of water resistant layer
  • They have a short lifespan
  • They are not present in a wide array of options like toppers and mattress
  • Some of them can cause allergies.

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Mattress Toppers:

A thick layer, usually 1 to 4 inches in thickness is designed to alter the entire feel if the mattress is called mattress topper. The main target of a mattress topper is firmness. It can make a mattress soft or form depending on the type of mattress which you have used.

Some are encased in an elastic wrap for efficient functioning while others are directly placed on the top of a mattress. Almost all mattress toppers brands produce mattress toppers in 6 standardized sizes( twin, twin xl, Cal king, King, Queen, and full)

Types Of Mattress Toppers

For maximum comfort and support, it is important to learn about how mattress toppers modify the mattress feel. Like pads, mattress toppers also come in a wide array of sizes, styles, profile and styles. Some are designed for pressure alleviation and cooler sleep while others are intended for motion relation and edge support. 


These are designed for pressure alleviation, bouncier support and easy movement of sleeper during sleeping. It is suitable for sleepers who want added cushioning support without so much sink. Latex mattress toppers are of two types: Talalay latex topper and Dunlop latex mattress topper.

Both functionalities are entirely different from one another. Buy Dunlop latex mattress toppers if you want to add extra time to your existing mattress as they are more denser. Talay mattress topper is best for the hot sleepers who want their mattress cooler and breathable.

Memory Foam

Memory foam mattress toppers are designed for deeper cushioning and contouring support. They significantly alleviate pressure and strain resulting in pain-free night sleep and refreshed mornings. The strictly restricted motion isolation thus earned the name” best mattress topper for couples”. It is best for petite and side sleepers who are struggling with a firm mattress.


feathers mattress topper varies dramatically in support due to construction differences. They are intended to add plushness to the mattress. Most mattress topper brands use more than two varieties of feathers to strike an equilibrium between loft and support.


Will is not used as intensively as memory foam and latex materials. They can work in both hot and cold temperatures. They are employed in mattress topper construction due to their enhanced breathability and utmost temperature regulation.

  • Save great sum of money for people who don’t want to invest in a new mattress shopping
  • It can prevent indentations and sagging in an old mattress.
  • It can slow down the wear and tear process in a mattress
  • It can effectively change the height of a mattress
  • It can change the entire feel of a mattress by bringing enormous change in the firmness score of a mattress.
  • Some are firmer and uncomfortable which are hard  manage
  • They are not effective enough to prevent sagging at the middle of the mattress.
  • They often slide off its place.
  • The dimensions cause problems most of the time.
  • They are not as durable and comfortable as mattresses.

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Use Comparison Between Mattress Pad vs Topper:

Mattress topper is only intended to add protection and support to the mattress while mattress topper is responsible for changing the entire feel and fitness of a mattress. You may find a totally new comfort as support on your mattress after placing the mattress topper on it.

Feel Comparison Between Mattress Pad vs Topper:

The mattress topper adds extra plushness to the mattress while the mattress topper alters the entire section of the mattress. After using, the mattress will feel firmer or softer depending upon the type(thick or thin) of mattress topper which you have employed.

Durability Comparison Between Mattress Pad vs Topper:

Mattress topper comes with a longer warranty than mattress pads. But per customer reviews both mattress pad and mattress topper approximately 3 to 5 year. Here is a match.

Cost Comparison Between Mattress Pad vs Topper:

Mattress toppers are more expensive than mattress pads. Mattress pads prices range from $25 to a few hundred dollars while mattress toppers cost from $150 to $ 500. The price of both mattress pads and mattress toppers are directly and exclusively linked with the type of material used and the kind of construction employed.

Cleaning Comparison Between Mattress Pad vs Topper:

All mattress toppers are easy to clean and are machine washable. Some mattress toppers are washable while others are not. Most mattress topper covers are washable and removable. While you are using a mattress topper or mattress topper, carefully follow the care and cleaning guidelines that are provided with them.

1. Basics Mattress Pad:

Mattress Pad vs Topper

Product Description

Amazon basics is one of the most popular brands in the mattress market. Not only mattress pass but they also produce pillows, mattresses and toppers. Amazon Basics mattress pad is light in weight and quilted jn shape. It features quilted cover on both sides to ensure breathability and aeration.

It is one of the cooler mattress pads in the market. It is best for all types of sleeping styles.Moreover it has a hypoallergenic filling which protects the sleeper against stats, infectious particles and another type of allergens.

Product Specifications

Amazon Basics mattress pad is certified by OEKO-TEX Standard. It is made of 80% polyester and 20 % cotton. Its country of origin is China. This durable mattress pad dimensions are ‎74.8 x 53.94 x 17.72 inches and it weighs 2.59 pounds.

  • Quilted stitch
  • Machine washable
  • Protect your mattress
  • Soft to touch
  • Adjustable fit
  • A little expensive 

2. Utopia Mattress Pad:

Mattress Pad vs Topper

Product Description

Utopia mattress topper has earned a top name in the bedding market due to its high performance, eco-friendly contents and unmatched durability. The positive side of the amattres is that it is easy to clean and convenient to wash. It features Siliconized and polyester Fiberfill. These both provide the comfort he or she wants and the support he needs. It changes the entire sensation of a whole mattress. Say goodbye to body pains and aches.

Product Specifications

Utopia mattress topper is available in 7 different sizes which are twin, twin xl, full xl, King, Queen, Cal king and split king. Utopia comes in Gray, Beige, and Navy. It is machine washable and requires no battery.

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  • Soft and supportive
  • Long-lasting
  • Supreme comfort
  • Healthy pressure relief
  • A bit irritating for some sleepers

3. Temper Pedic Supreme Mattress Topper:

Mattress Pad vs Topper

Product Description

Tempur Pedic Supreme is a memory foam mattress topper that is widely known for its pressure-alleviating property. This best mattress topper completely cradles your body and reduces all the pressure points. It slowly and gradually contours the sleeper’s body, providing the comfort he wants and the comfort he needs.

It is best known for its performance in back, hip and shoulder pain. The innovative design effectively adjusts the temperature of the surrounding area. It has a machine washable and durable cover.

TemperPedic Supreme Mattress Topper is manufactured in the USA and is CertPUR US Certified.

Production Specifications

The Supreme mattress copper is available in 5 different sizes which are Val king, King, full, twin, and twin XL. Each size of Tempur Pedic supreme mattress topper can be purchased in 3 inches, 2 inches, topper + pillow set and 3 inches + pillow set.

  • Best for all type of sleepers
  • Adjustable
  • Durable
  • Soft and sturdy
  • Perfectly fits to the size of the mattress
  • Not available in queen size

4. Sleep Innovations Mattress Topper:

Mattress Pad vs Topper

Product Description

Sleep innovations mattress provide personalized support and comfort to the sleep. It consists of gel infused memory foam which maximizes ventilation and aeration that keeps the sleeper cool and dry. You will enjoy a deeper night sleep and will wake up fresh and energetic in the morning. Ghia’s best mattress Hopper is widely known for pressure alleviation.

It neutralizes all the pressure points from the neck, shoulder, entire some, and hips resulting in a healthy and pain-free night. Per customer reviews, it is one of the best mattress toppers for lower back and hip pain.

Product Specifications

Sleep Innovations Mattress Topper is available in 6 different sizes which are twin, twin xl, King, Queen, full and Cal king. You can purchase each size in 2 inches Cooling Gel Memory Foam and 3 inches of Cooling Gel Memory Foam. This best mattress topper is made in the USA and is CertPUR US Certified.

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  • Conforming foam
  • Supportive surface
  • Reasonable prices
  • Available in different sizes
  • Add extra comfort to an old mattress
  • You may feel a little chemical smell on unboxing.

Buyers Guide:

Choosing a mattress topper and mattress topper is entirely dependent on your needs and personal preferences. If you are more likely to adjust the feel of an existing mattress topper while if you are more inclined towards changing the entire feel of the mattress, then it’s better to go for a mattress topper.

Mattress toppers don’t have a water-resistant layer while mattress pads have which significantly protect the mattress from liquids, dirt, stains and allergens.

Due to mattress toppers’ bulkier design, they are not washable on the other hand mattress pads are easy to clean and wash. The price of mattress pads and mattress toppers entirely depends on the quality materials and type of materials used, but as a general rule mattress toppers toppers are pricier than mattress pads.

Mattress toppers bring a dramatic change in the feel of an existing mattress, protect the mattress and entirely change the performance of the mattress.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the Benefits of Mattress pads?

Some of the benefits of mattress pads include: they adjust the feel, protect the mattress from accidents, they are available in a wide range of options, are long-lasting and are less expensive than mattress toppers.

What are the benefits of mattress toppers?

A Mattress topper is a thicker bed accessory that is often placed on the bed to increase the comfort and support of an existing bed. Some of the most outstanding advantages of mattress toppers are they change the entire feel of a mattress, they are luxurious, long-lasting, and are available in a wide array of options. 

Let’s Sum up:

In Mattress Pad vs Topper comparison guide, we have uncovered every aspect of differentiation between mattress toppers and mattress pads. For more clear understanding we have mentioned a detailed butter guide for you.

Before diving into mattress pads or mattress shopping it is important to get ample information about their construction, design, advantages and disadvantages. You don’t need to go anywhere as we have mentioned all of them. Go through the entire article at least 3 times and find the bed accessory of your comfort and dreams.

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