9 Ways How to soften a firm mattress


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Whenever you buy a new mattress you will feel the Hardness of the mattress. It is a sign that the mattress is new and not used earlier. But most people feel uncomfortable on a new mattress due to its firmness as the new mattress is hard to sleep comfortably for a few days or weeks.

One should keep in mind that everything takes time to adjust itself. The same goes for the mattress. You will see that the new mattress seems a little bit hard than the old mattress. It is because the old mattress has gone through a break-in period. It takes time to break in.

A new mattress also takes time to break in and get softened. A few people don’t want to wait for a long time to let the mattress get softened. So, they keep on searching for alternatives. This article is there to provide you with all possible information about softening the new mattress earlier than it’s breaking in time.

So, cling to us till the end of the article to get more information about softening the new mattress.

Why is the new mattress so Hard?

The hardness of the new mattress is due to the layers of foam in the mattress. These layers are jam-packed to their position and never ever used to lift the weight. Another reason for the hardness of the mattress is its breaking in period. A new mattress needs some time to adjust and get softened. After completing the breaking-in period, the new mattress also starts working as the old one. The more the new mattress is used more easily it gets comfortable and soft to enjoy sleep.

Is it good to sleep on a firm mattress?

Due to the hardness of the new mattress, people avoid sleeping on it. Despite being hard, it is not a bad idea to sleep on a hard mattress. There are some benefits of sleeping on a hard mattress, such as the hard mattress can hold a lot of pressure and helps the bones to absorb more pressure by applying less pressure on muscles.

All parts of the body are in a straight position and the circulation of the blood is balanced and improved. Sleeping on a hard mattress avoids collapsing our lower back as well. It also helps us to take in more oxygen while sleeping. Hence, a hard mattress also can be used.

What happens when the mattress is Hard? (Symptoms)

If your mattress is too hard to sleep on, it may cause some health troubles such as headache, back pain as well as muscle strain. On the hard mattress shoulder, hips and neck are under more pressure. So, this thing causes pain and aches in the body while sleeping. Instead of this, you may suffer from back and neck pain as well. It is due to the less comfortable mattress which was not used before.

How to know that the mattress is too hard to sleep on?

It is a very easy process to do knowing that the mattress is hard. First, you will feel discomfort whilst sleeping. Secondly, you will feel more pressure on your shoulders, hips, and neck. You may suffer from spinal alignment and your body will feel tender. These signs can declare that your mattress is hard to sleep comfortably.

Can we sleep on a hard mattress comfortably?

There is the possibility of sleeping on a hard mattress. It can be done by using extra sheets on the hard mattress to make it softer. You can use things like a memory foam mattress topper on the hard mattress to let the mattress feel soft.
Instead of a mattress topper, you can use other things like soft flannel sheets, soft pieces of cloth, etc. You can find other alternatives as well. But the better way to get a comfortable sleep on the mattress is to let it pass its breaking-in period.

How to sleep on a hard mattress?

Though it is not safe to sleep on a hard mattress, some special positions are there to sleep on a hard mattress peacefully. If you want to sleep in a position that is suitable for joints then try sleeping on your back or front. These positions are purely suitable for joints by offering good support.
Time for the mattress to get soft

It depends upon the mattress and its quality and how much time it will take to break in. Usually, a firm mattress takes near about 30 to 60 days to break in properly. But the time can be less as well as can be longer, depending upon the firmness of the mattress.
But two months is a normal time period for the mattress to break in. The break-in time can be reduced in many ways if someone is too eager to wait for the mattress to complete its break-in process.

How to Make a firm mattress soft

It is a common question for eager users who want to use the new mattress immediately, how to soften the mattress immediately? For their information, there are plenty of ways that can be used to make the mattress softer earlier than usual. Read the following steps carefully to make the mattress soft and peaceful.

1) Buy a Soft Mattress

One of the best ways to stop waiting for the mattress to break in and get soft is to arrange such a mattress that is already soft and flexible. Doing this will help you to avoid waiting for the mattress to complete its break-in process. So, even the new mattress would be able to be used immediately. So, do check the softness of the mattress before going to purchase it.

2) Checking the Foundation

Another thing that should be kept in mind is the foundation of your recent mattress bed. If you have used a memory foam mattress earlier, then you need a softer mattress as you are habitual of a very soft mattress. Different mattresses need different foundation types. If your previous mattress was not a memory foam, you can use a spring box as a foundation.

3) Using the mattress regularly

An easy and best way to soften the mattress is to sleep on it every night. This thing will help you to soften the mattress in a better way. Though you will feel uncomfortable earlier, your body will start adjusting itself as well as the mattress will also start adjusting itself according to your body.
So, the more you sleep on the mattress, the more the mattress will get soft. Thus, sleeping on the mattress regularly is a better idea.

4) Warming the Mattress

If you sleep on the mattress, you will notice that the mattress gets firm in the winter season and feels uncomfortable. On the other hand in the summer season, due to warm temperatures, it gets soft. Hence, temperature softens the mattress and boots the break-in time of the mattress as well. So, try warming the mattress by keeping it in the sun. It can be done by the body temperature as well.

5) Walking on the mattress

Another way to soften the mattress is to walk on the mattress on foot. It can increase the break-in process of the mattress. This technique can work for too-firm mattresses. Hence, you can utilize this technique very well.

6) Rotating the Mattress

This is another better way to make the mattress soft. In this technique, you have to rotate the mattress with the help of another person. Doing this will again help you to break in the mattress. Try to rotate the mattress 180 degrees. You also can turn the mattress as well.

7) Buying the soft mattress topper

If you have failed to break in the firm mattress, then there is another way to make the mattress softer. Try buying soft mattress toppers and use them on a firm mattress. Mattress toppers can increase the softness of the mattress and flexibility of the mattress during sleeping. So, even a firm mattress can be used for sleeping with the help of a mattress topper.

8) Change the sleeping position

Changing the sleeping position may work better for making the firm mattress feel softer. So, change the way you sleep on the mattress. Changing the position regularly can help you feel better on the mattress. You can choose the best position which can offer you more comfort while sleeping. Try sleeping on your back as well as the front. Sleep in different places on the mattress. Hence, it can be the better way as well.

9) Replace the bed frames

If your mattress has no suitable bed frame, it would be hard to make it feel better and more comfortable. If the bed frames are not suitable for the mattress, do change them. If the slats of the bed frame are not adjustable, they can be changed as well. So, both of these can work well for softening the mattress

Final Words

Hence, we saw that a hard mattress also can be used by using some soft materials like soft mattress toppers. There are many easy ways to make the firm mattress soft, and comfortable to sleep in.
We tried our best to provide you with all possible pieces of information to help you out in making the hard mattresses soft. If you do find this article helpful, please do inform us via comments. We will meet soon with a new article, coated with important pieces of information and entertainment. Keep following our website to stay updated.

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By Muhammad Asim