Top 10 Best Mattress for Bunk Beds


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Are you in search of the best mattress for bunk bed?

We’ve listed top selections for the best bunk bed mattress models available right now on amazon. Each choice is based on reviews from confirmed owners as well as our own in-depth product research and testing. 

Bunk beds are a helpful space-saver for many parents. These stacking beds are perfect for young children who share a *bedroom since they can accommodate two or three kids at once. Bunk beds can also be used by adults. Dorms and guests are where you’ll find them most frequently.

When picking, there are a few things to keep in mind. However, bigger sizes will be too vast and bigger to fit inside the bunks. The majority of these beds can accommodate twin, twin XL, and/or full-size mattresses. Additionally, low-profile mattresses are frequently excellent. Excessively-thick mattresses are frequently too heavy for bunk beds, and these designs may also provide safety risks on upper bunks.

Our top 10 picks for the best mattress for bunk beds to buy in 2022:

For bunk beds, low-profile mattresses from 6 to 7 inches thick are best.  This size mattress is not only perfect for bunk beds but also provides enough support to the sleeper and safety prevails. We have compiled some top 10 best mattress for bunk beds that are worth buying.

1. Midway AVELINE mattress:

Best Mattress for Bunk Beds


Simple and affordable, the Aveline mattress from Modway may be readily fitted to any frame.It works well for lightweight sleepers who prefer to sleep on their backs and stomachs. The foam base may be sufficiently penetrated by heavy sleepers and side sleepers to feel the impact of the bed frame underneath. Additionally, the memory foam layer is sufficiently thin to prevent excessive submersion.

This best mattress for bunk beds is made of responsive base foam on top of a substantial layer of memory foam that is only six inches thick. Even better, the memory foam has a gel infusion to keep you cool on sweltering summer nights. It also has a diamond-knit stretch cover for enhanced comfort. 

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This best bunk mattress is available in narrow twin, twin, twin xl, king, and queen sizes and in 8 inches, 10 inches and 12 inches styles.It is CertiPUR-US certified to be allergen-free. And comes with 100 days free night trial and 1o years warranty.

  • Inexpensive price
  • Foam with added gel for cooling
  • Readily available in various thicknesses
  • Adequate firmness for stomach sleepers
  • Slight initial chemical smell
  • For heavy people and side sleepers, the firmness is too great.

2. Inofia Cool Memory Foam Mattress:


  Most back sleepers preferred the mattress, and many were surprised by how comfortable it is considering the low price. However, some side and stomach sleepers also suggested this mattress. This attractiveness is greatly aided to this best mattress for bunk beds by the comfort foam, which provides support for all types of sleepers without causing pressure spots like a regular innerspring mattress might. The eight-inch thick version of this mattress, which has a little extra memory foam and comfort foam in the structure, can be a good option for heavier sleepers.

The Inofia foam mattress is made to be very responsive while still providing you with the luxury of memory foam. A small layer of ECO memory foam, a thicker layer of comfort foam, and a foundation layer of support foam make up the three layers of foam that make up the bed. Because the memory foam is made of open cells, it can more readily move air away from your body and is more bouncy than traditional memory foam, so you won’t feel as stiff.

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This best bunk mattress is available in Medium firmness and white shade. It is available in twin and full sizes and 6iches, 8 inches and 10 inches styles, It comes with 10 years warranty, verified by CertiPUR-US.

  • Comfortable for back sleepers, thick comfort foam layer
  • The use of open cells keeps it cool.
  • No fibres of fibreglass inside
  • The eight-inch model may be required for heavier sleepers.
  • less flexible than other memory foam beds

3. Nod by Tuft And and Needle:

Best Mattress for Bunk Beds


The best mattress for bunk beds shrinks down the classic Tuft & Needle bed’s design to create an inexpensive option that’s ideal for bunk beds. The innovative adaptable foam used in this mattress, which is only eight inches thick and substantially more responsive than a memory foam without being excessively stiff, is a T&N product. In actuality, adaptable foam is what has made Tuft & Needle beds popular with both stomach and side sleepers. Two layers of open-cell foam with cooling gel and graphite are added to this best mattress for bunk beds.


This best mattress for bunk beds is available in king, queen full, and twin sizes and Medium firmness. It comes with 100 days free night trial and is 10 years long, verified by CertiPUR US Certified

  • Exclusive adaptive foam
  • Open-cell design and cooling gel
  • Pricier than comparable eight-inch mattresses
  • The funky smell of unboxing

4. LUCID  Memory Foam Mattress:


The LUCID LU05TTFR30GF Memory Foam Mattress is also one of the best mattress for bunk beds that  can help with the difficult transition that a youngster must make from a crib to a bed. A 1″ layer of gel-infused foam in this mattress is created specifically to accommodate a smaller frame as you sleep. Cooler temperatures help us sleep better, and this mattress features greater ventilation and breathability to help your child have a restful night’s sleep.

By assisting in controlling body temperature and boosting circulation, the top layer of 1-inch ventilated gel memory foam produces a cooler sleeping environment than regular memory foam. Your child’s entire body is supported by four inches of dense support foam that has been impregnated with bamboo charcoal.


This best mattress for bunk beds is available in Twin, Twin XL, full and king size . It comes in firm firmness and mattress and mattress and box spring styles. The lucid mattress is certiPUR US Certified and comes with 100 days free night trial and 10 years long warranty.

  • Affordable
  • Breathable
  • Give the best support
  • Very thin
  • Faint smelling on unboxing

5. Zinus Mattress:

Best Mattress for Bunk Beds


This mattress set, which is available in a set of two, is incredibly affordable. You may buy this item and cover your entire bunk bed system for about the cost of one mattress. Of course, you should make sure that your children are a good fit for the extra-firm hardness level; otherwise, they may find it difficult to get enough sleep.

It is simple to understand why these mattresses are so firm. They rank among the thinnest mattresses available, only 6 inches thick and readily fitting into bunk beds. They just have a tiny layer of foam covering their inner springs, which is why they are so thin (and hence so firm). While the absence of padding may not be optimal for usage with bunk beds, the thickness is.

Ideal for stomach sleepers and people who are tiny to normal weight, it has a core layer of heavy-duty steel coils that is 5 inches thick and a total of 1 inch of durable high-density foam.


This best mattress for bunk beds is available in twin size with 75″L x 39″W x 6″ T dimensions. This firm mattress comes in memory foam and spring mattress styles. The mattress is CertPUR US Certified and comes with 10 years warranty and 100 days of free night trial.

  • Have ideal thickness
  • 10-year-long warranty
  • Two-pack
  • Lack of padding

6. LINENSPA Innerspring Mattress:


Without a doubt, this mattress is among the easiest and best mattress for bunk beds ones available. The coils of tempered steel are covered by a thin foam topper. Although this gives the impression that it wouldn’t be very durable, this is not the case. Even if you forget to rotate the mattress frequently, the steel coils are extremely durable and should last a very long time.

Of course, since a box spring cannot be used with it, this firm mattress might not be the most comfortable on a bunk bed. Although incredibly supportive, the metal coils do not give much, which can make it more difficult for your child to feel comfortable. Remove the mattress from its packing within 72 hours, and then wait 48 to 72 hours before using it.


This best mattress for bunk beds is available in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Full XL, and queen. This firm mattress comes with 100-day free night trial and 10-year limited warranty.

  • Good Firmness
  • Durable
  • Soft and breathable
  • Straightforward design
  • Not a lot of giving

7. SIGNATURE Sleep Hybrid Mattress:

Best Mattress for Bunk Beds


It is only available in the strong stiffness setting. So go no farther than this best mattress for bunk beds if you or your child truly needs a stiffer mattress! This mattress is among the strongest ones available because of its design. Why do you inquire? Simply told, it’s because you can sleep on any side just flipping the entire thing over! By doing this, you may spread the everyday abuse that the mattress receives over a number of years, which helps lessen its wear and tear.

Its 8-inch thickness makes it the perfect and best mattress for bunk beds. It is made up of three distinct layers. Memory foam is used for cooling and comfort on the top and bottom, while independently wrapped springs are used for support in the middle.

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The twin mattress is 74 “L x 38″W x 8″H. It weighs 46.5 pounds net. Dimensions for shipping are 40″L x 13″W x 13” “H and 52 lbs is the gross weight.

  • Independently cased spring
  • Perfect size
  • Always can be flipped for added durability
  • Mild smell on unboxing
  • A bit expensive

8. Olee Sleep Innerspring Mattress:


Given that it contains both innerspring and gel foam support systems, the Olee Sleep 10 Inch Gel Infused Innerspring Mattress is a hybrid mattress. These two technologies work flawlessly together to provide a sturdy, yet cozy medium-firm mattress that is ideal for both children and adults.

You won’t even realize that you’re against anything since the gel memory foam, which is buried in the mattress near the top, allows for such a high level of ventilation. Instead, all that will be left for you is a nice, restful night’s sleep. This best mattress for bunk beds can be placed on a box spring, platform, or slats, as desired. For the price, it’s a good mattress, and many buyers have remarked on how comfy it is. Another welcome addition is the 10-year warranty.

Knowing that this best mattress for bunk beds has undergone rigorous testing and has earned the OEKO-TEX and CertiPUR-US certifications, you may also feel at ease letting your kids sleep on it. These two organizations thoroughly examined this mattress and determined that it was both allergen- and hazard-free as well as safe for usage.


It comprises a 5-inch coil layer, two layers of high-density foam, a 1-inch cold gel foam layer, and a 1.5-inch layer of soft foam. This best mattress for bunk beds is available in Twin, king, queen, and full size and firm and plush firmness. It is CertiPUR US Certified and comes with 100 days free night trial and 10 years long warranty

  • Durable
  • CertiPUR US certified
  • Not prone to wear and tear
  • Check the dimensions of your bed because they may be too high.

9. Home Life Euro Top Harmony Mattress:

Best Mattress for Bunk Beds


The 20-year warranty that comes with this best mattress for bunk beds is one of the longest ones on the market. It contains a 1.5-inch pressure-relieving foam layer, a 5-inch pocket coil spring, and two layers of high-density foam. This 8-inch thick mattress uses a combination of high-density and pressure-relieving foam as well as individual pocket springs to offer a medium level of firmness as you sleep. Except for the petite sleepers, this size and firmness level is a perfect choice for everyone.

The fact that you will need to rotate it frequently makes this a positive thing. This is done so as to prevent overstretching the individual springs. Because they are not connected to a system, you run the risk of one spring or a few springs breaking, which would generate uncomfortable pressure points. However, there shouldn’t be a problem if the mattress is flipped around every two months.


This best mattress for bunk beds is available in twin size with 75 inches by 39 inches by 8 inches. It weighs 30 pounds and is Green Foam certified

  • Affordable
  • Perfect thickness
  • Sturdy and cozy
  • Need rotation frequently
  • Not enough comfortable for some sleepers

10. Classic Brands Gel Memory Foam Mattress:

Best Mattress for Bunk Beds


Classic gel brands gel memory foam mattress is one of the leading and best bunk bed mattress on the market. The mattress features a top gel-infused memory foam layer and a high-density base layer. These two layers combined provide the perfect amount of comfort and support to the napper.

Please give your mattress 24 to 72 hours to assume its original shape. In a hotter environment, memory foam will expand more quickly. Your mattress may take a little longer to expand from its compressed state to full size in a cool environment during delivery. The mattress will expand at a different rate depending on the environment

The CertiPUR-US program’s performance, emissions, and durability standards are met by the premium memory foam, which molds to your body while the cool gel controls body temperature.


This best mattress for bunk beds Dimensions are 39″ W x 75″ L x 6″ H, perfect for dorm rooms, bunk beds, and kid’s rooms for back to school. For a better night’s sleep, try this 6-inch profile gel memory foam. It’s cozy and conforming.

  • Best sleeping experience
  • Comfortable
  • Pain relief
  • Best stretching
  • Firmness is not good
  • Expensive as per the qualities

Buyers Guide

Naturally, there are a number of different things to consider while trying to find the finest mattress for bunk beds. Some of these factors include motion isolation, edge support, durability, certification, weight capacity, free night trail, and warranties.

Remember that there are sales on mattresses all year long. For the most current, correct mattress price, check the prices listed on amazon. You need a firmer mattress if even one sleeper weighs more than 80 kg. You need a medium-firm mattress if one of the sleepers weighs between 60 and 80 kg and both sleepers weigh less than 80 kg. A softer mattress is needed if the combined weight of the two sleepers is less than 60 kg. 

You should carefully study each factor regarding each best mattress for bunk beds since it contains information you should take into account when it comes time to make a purchase.

Types of bunk beds include:

The bunk bed is a type of furniture consisting of 2 beds, one above the other. There are total 18 types of bunk beds, some of which are as follow:


One person can sleep on a raised platform in these beds, and the space underneath can be used for a desk, storage, or other purposes.

Twin over Twin:

The most common combo is perfect for siblings.

Triple bunk:

If your ceilings are high enough, you might use a three-level layout. Although most of these have twin-size mattresses, some of them have a full-size bunk on the bottom and two twin bunks on top.

Twin XL over Twin XL:

The most typical mattress size for college dorm rooms is this one.

  • Twin over full
  • Twin over futon
  • Full over full
  • Full over queen
  • Queen over queen
  • King over king

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of mattress can we use for bunk beds?

For a bunk bed, you can use any kind of mattress as long as it fits the bed and is 16 cm or less below the top of the safety barrier. However, since bunk mattresses are thinner than conventional mattresses and help the safety barriers function properly, we advise purchasing one.

Are mattresses for bunk beds different from those for regular beds?

In reality, the best mattress for bunk beds is typically just less expensive coil spring mattresses that are typically provided with a matching box spring. The best Bunk Bed mattress often sits on a Bunkie board because bunk beds don’t need box springs.


There you have it, then! You now possess all the information required to guarantee that you can obtain the best mattress for bunk beds. A good mattress is always comfortable, durable, has good edge support, and has long warranties and trial periods.  After reading this find, maybe you can find the mattresses of your dreams.

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