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Is your old mattress sagging and causing you to wake up with severe back pain? Are you heavyweight and want something that offers you more comfort and back support?

Being a large person I can understand your struggle. Therefore we did the tiring work for you. After analyzing 8 hours of continuous research on various websites we put together a list of the best plus size mattress. According to Sleep, an ideal firm mattress for a heavy person is medium firm(6-10) or firm (7-8).

We also have mentioned a buyer’s guide which includes some criteria that you need to make sure of before buying the best plush-size mattress including edge support, temperature regulation ease of motion, and pressure relieving points.

Further down you will find a list of top 5 picks!

Top 5 Best Plus Size Mattress To Buy in 2023:

A poor mattress may not be supportive to a heavy person who weighs more than 230 pounds. If are also looking to upgrade your mattress so check out our detailed descriptions and specification below to read more about each choice among our top 5 Best Plus Size Mattresses.

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1.Signature Design by Ashley Chime Mattress:

Best Plus Size Mattress


Are you a heavy person and searching for the best mattress for a heavy person on Amazon?

Well, the Signature Design by Ashley Chime is the best king-size bed for a heavy person. It’s a bed-in-a-box mattress meaning that the mattress is well packed in a packed box for your convenience.

The best 12-inch memory foam mattresses ideal for body contouring because the memory foam layers are supportive, and provide pressure reliefefk for fpppeerss. While the base layer is supportive to decrease the turning and rounding motion of your partner.

This best plus-size mattress is manufactured from quality and safe materials thus it’s the perfect mattress for adults who are allergic to pollen and adults.

As its dimensions are 75″ W x 79″ D x 12″ H thus the mattress is adjustable to most king mattress frames. The Signature Design by Chime Ashley is a memory foam mattress therefore we suggest leaving your mattress for 72 hours after unboxing to reduce bad odor and to gain its final expanded form.


The Signature Design mattress is a king-size memory foam mattress. It offers an extra plush feel and assumes a tight top design. The dimensions of this best plus size mattress are 75″L x 74″W x 12″ Th and this model is available in white color. This best plus size mattress has 4.6 out of 5 stars customer reviews.

  • CertiPUR-US Certified foam mattress
  • best king-size bed for a heavy person
  • Worth to price
  • Very comfortable mattress
  • Supportive base layer for back pain
  • A creaky sound when you sit on it.

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2.Tuft & Needle – Original Mattress:

Best Plus Size Mattress


Tuft and Needle are the best plus-size mattress which is made in the USA from micro-polyamide and polyester. For pressure relieving it is known for its amazing T&N Adaptive foam. While its open-cell structure is ideal for offering a flexible surface for all types of sleepers.

The company signature is T&N Original mattress which is the best mattress for back sleepers for its proper support.
Since it’s a supportive plus-size mattress thus prevents a heavier person from deep sinking into the foam.

The mattress has been adopted with open-cell cooling, heat-conducting graphite, and cooling gel-infused foam that makes the temperature normal by kicking away the produced heat. In addition, this design of the Original mattress wicks away moisture for a deep sound.

This best plus size mattress is easily fitted to most bed frames like traditional frames, adjustable bed frames, box springs, platform bed frames, slatted bed frames, and bunky boards.


The Original mattress is Queen in size which is available in white color. The mattress meets the criteria of GREENGUARD Gold and CertiPUR-US, Foam. This best plus size mattress is available in white color with dimensions of 80″L x 60″W x 9.5″ Th. The Tuft and Needle mattress has scored 4.4 out of 5 stars in customer reviews.

  • Cool mattress for hot sleepers
  • Best pressure relief mattress
  • CertiPUR-US certified foam
  • Offers 100-night trial
  • Super comfortable for all types of sleepers
  • Sex-friendly bed for couples
  • For some sleepers, it might bleep

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3.Sweetnight King Mattress:

Best Plus Size Mattress


Sweet night King Mattress is the Best king bed for a heavy person. It’s a 12-inch mattress that is designed with separate wrapped coil and gel memory foam for high-level support. For couples, these layers help to decrease pressure relieving and make two motions independent and for hot sleepers, it makes the temperature ideal.

This best plus size mattress meets the program of CertiPUR-US Certified foam which means it is made from skin-friendly, quality, and non-toxic materials. While for rust protection it assumes the best quality carbon steel coil so that you could enjoy a healthier sleep surface with your spouse.

The included Euro top pillow cover is made from quilted knit that is friendly to your skin. It has been adopted with a Gel Memory Foam layer that adjusts your body weight and makes the temperature ideal by offering a buffer with its plush feeling.

To enjoy an undisturbed sleep with your partner the separate coils are independently wrapped that decrease the sensation of movement, deliver targeted support to the back, d keep your spine aligned.

Moreover, the best plus size mattress is backed up by a 10 years warranty. Also, The Sweet night mattress is smartly shipped in a box with easy setup and it is adjustable to all King size bed frames including box Spring, slatted bed base, and flat platform. For perfect shape allows it for 72hours.


This model of Sweet Night mattress is King size and medium-firm mattress. It is filled with memory foam and offers dimensions of 80″L x 76″W x 12″ Th. This best mattress for back pain is available in white color. The Sweet Night Queen mattress is a hybrid mattress that is suitable for adults. The customer reviews on this mattress are 4.4 out of 5 stars.


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4.Sleep Innovations Marley Mattress:

Best Plus Size Mattress


The Sleep Innovations Marley is the best Queen size mattress for a heavy person. The cool Memory Foam Mattress is 10 inches for hot sleepers. It is designed with three layers that offer a medium-firm feel. The included knitted and soft feel while the base layer is highly durable for pressure decreasing and supportive to the body in any sleep position.

The best plus-size mattress is designed with cooling gel foam and airflow channels are adopted for increasing the breathability, so you enjoy a cool sleep all night long.

It is the best supportive memory foam mattress for back, stomach, and side sleepers. Plus for partners or couples, the mattress keeps every movement independent thus it’s also the best mattress for couples.

The company is committed to offering you the best quality material therefore it is manufactured with hypoallergenic and CertiPUR-US certified foam that is safe from mercury and other toxic materials. A 10 years warranty is also included with every purchase. Moreover for complete results kindly allow your memory foam mattress for 72 hours.


The best plus size mattress is Queen in size and filled with gel memory foam. The dimensions of this model are 80″L x 60″W x 10″ Th and it assumes a tight top style. It is available in white color that is adjustable for adults. The customer reviews on this best plus-size mattress are 4.4 out of 5 stars.

  • 10 Inch cooling gel memory foam
  • Proper airflow channel for breathability,
  • Worth the price
  • Bed in a box mattress
  • Medium firm Supportive mattress for back sleepers
  • The ideal mattress for sex
  • Some consumers say it makes you sweat on hot nights

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5.Linenspa 5 Inch Mattress:

Best Plus Size Mattress


For stomach or back sleepers with heavyweight, the Linenspa is the best low-profile mattress. The base vodka is made from 4 inches of the high-density base which is covered with one inch of comfortable, gel-infused memory foam for creating support and firmness.

The Linenspa 5-inch model is a low-profile mattress that is ideal for your guests, bunk beds, RV mattress, and kids’ bed.

The mattress is adjustable to any bed frame like a metal grid, slate frame, traditional bed frame, or box spring base.Moreover, this best plus size mattress is easy to set up and bed in a box foam mattress that is conveniently delivered to your doorstep.

The Linenspa brand offers you a 10-year worry-free warranty and it also recommends you leave your mattress for 48-72 hours after unpacking. The mattress may take more time in winter because of contractions, so keep calm and wait for the result.


The Linenspa 5-inch model is a low-profile bed for heavy persons. This model is Full in size and offers a firm feel for back sleepers. It is constructed with gel memory foam that gives dimensions of 74″L x 54″W x 5″ Th. This best plus size mattress is recommended by 4.5 out of 5 stars customer reviews.

  • Gel memory foam Mattress
  • Low Profile bed for bunk bed and guests
  • Comfortable and affordable mattress
  • No bad odor
  • Some buyers say its a bit warmer in summer

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Buyer’s Guide:

Which things to keep in mind while buying the best plus-size mattress for a heavy person? To answer your question this buyer’s Guide is really helpful. So just Narrow it down to its main points.


If you are a heavy person your mattress must be durable for long use. Keep in mind not all mattresses are made from durable materials therefore it’s better to go for a mattress that assumes reinforced materials like coils and foam with high density.


For heavier people, firmness is the most important point to note. However, you should choose the firm level according to your sleeping position. Remember that a light person puts less pressure on the mattress so he needs a firm mattress while a heavier person puts more pressure on the bed that they need a softer bed.


Weight should be the top consideration for a heavy person. Generally, the memory foam mattress memory may sink deep for a heavy person as compared to a lighter person.

Heavy sleeper who naturally sleeps hot should choose a firmer mattress thus we preferred memory foam as they feel cooler than other mattresses like latex or hybrid.


A poor mattress J’s not supportive to your body be used it will wake up with a sore back or neck. As heavy sleepers have more weight thus they need more support foam like a hybrid or innerspring mattress.

For a heavy person, a bed should be firmer than the average person. But those who are back sleepers need a medium-fi mattress that keeps their back and spine aligned.

Sleeping positions

Before purchasing a mattress first judge your sleeping positions and also check the firmness, the thickness of the comfort layer, and your weight.

If you are heavier-weight side sleepers you will have more pressure relief on your shoulders and hips. meaning they like a little bit of soft mattress although a soft mattress sinks them too much.

For heavier-weight stomach sleepers need a firm mattress that is enough to support their body needs while heavier-weight combination sleepers like the balance of comfort and support.

Mattress coolness the construction of the bed plays a huge role in making the temperature of a mattress. Memory Foam is well known for trapping heat. While the Innerspring and hybrid beds are ideal for making the temperature cooler for hot sleepers use they possess coils for the flow of air.

Today many mattress manufacturers are

perforate their foam layers and make proper channels in the foam to enhance the flow of air. There are also many mattresses available that use gel memory foam in their construction to keep the temperature cooler for those who are concerned about sleeping hot.

Edge support

Edge support means the strength of the mattress perimeter. To find the edge support in the mattress you need to sit on its edges. As a result, if a person feels like he is going to slip off because the edge gives way to your weight, then the edge support is good. Thus this mattress is ideal for those who like more sleeping areas for napping.

Price is also one of the main consideration of mattress byers. If you are on budget look for memory foam mattress while latex and hybrid are the most luxurious mattress. But keep in mind that a poor quality mattress of low price is of no v.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What mattress is best for a heavy person?

The best mattress that has a foam density of 2.2 pounds or higher will be the best supportive mattress for a person who weighs more than 250 pounds. Thus as memory foam mattresses don’t have a weight limit, and they assume supportive foundations. So a higher denser memory foam will be more supportive for a heavy person?

What mattress firmness is ideal for heavier-weight sleepers?

The choice of firmness of the bed depends on your sleeping position. But generally, for heavy sleepers, firmer mattresses are ideal because they provide enhanced support to their body.

Is a foam or innerspring mattress perfect for a heavy person?

For sleepers who weigh more than 230 pounds, an Innerspring mattress provides proper airflow, which helps to provide breathability and keep the bed cool all night long. For enough support, a heavy person should go through an innerspring, hybrid, or very firm foam bed. On the other hand, soft memory foam will sink deep in the middle so it will feel more comfortable for these sleepers.

Let’s Sum up:

Today many brands offer high-quality mattresses but being a heavy person which mattress to buy? You should look for the best plus-size mattress in the market or online. Because the best mattress balances comfort and support, keep your spine aligned, and makes an ideal temperature.

Our personal preference for heavy people with back pain is the Sweet Night mattress because it keeps the spine aligned and offers balanced comfort. If you want to learn more about our top best plus size we recommend looking at the above-enlisted selection.

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