5 Best mattress for Bed Sharing


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Many families, especially a mother with babies, need to relax on the best size bed for co-sleeping. A relaxed bed is preferred for a breastfeeding mother which makes it easy to feed her baby. If you are the one intending to co-sleep with your newborn, or either you are pregnant then you have entered the true page as we have reviewed the top best mattress for bed sharing.

In this well-distinguished article, we have top-listed our best mattress for bed sharing on the market after checking from our expert team to help you out. So, without more suspicion, let’s go down.

 The fourth is the most comfortable and best mattress for bed sharing in the list.

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Highly Rated 5 Best mattresses for bed sharing in 2022:

Our highly rated 5 best mattress for bed sharing uses high quality materials and is an ideal firm, comfortable and supportive mattress with best motion isolation points to decrease the pressure. They are ideal for a mother to share a bed with husband or baby. A well explained Buyer’s Guide is mentioned at the end that will help you to know which things to keep in mind before buying the best mattress for bed sharing.

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1.Sweetnight Full-Size Mattress:

Best mattress for Bed Sharing


If you are in search of a co- family bed then Sweet Night Is the best option to choose. The SweetNight Breeze 12-inch memory foam mattress is made with 5% of Rayon of 30%, Viscose, and 65% of Polyester. Alongside it has a 3 layers design of a zone system that provides medium firmness to all sleepers.

This perfectly keeps your spine aligned so it is also a perfect option for back sleepers. Moreover, it prevents your partner’s tossing and rounding because of its better motion isolation. The SweetNight 12-inch memory foam is constructed with gel memory foam to keep an ideal sleeping surface for sleepers by dissipating all body heat.

Plus it has open cells that enhance breathability to regulate a proper temperature. Being a full-size mattress the SweetNight is the best option for mothers to enjoy their sleep with their baby as it has 3 layers of infused gel foam that keep your body cool. Alongside it assumes a 3.5-inch of airflow to contour your body and a 5.5-inch denser layer decreases sagging by full edge supporting.

To provide you with a healthier sleeping surface it has been pretreated with safe chemicals that imply the mattress is CertiPUR-US. Along with that, it has a fabric cover that provides enhanced breathability by maintaining a normal temperature for sleepers.

You can buy the SweetNight memory foam with full confidence as it offers 10 years warranty and you can return it free within  30 days.


This best mattress for bed sharing has a Full size, 72″L x 55″W x 12″T dimensions and gray color. It has gel-memory foam as a comfort layer and medium firmness that is adjustable for adults. The mattress has 50 pounds weight that is made by Sweetnight’s brand with the model name SN-M002-F . Sweet night Breeze’s 12-inch memory foam mattress has 4.4 out of 5 stars in customer reviews.

  • Certified-Us verified foam
  • Breathable fabric cover
  • Infused gel memory foam
  • Excellent edge is supportive for decreasing sagging

  • Hard returning policy

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2.Sleep Innovations Marley 12 Inch cooling mattress:


For hot sleepers, it is a Queen 12-inch cooling memory foam mattress that keeps the sleeping surface cool for ideal sleeping. Marley 12-inch Queen is a medium firm mattress that is designed with a triple layer and topped with a soft knit cover. In addition, it has excellent responsive foam and a base layer for the durability of pressure relieving support for back sleepers.

For enhancing proper breathability it has been adopted air flow channels that increase the flow of air to all areas and keep all the sleepers cool to enjoy a great night’s sleep. Being a super supportive mattress it is an ideal foam mattress for side, back, and stomach sleepers. Moreover, it’s the best motion isolation mattress to prevent the tossing of your baby, so that you could enjoy a great night’s sleep.

Marley promises to provide a restorative night’s sleep and for a night of great sleep, it comes in a box with innovative fabrics and foams. Moreover, Marley uses the best quality materials in its construction and offers 10 years worry-free warranty.

Being a CertiPUR-US mattress is designed and manufactured in Mexico and USA which implies Marley is free from harmful substances and chemicals. Along all Marley’s brand mattresses, pillows, and mattress toppers are anti-allergic to rusts and pollen.  


It is a Sleep Innovation Marley  Queen size mattress with  80″L x 60″W x 8″T dimensions and medium firmness.  This mattress has white and is made of gel memory foam which is recommended for adults. This best mattress for bed sharing has mattress has 4.4 out of 5 stars in customer reviews.

  • 10 years warranty
  • The perfect cure for anterior pelvic tilt
  • Super comfortable mattress
  • Body pain reducing mattress
  • Breathable and cooling mattress

  • Cheap packing
  • Lose its medium firmness after some use.

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3.Zinus 12 Inch Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress:

Best mattress for Bed Sharing


For bed-sharing Zinus 12 inches is an ideal Green Tea-infused Memory Foam. Zinus is covered with a poly jacquard top and for pressure relieving it has a  perfect combination of refreshed green tea and active charcoal for moisture absorption. These active pressure relieving points help to release all amounts of produced pressure which in return contour your body for a relaxed night’s sleep.

In addition, it is an ideal mattress for relieving all pain in your body through its perfect support. For this purpose, it assumes inches of conforming foam, 2 inches of soft foam for enhancing the airflow, and a has of the durable base that is supportive to peptide and side sleepers. All foam mattresses of Zinus have quality foam meaning that these are the CertiPUR US verified for reliability and performance.

The Zinus 12-inch memory foam offers 10 years warranty and is the best supportive Battleford heavy for people who weigh more than 259 Lbs. Moreover, the Zinus delivers its mattress in a box for easy setup delivery to you on time to your home.


It is a Queen size mattress with 80″L x 60″W x 12″T dimensions, 62.5 Pounds weight which is made by the Zinus brand. It has memory foam layers and plush firmness. Zinus 12-inch foam mattress has 4. 4 out of 5 stars customer reviews. This  best mattress for bed sharing is white in color  and is made from memory foam.

  • Moist absorbing foam
  • 10 years warranty
  • Best mattress for bed sharing
  • Excellent pressure reliever
  • Poly jacquard cover

  • Poor packing of the box.

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4.Linenspa 6 Inch Innerspring Twin mattress:


This Linenspa 6-inch is an inexpensive low profile, durable and soft option. Therefore for complete support, it assumes heavy, durable gauge tempered with steel coils while for ensuring comfort it is designed with a quilted fabric top and deep foam layer. Being a Firm profile mattress Linenspa 6-inch twin mattress is ideal for back and stomach sleepers. kindly allow your mattress for 72 hours for final expansion after which you can sleep comfortably.

Linenspa 6-inch hybrid twin bed mattress has a perfect contrast of hypoallergenic memory foam and traditional supportive foam of an innerspring mattress that feel medium-firm for kids beds, RV rooms, bunk beds, guest beds, or even your beds. It assumes a plush layer of memory foam that assists your spine alignment by minimizing pressure points for enhanced comfort.

You can enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep on the surface. For your ease you can fit the twin mattress in a slatted frame, platform bed, and box spring frame.


It is a Twin innerspring mattress with 75″L x 39″W x 6″  T dimensions that are made by Linenspa’s brand. It has material foam as a comfort layer and medium firmness. It is a white mattress that is perfect for kids and adults. Linenspa has model Name6 Inch Spring with spring construction and 20 Pound weight. Linenspa 6-inch innerspring is the best mattress for bed sharing having  4.3 out of 5 stars customer reviews.

  • Super supportive form
  • Highly recommendable
  • The ever best mattress for bed sharing
  • Mattress for body pains
  • Affordable price

  •  Poor packing that might have bed bugs.

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5.Linenspa 8-Inch Memory and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress:

Best mattress for Bed Sharing


For bed-sharing Linenspa 8-inch twin bed mattress is an ideal option. Well, this mattress is an old-style supportive innerspring that is perfect for kid rooms and guest beds.  It has a luxurious layer of memory foam to keep the spine supportive by diminishing pressure points and is an inexpensive low-profit option for your bedrooms, guests, and kids.

Linenspa is topped with a soft cozy knit, a memory foam layer, a comfort layer of  1.5 inches foam, and a base layer of 6.5 inches tempered. A medium-firm mattress is composed of 53% polyester fiber, 39%  of rayon fiber, and 6% polyurethane foam. This twin bed mattress assists to support your spine by diminishing pressure points so it’s the best mattress for back pain.

It arrives as a box for fast delivery and setup. Its packaging contains carbons that are safe pieces of plastics so will not stick to your clothes and mattress. 


It is an 8-inch hybrid mattress made by linenspa’s brand. Linenspa 8-inch memory foam mattress is twin size and 30 pounds weight with white color and a medium firm innerspring mattress that feels excellent for kid’s rooms, guest beds, and your bedrooms. This mattress offers a 10 years warranty and assumes  75” L × 39”  W×8  dimensions which are referred for adults. The customer reviews on this mattress are  4.5 out of 5 stars

  • Perfect Pressure releasing points
  • Traditional box spring base
  • A cozy knit cover
  • Luxurious layer with firm foam
  • Best mattress for bed sharing
  • Supportive to  spine to decrease the pressure point
  • Perfect packing.

  • Not perfect for sleepers who are hot naturally.

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Buyer’s Guide | Best Mattress for Bed Sharing:

How to Choose a best Mattress for Bed-sharing with a Baby?

Here are the points you need to consider when choosing a mattress for safe bed-sharing with a baby.

Size of the mattress

If you are thinking of sharing a bed with your baby then you need to look for a larger mattress. If a mom shares her bed with her baby then a larger size bed would work best for them. So you should go for the full-size mattress but if a woman wants to co-sleeping with her baby and husband then a queen-size mattress should be preferred for enough distance and good motion isolation.

Mattress Surface

You must look for the surface of the mattress. For babies, a firmer surface is suggested so you need to prefer a firmer mattress. So a firmer mattress will prevent you from sinking. In addition as compared to memory foam organic wool or cotton because it is sinking and is free from off-gas smelling.

Chemicals to avoid in a Mattress

Conventional mattresses mostly contain toxic chemicals. Must avoid the mattress made from chemicals like vinyl/plastic, memory foam, polyurethane foam, or synthetic foam.  In addition, you must observe the time that your newborns tend to spend on your mattress. Like most babies, they need 10-18 hours per day.

Volatile Organic Compounds

Those mattresses which are made of polyurethane spray, memory foam, and soy foam have off-gas smelling toxic chemicals called volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These chemicals generate a large amount of heat while you sleep in bed. In addition,  the bed top can lead you to increase the amount of VOC emission from your bed. Since newborns inhale quickly the air volume is in contrast to adult sleepers, so babies are more accessible to the toxic impact of VOCs.

Vinyl or Plastic

Vinyl or Plastic has been used in its construction to resist the water leak. These vinyl or plastic are wielded for preparing the mattresses and foams waterproof. In addition, they also comprise phthalate and heavy metals like mercury. These are meant to discharge harmful chemicals that are linked to ef affecting growth renounces, endocrine disorders, and cancer. 

Flame retardants

Consider the mattress that is anti-flame retardant. For this purpose, the factory uses chemical fire emission in a polyurethane foam mattress, which indicates it is highly flammable to approve the US national open fire flammability testing requirement.

The flame retardant chemicals used in its manufacturing verify the high toxicity and have been associated with affecting cancer, reproductive toxicity, thyroid disorder, progressed puberty, worse IQ, and minor fertility.  

Look for certification in a mattress

Remember to look for certificated mattresses like the GOTS, and GOLD Greenguard Gold, authorized mattresses are nontoxic mattresses that you can choose. The  GOTS and GOLS certified mattresses are authorized that confirm the textile and latex used in its construction process are safe, non-toxic, and organic. While the  Greengurad Gold verified mattresses have been experimented with for emission of toxic VOCs, other inserts assure that beds radiate a low level of VOCs. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the best mattress for Co-sleeping soft or firm?

The best guard for co-sleeping should be a medium or firm. It should not be too soft or too firm. Plus it must be soft in the middle layer while on its top it must be medium to firm.

Is a  memory foam mattress healthier for co-sleeping?

All memory foam mattresses are known for their comfort and healthier sleeping surfaces. Most babies need a form mattress therefore you have to select a firm bed if you share your mattress with the baby. Also, make sure that a baby sinks in the middle on a soft mattress there choosing a memory foam with the best firm level is healthier for co-sleeping.

How to make the co-sleeping mattress extra comfortable?

First of all, use a firm mattress for co-sleeping because using a soft mattress increases the chances of sinking. For side sleepers to make your co-sleeping mattress extra comfortable try to use a supportive pillow that will surely work best for you. The next essential thing is to put a pillow on your back or between your legs. So in the end, you can enjoy a restful night’s sleep.

What is the bed size for bed-sharing?

If a mother wants to share her bed with the baby then a larger size bed would work best for them. So you should go for the full-size mattress but if a woman wants to co-sleeping with her baby and husband then a queen-size mattress should be preferred.


The above 5 best mattress for bed sharing are the hottest and trendy to buy. Each mentioned mattress for bed sharing is available in various styles, sizes, firmness, and dimensions that give you a vast variety to choose from the list. These best mattress for bed sharing use high-quality foam in their construction at affordable prices. We hope you will choose the mattress that suits your needs. 

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