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Have you narrowed down your research on purple mattress vs puffy lux but are stuck on which one is best for you? Don’t worry! In this comparison guide of purple mattress vs puffy lux, we will put rest to your confusion. 

Both Puffy and Purple brands produce beds in box mattresses which have a strong online presence on the market. You can easily come to know which is more popular nowadays.

Purple is giving tough competition to its competitors by using the purple grid. Purple is a highly durable hyperelastic polymer that adds unbelievable features to the mattress. All models of Purple feature Purple Grid in their construction. Purple Grid efficiently regulates temperature, and contours of the body, and relieves pressure. Beside its flagship model, Purple is also producing Purple Hybrid mattress, Purple Hybrid Premier mattress(3″ & 4′) and many bed accessories 

Puffy has an immense name in producing mattresses in the USA in the form of batches. They are known for their research and released their flagship model after years of intensive research and experiments. Puffy mattress is inclined toward foam mattresses which are best for back pains and pressure alleviation. Besides producing Puffy Original mattresses it also produces 2 hybrid models which are Puffy LUXE Hybrid, and Puffy Royale Hybrid. Puffy also produces bed bases, toppers, and other bed accessories.

In this unbiased article, we will stick to the differences between Purple mattress vs Puffy lux. We are going to identify which mattress is suitable for your particular needs and preferences.

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Side By Side Comparison Between Purple mattress vs Puffy lux in 2023:

Understanding the main similarities and differences between Purple mattress vs Puffy lux, will help you to choose a particular mattress. In this section, you will witness the differences between construction and performance_ and everything that falls between these two extremities. In the end, we will uncover the differences in company policy, returns, shipping, warranty, and free night trial of each mattress.

Stand out Features Comparison Between Purple mattress vs Puffy lux:

Some features are strictly associated with Purple Mattress while others are only linked with Purple. Let’s check out what standout features make them different 

Purple Mattresses:

Purple mattress vs Puffy lux

  • Purple Grid has the ability to compress, to provide contouring support to the sleeper
  • Purple Grid has unique properties which are responsible for sleeping sleeper cool and dry
  • With notable bounce, it can restrict motion transfer

Puffy Lux Mattress:

  • The foam layer significantly isolates motion and provides an enormous cushioning effect
  • For target support, the Puffy LUXE mattress features a Zoned support system 
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty and long-lasting comfort assurance.

Sizing Comparison Between Purple mattress vs Puffy lux:

Both purple and Puffy Lux mattresses are available in the following size options

  • Purple Mattress: purple Mattress is available in 7 different sizes which are twin, twin xl, king, queen, full, cal king, and split king.
  • Puffy LUXE Mattress: is available in 7 different sizes which are twin, twin xl, king, queen, full, and cal king

Choosing a particular size mattress is dependent upon many factors. The two main factors are layout and bedroom space. These two factors in particular decide the mattress size for you. Considering the weight and height of a mattress is also compulsory. Those who sleep solely should opt for a small mattress while those who share a bed with someone else should go for larger bed size.

Mattresses come in high and low-end profiles.  A high-end mattress features thick comfort and support Layers which is ideal for plus-size sleepers. While a low profile mattress features thin comfort and support layer and are best compatible with bunk beds and RVs.

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Construction Comparison Between Purple mattress vs Puffy lux:

The construction of a mattress defines the comfort and support that it will provide to the sleeper. The type of materials used to define durability. Generally, all beds are composed of a comfort layer, support core, transitional layer and cover. With each model and brand, the number of comfort and support Layers vary.

Let’s look at the construction pattern of Purple and Puffy LUXE Mattress for a deeper insight. 


Purple all models all developed with channelized, perforated and Purple Grid. Purple Grid is  part of all Purple models but is is present in varied thicknesses in each model. The Purple Grid significantly contours the body and flexes under pressure. Purple Grid is responsible for pressure relief, temperature regulation and motion isolation. Let’s have a look at the construction of Purple Original Mattress 

Purple Mattress:

Purple mattress vs Puffy lux

The Purple mattress has a medium firm feel and is 9.5 inches high. The cover of this Flagship model is made of lycra, polyester and viscose. The cover is made breathable and stretchy so that the sleeper can get utmost advantage of Purple Grid which is present underneath the cover.

The purple Grid is present in the comfort layers which is followed by a high density base layer. In between the comfort and high-density base layer, a 3.5-inch polyfoam layer is present. The mattress is designed ergonomically and innovatively for pressure alleviation, support, comfort, and temperature regulation.


All puffy mattresses are made by adopting a variable foaming process that is environmentally friendly. All Puffy models are all foam mattresses and have medium firm ratings. The foam layers present in each model of Puffy Mattress are as follows:

Firm Core Support Foam: This durable poly foam is used in the Puffy support core. Firm Core Support Foam is intended for providing additional support and durability.

 Adapting Dual Cloud Foam:

It is responsible for full body support and pressure alleviation. It is only present in the Puffy LUXE model of Puffy Brand.

Climate Comfort Foam: This type of foam is responsible for enhancing the breathability of the mattress and keeping the temperature in the neutral range.

Cooling Cloud: The heat-trapping memory foam is infused with gel which has conductive properties. It is responsible for ventilation and keeps the sleeper cool at night.

Puffy LUXE Mattress:

As our main point of discussion is the Puffy LUXE mattress, we are going to explore its construction only. 

The puffy LUXE mattress is a medium firm mattress with 5 firmness ratings. It features a 1.5 inches layer of the Cooling cloud for temperature regulation. It is a 12-inch foam mattress with unbeatable advantages.

The Cloud foam is followed by Adapting Dual Cloud foam which is responsible for pressure and tension alleviation. After this 2 inches of the transitional layer is present which is made of climate comfort foam. While the base of the mattress is made of 1 inch polyfoam base and  6 inches pocketed coils.

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Cooling Comparison Between Purple mattress vs Puffy lux:

Like Layla mattress, Purple mattress is known for its best cooling technology. The Hyperplastic polyer_ Geil Grid has thermal benefits which effectively wiks off all the moisture and heat from the vicinity of mattress and sleeper. If you are a hot sleeper and are prone to hot flashes and night sweats, we highly recommend buying a Purple mattress. Puffy LUXE Hybrid is not effective in this aspect.

Noise Comparison Between Purple mattress vs Puffy lux:

Both are quieter mattresses. The innovative and ergonomic design has significantly diminished the squeaky sounds from both mattresses. If you are tired of your noisier and worn out mattress we highly recommend buying Purple Original or Puffy LUXE Hybrid mattress for yourself.

Motion Isolation Comparison Between Purple mattress vs Puffy lux:

Puffy LUXE Hybrid mattress is the clear winner in his category. The memory foam present on the top layer of the mattress strictly restricts motion isolation leaving no chances for motion transfer. If you share your bed with someone else, it is the perfect option for you. The significant motion isolation property will protect you from the constant turning and tossing of your partner.

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Edge Support Comparison Between Purple mattress vs Puffy lux:

Both mattresses provide immense edge support. According to mattressclarity.com

both are equally high in this regard. For excellent edge support Purple Original Mattress features extra wrapping around the whole mattress surface. Edge support is an important feature of a mattress as it increases the sleeping surface and also makes it easy to get in and get out of the bed.

Durability Comparison Between Purple mattress vs Puffy lux:

The purple mattresses shine here a bit brighter due to use of Purple Grid. The Purple Grid is thought to be more durable, elastic and reliable then any other type of material.

Prices Comparison Between Purple mattress vs Puffy lux:

Many factors dictate the price of a mattress. Prices are associated with mattress type.

Implies to the fact, latex and hybrid are pricier than memory foam mattresses. The higher price tag means that these two types of mattress are more comfortable, supportive and durable. Moreover, a smaller size mattress costs less than a larger size mattress. This is because a smaller size mattress needs less materials to be constructed. The mattress which is manufactured in the USA costs more. For discounts, frequently visit the websites of bedding brands.

In this section, we will compare the prices of each size of Comparison Between Purple mattress vs Puffy lux. Consider the following table.


Size  Purple Mattress Puffy LUXE Hybrid
Twin $599 $1,149
Twin XL $849 $1,199
Full $1,049 $1,299
Queen $1,199 $1,499
King $1,499 $1,699
Cal King $1,499 $1,699
Split King $1,698 _

Purple mattress and Puffy LUXE Hybrid fall in the same price range. By close assessment you may find that a Puffy LUXE Hybrid is more expensive then Purple Original mattress. Purple Hybrid and Puffy LUXE Hybrid mattress, comes in similar price range 

Recommendation Comparison Between Purple mattress vs Puffy lux:

Check out the following heads, to check which mattress is doing good for  one type of sleeper over the other.

Purple Mattress:

The following sleepers should consider Purple mattress:

Heavier sleepers: Only heavier sleeper have the ability to activate purple grid and get most out the Purple Original mattress 

Back Sleepers: Back sleepers with plus size bodies can get excellent back pain relief for Purple Original mattresses.

Budget People: Due to reasonable prices, Purple original mattress is best for those sleepers who are tight on the budget.

Hot Sleepers: To have a cooler and breathable night sleep, hot sleepers should opt for a Purple mattress. The purple Grid carries out intensive ventilation resulting in breathability and cooler sleep experience.

Puffy LUXE Hybrid: 

It is good to go with Puffy Hybrid Mattress if you are:

Petite sleeper: if you are petite, then go for Puffy LUXE Hybrid mattress. It will provide you cloud-like comfort with strong pressure alleviation.

Average Back Sleeper: If you are an average-weight sleeper and sleeps on your back, then you should consider this mattress. With gigantic lumbar support, it has the ability to remove all sharp pressure points from the sleeper’s body.

Memory foam lovers: If you are in love with the classic feel of memory foam contouring support and cushioning comfort, it’s better to go for Puffy LUXE Hybrid mattress.

Company policies Comparison Between Purple mattress vs Puffy lux:

Brands offer different policies to their customers. The company policies are all different and defining features of. A Particular mattress brand. The crucial features of a company policy card include shipping, warranty, and trial periods 

Many companies offer free shipping while the method of shipping greatly varies among them. Purple Industries offers free shipping to Alaska, Hawaii and the Contagious US. They apply charges on shipping to Canada. Purple offers free white glove delivery for Purple premier Hybrid and Purple Hybrid mattress while no white glove delivery is present for Purple Original mattress.

Simple shipping takes place 3 to 5 business days while free love delivery will take a few weeks.

Puffy Mattress offers free shipping throughout the United States while additional charges apply on shipping to Hawaii and Alaska. Puffy Brand currently is not offering white glove delivery and international shipments.

Puffy mattresses are vacuumed, sealed and compressed in a bed Ina box. Customers may receive their Puffer order within 3 to 5 business days. 

Trial Periods:

Purple Offers 100  dad free night trails while Puffy offers 101 night trails for each of their models.


Both Purple Original Mattress and Puffy LUXE hybrid mattress comes with different warranties

  • Puffy LUXE Hybrid Mattress: Lifetime
  • Purple Mattress: 10 years 

Buyers Guide

With so many beds in a box mattress on the market, shoppers always find themselves in a daunting situation. Choosing between a Purple mattress vs Puffy lux, is not a piece of a cake. Before diving into Purple mattress vs Puffy lux

Mattress shopping equipping yourself with utmost knowledge is compulsory. The more easy and less time-consuming option is to go through a complete guide of Purple mattress vs Puffy lux comparison. 

  • Are you a heavy sleeper and sleep on your back? Are you more into cool and affordable mattresses? Then it’s better to go for the Purple Original mattress 
  • Are you a petite sleeper? Do you want to have a more luxurious investment? Are you more into motion isolation mattresses? Are you immersed in a memory foam mattress? Then you are most probably searching for a Puffy LUXE Hybrid mattress.

Whether you are shopping for a Purple Original mattress, Puffy LUXE Hybrid or any other mattress, some factors are crucial for healthy investment. Some of the most important factors which a shopper should consider are mattress height, size, type, option isolation, edge support, trial period, warranties, shipping, returns, ease of movement, firmness, durability and noise. Ignoring any of the mentioned aspects, may lead him to a bad and uncomfortable mattress investment.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the trial period and warranty of Purple Original Mattress?

Purple Original mattress comes with 100 days free night trial and 10 years worry free warranty. They also offer free shipping in the USA, Hawaii and Alaska.

Is Purple Offering free shipping to Canada and Alaska?

Purple Offers free shipping to Alaska but shipping to Canada needs some Dollars to pay.

What is the trial period and warranty of the Puffy LUXE mattress?

Puffy LUXE mattress comes with 101 free night trails and a lifetime warranty.

Let’s Sum Up

Choosing a mattress of your need and preference is a hectic Job. With so many options and misleading content, one might find himself helpless in mattress shopping. While mattress shopping, first narrow down your research from a vast sea of options to 2 or 3 mattresses.

After doing so, compare the quality, performance, and durability, to get to know which one is the cream of the crop. Don’t ignore your sleeping style and body weight while choosing a particular mattress. Both Purple and Puffy are highly reputed brands due to their quality content, durable material, and splendid performance. Both offer a variety of options and price ranges 

We have reviewed the differences between the Purple mattress vs Puffy lux for your assessment.

Our Purple mattress vs Puffy lux mattress guide will leave you with clear perception. Read it thoroughly to find the mattress of your dreams 

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