Firm vs Medium Firm Mattress


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 A worn-out mattress compels you to sleep on unsupportive and uncomfortable surfaces. After sleeping on a mattress that has lost its predetermined firmness level is one of  the major causes of sleep problems. A bad mattress leaves you with body pains and aches and wakes you up weak and irritating. We spend a third of the day on a mattress, so it’s important to have a comfortable and supportive mattress. 

Firmness of a mattress is one of the indicators that how much comfort and support a sleeper will take from the mattress. Firmness is a subjective factor. Subjectivity means that how much the mattress feels firm or soft is entirely dependent upon the sleepers body size and sleeping style.

Some other factors which define the comfort and support of a particular mattress include material used, type of construction employed, sturdiness etc. So it is crucial to have a high quality and ideal firm mattress.

With such a wide range of fitness options  and mattress types, mattress shopping of a particular firm option often becomes daunting and hectic. The main problem which most of the mattress shoppers face is whether a firm or medium firm mattress is the appropriate pick for them. 

To get all the mattress shoppers out of this rambling situation we have compiled this firm vs medium firm mattress comparison. We are going to highlight all the differences between them. For more assistance and quick purchase we have mentioned the top firm and medium mattresses and buyers guide for you. 

Side By Side Comparison Between Firm vs Medium Firm Mattress: 

Firm and medium firm Mattresses are the two broadest mattress categories in the bedding market. The way a particular mattress feels depends on its firmness level. For some sleepers a medium firm option is ideal while for others a firm mattress isn’t the cream of the crop.

What is a Firm Mattress?

Firm vs Medium Firm Mattress

A firm mattress is the one which scores high on the firmness scale such as 7 or 8 out 10.  As a general perception, firm mattresses offer less pressure relief and more support. According to each, firm mattresses are not liked by many sleepers due to a number of reasons. However there is a certain group of sleepers who find heaven-like comfort and support on form mattresses which they don’t find in medium firm mattresses.

What Is A Medium Firm Mattress?

Firm vs Medium Firm Mattress

Those mattresses which score 5 out of 10 on the firmness scale are teem2d as medium firm mattresses. They are not actually very soft but fall between a firm and soft feel. Due to balanced nature, these mattresses provide the right combination of pressure relief and spinal support. The medium firm feel makes it the right option for many types of sleepers.

Main Differences Between Firm vs Medium Firm Mattress: 

Some of the main differences between Between Firm vs Medium Firm Mattress are given below. These differences between Between Firm vs Medium Firm Mattress, put one mattress over the other mattress. Let’s have a thorough look to the striking differences between Between Firm vs Medium Firm Mattress: 

Feel Firm vs Medium Firm Mattress:

How much a firm mattress feels hard, depends upon the quality materials used. Latex mattresses often feel harder than memory foam mattresses. It is not compulsory that a mattress with a firm tag will always feel hard. They provide less contouring feel than those mattresses which fall below them on the firmness scale.

While a medium mattress provides the right feel of support and comfort. Beside providing pushback for uplifting the body of a sleeper it also compresses well then a firm mattress. Due to the compressibility factor, medium firm mattresses offer the perfect balance of pressure alleviation and contouring support. These features makes a medium firm mattress more appalling than a. Firm mattress.

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Pressure Relief Firm vs Medium Firm Mattress:

Firm mattress does not shine brighter as it did in the temperature regulation property. The main reason is that a form mattress is often designed with less number of comfort layers or very thin comfort layers. The ratio of comfort layers to the supportive layers is extremely low resulting in less cushioning a contouring effect.

Some mattress brands use a thick transitional layer between a comfort and a support layer to add the desired comfort level to the mattress. A medium firm mattress is the winner over here.

They are famous for providing utmost pressure relief. It is also not here that side and petite sleepers may find a medium firm mattress a bit irritating due to pressure builds up. We advise them to go for a medium mattress. 

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Temperature Regulation Firm vs Medium Firm Mattress:

A firm mattress doesn’t sleep when you lightly hug, due to which enormous airflow occurs between you and the mattress. This will lead to a cooler and dryer night sleep. Those sleepers who are suffering from hot flashes and night sweats should opt for this firmness option.

Medium firm mattresses lag in this property. Due to won’t nature, they tightly hug sleepers’ bodies, leaving no or very little chances for air circulation. Due to restricted circulation of air, they often sleep hot. If you want to sleep in a medium firm mattress cooler, buy a mattress that either contains gel pads, copper, graphite infusions or is made of latex material.

Lift Firm vs Medium Firm Mattress:

Among all firmness options, firm mattresses have the highest performance in uplifting the sleepers body. Due to the firm and sturdy feel, a firm mattress restricts the sinking of the sleeper into the middle of the mattress. The napper can enjoy the even surface of a firm mattress.

This is best for plus size and stomach sleeper who are more prone to sinking in, in a mattress. Due to  a thinner base layer, they are not good in uplifting the body of the sleeper. Unlike a firm mattress, you will sink into the middle of the mattress. The situation is more pronounced for heavy and stomach sleepers.

Extra Support Firm vs Medium Firm Mattress:

A medium firm and don’t mattress, doesn’t provide enough support, more particularly to stomach and plus size sleepers. These mattresses throw their spine alignment out of position resulting in body pains and aches. On the other hand, a firm mattress offers enormous extra support which is enough for pressure alleviation and proper spinal alignment.

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Recommendation Differences Between Firm vs Medium Firm Mattress: 

Both mattresses offer different levels of comfort and support to the sleeper. In this section, we are going go explore that which sleepers should out for a Between Firm vs Medium Firm Mattress: 

Firm Mattress: 

Firm mattresses are ideal support who need tons of support and less contouring and pressure alleviation. The support system is a way advanced than the comfort system which takes over the comfort level of the mattress. The appropriate sleepers for a firm mattress are stomach sleepers or plus size sleepers. 

Stomach Sleepers

Firm mattress is an ideal option for stomach sleepers. Firm mattress prevents sinking of the spine, to avoid pressure build-up in the lumbar region. By keeping the sleeper properly uplift it leaves no chances for hip and lower back pain.

On the other hand, a medium firm mattress doesn’t provide even surface to stomach sleepers, resulting in linkage which leads to spine misalignment. This spinal misalignment is then translated to sciatica, lower back and hip pain. 

As stated above, firm mattresses are less advanced in pressure alleviation, stomach sleepers also need less pressure relief. This feature also makes it an excellent and comfortable option for stomach sleepers. It is highly advised by sleep coaches to use a firm mattress, if you sleep on your stomach.

Plus Size Sleepers

Firm mattresses are designed with the highest supportive feature. The super support of foam mattress is due to the use of high density polyurethane material. As previously mentioned, firm mattresses are mor3 supportive and less comfortable.

The sturdy support is the most appealing feature for plus size sleepers.  Firm mattresses effectively uplift the plus side sleepers. On the other hand, medium firm mattresses contain thin or less support layers, which cause the sleepers to sink in the core of the mattress. Plus size sleeper, get out of alignment. This unfavorable condition leads to body pains and aches.

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Lucid Firm Mattress:

Firm vs Medium Firm Mattress

Product Description

According to recent research, 8 hours of sleep is necessary for every individual to start a comfortable and energetic morning. Without getting so, one finds it difficult to concentrate on the work. For the best sleep experience, we recommend Lucid firm mattress. It provides comfort me support to the sleepers, which he or she always desires off.

The bamboo base layer provides significant support while the top memory is responsible for providing a cloud-like comfort.  The Bamboo is infused with charcoal, this adding hypoallergenic properties to the base of the mattress. Perfect for kids, teens, and adults. 

Product specifications 

Lucid form mattress is available in Twin, town XL, King, Cal making, Queen, and full size. It comes in white colour and 4 firmness profiles. Lucid all mattresses comes with 100 days of free night trail and 10 years long warranty. 

  • Ideal spinal alignment
  • High-quality materials used
  • Contour Every inch of body
  • Cool and sturdy feel
  • Not prone to damage
  • A little expensive
  • Offgassing occur on unboxing

Medium firm Mattress:

A medium firm mattress is ideal for those sleepers who need less support and more pressure relief. 

Heavy Side Sleepers

A heavy side sleeper needs support in heavier parts of the body. Firm mattress is unable to provide zoned support. To overcome this drawback, many brands produce their models in both firm and medium firm firmness. A medium firm mattress provides maximum support to the sleepers’ heavy parts by sinking his body. 

Back Sleepers

Back sleepers will also enjoy the feel of a medium firm mattress. Especially those sleepers who weigh a little more than 130 pounds. For those back sleepers, who weigh less than 130 should go down to a medium mattress. While buying a medium firm mattress, keep body sizes in mind for comfortable and healthy investment. 


Because of the high adjustable and versatility of medium firm mattresses, it is considered one of the best mattresses for couples who have different sleep preferences. They can easily adjust it to their desired firmness.

Combination Sleepers

Combination sleepers often change their sleeping position during night without any particular reason. Medium firm mattresses due to their versatile easily adapt to different sleeping positions. It is highly recommended and advised to avoid sleeping in form mattress, if you are a strict combination sleeper.

Average Sleepers

Average weight sleeper are the targeted shoppers of medium firm mattresses. With good support and comfort, they enjoy a medium firm mattress then any other sleepers. Mother, average weight sleepers will also find utmost comfort and support on a medium mattress.

Avenco Medium Firm Mattress:

Firm vs Medium Firm Mattress

Product Description

Avenco mattress is synonymous with comfort and support. The memory card layer alleviates all the pressure points resulting in heaven like comforts and support. To keep the sleeper cool, Avenco used Gel pods infusion in this medium firm mattress design.

Moreover, the highly dense polyfoam base is enough to provide sturdy support to the sleeper’s body. With significant motion  isolation, temperature neutrality, and edge support, gbia medium firm mattress is doing a great balance. Buy it worry free as it is CertiPUR US Certified.

Product Specifications

Avenco mattress is available in king, queen, twin, Cal king, full l, town, and twinXL. Avenco offers plush hop style and a 10 inches profile. It comes with 100 days free night test and a 10 years long warranty.

  • Sturdy and comfortable
  • Reasonable prices
  • Durable and reliable
  • The mild smell of unboxing

Buyers Guide:

There are top notch differences between Firm vs Medium Firm Mattress, which are easily recognizable. The firmness level has a direct effect on the comfort and support which you receive from a particular mattress. An appropriate fitness level mattress can lead to a restless night sleep and body aches and pains.

To avoid such miserable conditions, choosing a particular mattress wisely is crucial. The way how a mattress feels entirely depends upon sleepers body weight and sleeping position. 

  • A firm mattress is all about support and uplifting while a medium firm mattress is more inclined towards contouring support, uplift, pressure relief and don’t comfort.
  • Are you a plus size and stomach sleeper and searching for a mattress that has sturdy support and pressure alleviation? Are you more into a cooler night sleep?Then you are probably searching for a form mattress.
  • Do you love to sleep hot? Are you the one who sleeps on the side or back and is a petite sleeper? Are you an average weight sleeper? Most likely, you are searching for a medium firm mattress.

Beside firmness, some other factors also play an important and significant role in mattress functionality, support and comfort. These factors are mattress type, size, price, ease of movement, edge support, motion isolation, shipping method, warranties, trial period, noise and temperature regulation.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Is a medium firm mattress good for back pain sufferers?

Yes, a medium-firm mattress is a good option for back pain sufferers. Medium firm mattresses have the tendency to provide enough cushioning  and contouring support, beside uplifting the sleeper’s body. The proper uplifting of sleepers body, reduces the chances of spinal misalignment resulting in relieving back pain. On the other hand, a firm mattress can worsen back pain as it throws the spine out of alignment.

Is a medium firm mattress good for stomach sleepers?

No, a medium firm mattress is not a good option for stomach sleepers. Because stomach sleepers have more support that is not provided by a medium firm mattress. A medium firm mattress is made with thinner or less number of support layers, which do not provide extra support to stomach sleepers. The best option for them is a firm mattress which is always studded with high density and multiple support layers. 

Is a memory foam mattress medium firm or firm?

The fitness level of the mattress depends upon the construction type. If a mattress is designed with denser polyurethane and that polyurethane is then used in multiple layers in mattress construction, definitely that mattress will feel firm. On the other hand if a mattress contains 1 or few layers, it will feel soft or medium soft( depending on the number of support layers).

Is a firm mattress sleeping cooler than a medium firm and soft mattress?

Yes, a firm mattress sleeps cooler than a medium firm and soft mattress. Due to high density, they don’t hug the sleeper body tightly leaving spaces for air circulation resulting in a cooling effect. On the other hand a medium firm mattress has the potential to exclusively hug the sleeper’s body, resulting in heat and moisture training leading to a hotter night’s sleep.

Final Verdict:

There are various firmness options available for different brand mattresses. This wide variety of choices, give a a shopper flexibility in choosing the most comfortable for themselves. The feel of a particular mattress is directly associated with sleeping style and body size.

The firmness and feel of the mattress is also translated by the quality of materials used and the tips if construction employed. During mattress shopping carefully look into each factor that can effect the comfort and support of a mattress.

In our Firm vs Medium Firm Mattress comparison guide, we have touch every distinction aspect between them. After reading Firm vs Medium Firm Mattress guide, hopefully! You will find the mattress of hour interest and needs.

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