What does a mattress firm do with an old mattress?


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There is one condition that mattress firms take your old mattress for you. This possibility is that if you have purchased a new mattress from a mattress firm, they will take your old mattress only. They can take many mattresses in case you purchased a number of mattresses from them. They can take as many old mattresses as possible and you can buy a new mattress from that firm.

There we have collected complete information about what a mattress firm does with old mattresses. Many Mattress firms, mainly those that put on sale mattresses online, alert their customers that a new mattress can take at least 30 days to adjust according to your body. That’s why you can not return a mattress for up to 21 days.

Where does the returned mattress go?

If you have bought a new mattress from any vendor, and you are not satisfied with this for any reason that is mentioned on the warranty card. Your returned mattress is not taken by the company, rather they donate your mattress to charities like homeless shelters, Salvation Army, or women’s resources centers.

They can donate it to the needy one who wants a mattress to use for. When there is no permission for donations, the mattresses deconstruct to make other products such as roofing material, carpet padding, and gymnastic mat foam inserts.

In some states, the mattress is allowed to be resale after cleaning and relabeled. The used mattress can be resale after processing and labelling it in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission. These can also be sold as Scuff and Tear or clearance items. You can also buy a pre-owned mattress if you get a clearance price for the mattress.

How to tell if your mattress is new?

It is the first and most important thing to tell whether a mattress is new, used, or returned. There are different laws in different states to return a mattress and what to do with the returned mattress. Some laws can end the resale of second-hand mattresses and some illusive mattress companies will attempt to get around the rules.

There are some loose rules for the bedding companies, so the customers are left with conservation from shady traders. Chris Hudgins of the International Sleep Products Association said; “There are many unscrupulous parties that just take a used mattress, sew a new cover on it, don’t sanitize it, sell it as new, and don’t disclose it”.

1. Look for the tag

There is a white tag on the new mattresses that shows that the mattress is made of all-new materials. But if the mattress is secondhand or recycled, it has red or yellow tags that indicate that the mattress is made of used materials. If you have to buy a new mattress, then you must check the tag which tells whether the mattress is new or not.

2. Buy a used mattress

You can ask the vendor if they can sell a used mattress without hesitation. If they can sell a used one, then order a new one. When you get your mattress, then must check the white tag indicating that the mattress is new. As we have discussed above, the mattress firm can sometimes sell used mattresses that are actually new but not satisfying for its previous users.

They can only sell the returned mattress according to the policies. So if you find your purchased mattress is new, then ask the retailer to tag it as new on the receipt. It is because if it is not new in actuality, then they have evidence of deception.

3. Decline torn and re-tapped packaging

If you receive your mattress in a bad condition i.e the bag is torn and the hole is too big to easily remove the mattress from it, then it is 100 % a second-hand mattress. Avoid receiving this parcel and contact the mattress firm.

4. Check the return policy

Those companies that need restocking charges for returned mattresses must be avoided in case of buying. But if it is a must to pay for a returned mattress, it means that it will be sold again. If you purchase a mattress from this mattress firm, then it must be the old one that is rejected by another customer.

What to do with an old mattress?

There are many people who buy a new mattress and want to get rid of the old one. They do not know what to do with your old mattress. Now we are giving some tips to do with your old mattress. You can sell your old mattress at a low price in your society. You can also donate it to charity, shelter, Church, or Pet Rescue Center. You can recycle it by using it in your kid’s room.

You can place it on the ground so that your kids can easily play by sitting over it. You can break it up and use its parts to make carpet padding or for other uses. For this purpose, you can take help from the internet and get different creative ideas. If you are interested in the fabrics from your mattress because it is made of various components, maybe you find any one of the materials useful.

You can also give it away by contacting your friends and colleagues. You can also recycle it by contacting any recycling center. Make sure that the recycling center can accept your mattress because they often do not take mattresses from the local public.


This article has information on how old mattresses are treated by mattress firms and a complete guide is available in this article. This mattress is donated or discarded after it was rejected by the customers. Used mattresses are often put on sale at a local market at low prices.
The above article is coated with all possible information about what a mattress firm does with an old mattress. If you find this information valuable, please do inform us via comments. If you see any mistakes in the article, try asking us. We will come back sooner with the next information-coated article. Carry on following our website.

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