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In 2015, Purple burst onto the mattress market, and since then, it has grown to be one of the biggest names in the sector. In order to help you decide which bed is best for you, we compare and contrast the two Purple models  _ Purple mattress VS Purple Hybrid.

The responsive support coils are the primary distinction between Purple mattresses and Purple Hybrid mattresses. There are no responsive support coils in the Purple mattress. The responsive support coils in the Purple Hybrid mattresses do improve the responsiveness, comfort, and support of the Grid.

Are you prepared to discover more about the most intriguing beds available? Now let’s compare Purple and Purple Hybrid!

Head To Head Comparison Between Purple Mattress vs Purple Hybrid in 2023:

The Original Purple mattress is Purple’s recognisable design and is renowned for providing strong support while focusing on pressure areas. The Original’s Purple grid technology and coils between foam layers are combined in the Hybrid model, which is also available in two Hybrid Premier models  each of which has extra layers of cushioning Purple grid.

Let’s start by examining who each of these models would be the most appropriate for. Remember that the suitability of a mattress depends on your body type and personal preferences. When contrasting the Original Purple mattress  VS Purple Hybrid, the following are their key distinctions.

Differences Comparison Between Purple Mattress vs Purple Hybrid:

Let’s compare and contrast these two mattresses’ similarities and differences. We’ll be able to contextualise the details that relate to them but also distinguish them better in this method!

Durability – The Hybrid has additional features, like support coils, making it a more durable bed. Purple is the lightest option.

Models: In contrast to the previous Hybrid, which received a makeover and gave birth to a new mattress called the Hybrid Premier, the Purple offers an optional Plus function that can be added to the Original mattress.

Plus size sleepers: Compared to the Original, I believe the Hybrid and Hybrid Premiers’ coiled support will provide considerably greater support for plus size sleepers.

Similarities Between Purple Mattress vs Purple Hybrid:

Durable polymer: All Purple beds include an intelligent comfort grid made of hyper-elastic polymer. Stretchy, springy, and thermo-regulating, this purple material gives all of the mattresses from this company a positive energy boost.

Bounce: Speaking of buoyancy, the Purple mattresses have an amazing amount of bounce. Any of these violet-hued beds will more than satisfy your need for a significant lift.

Cooling – Since purple mattresses are temperature neutral, they also help to prevent overheating during night. The actively cooling layers should provide a great deal of comfort if you tend to sleep hot.

Construction Comparison Between Purple Mattress vs Purple Hybrid:

Let’s look at the specifics that set these mattresses apart from one another now that we’ve sorted out the similarities. I’ll go through the distinctive design of each bed below.

Purple Mattress:

Purple Mattress vs Purple Hybrid


SoftFlex, a material that combines viscose,polyester, and lycra for a stretchy and breathable feel, is used to create the Purple cover.

Transitional layer

You’ll land on a high-density poly foam transitional layer directly beneath the smart comfort grid. This material provides some support to the structure because it is significantly firmer than the material above it. Additionally, it works to keep the sleeper level on top of the mattress, preventing excessive sinkage.

Base Layer 

 Four inches of high-density poly foam serve as the mattress’ final layer of support.

Layer of Comfort

The hyper-elastic polymer smart grid that we previously explained is where you will land next. The walls of this unusual material’s grid-like arrangement are made to crumble under pressure, giving the mattress a consistent feeling of support.

The grid is still rather bouncy and will help to pull the sleeper up and out of the structure even though it does offer some really good pressure relief around the shoulders and hips. I should also mention how much airflow and breathing room there is between the grid walls.

Purple Hybrid Mattress:

Purple Mattress vs Purple Hybrid

I should point you that there are actually two Purple hybrids: the Purple Hybrid Premier and Purple Hybrid , before moving on to the following building part. With the exception of the Purple Hybrid’s 2″ of hyper-elastic polymer and the Purple Hybrid Premier’s 4″ or 3″, their structures are essentially identical. As a result, I’ll combine these two beds into a single breakdown in the section below.


Cover – Similar to the Purple Original, the Purple Hybrids have elastic, breathable polyester and spandex covers.

Comfort Layer

 The process once more begins with a layer of hyper-elastic polymer. This material is bouncy, supportive, and highly cooling, as we stated above, offering plenty of pressure relief in a range of postures. However, I will add that having 2″ and 4″ of the material makes a notable difference, with the former being very stiff and the latter being quite delicate.

This is important to note and may represent the biggest distinction between all of these Purple mattresses. 

The Hybrid Premier 3 and 4 have a slightly different comfort layer. The size of the bed’s GelFlex Grid, which is 3″ in the Premier 4 and 3″ in the Premier 4, is the key distinction. This region’s increased thickness provides greater cushioning and cradling alleviation in pressure point regions.

Transitional Layer

You’ll then touch down on a poly foam transition layer. This area helps the sleeper transition smoothly from the softer top grid to the more robust pocketed coil structure below.

Support  Layer 

The support layer is maybe where the Original Purple and Purple Hybrid mattresses diverge most noticeably. The Original employs poly foam, whilst the Hybrids use pocketed coils for lift and spring. Due to their exceptional bounce, these coils support the sleeper and place them on top of the mattress. 

Firmness Comparison Between Purple Mattress vs Purple Hybrid:

The Purple received a 7 out of 10  for firmness. It is evident that this bed is a little bit stiffer than average when compared to the industry norm of 6.5 for medium firmness. However, I also discovered that it offered lots of pressure relief making it a good choice for combo sleepers.

You might be surprised by the bed’s firm rating given how well it relieves pressure. But if you carefully consider the materials being used, it all makes sense.

Here the hyper-elastic polymer smart grid is just 2″ thick, thus the foundation and transition layers of polyurethane foam, which are extremely supportive, make up the majority of the bed. This makes for a really strong framework with a tonne of lift and durability.

 The Purple Hybrid, in my opinion, is fairly firm, scoring somewhere around a 7 out of 10. For stomach or back sleepers, the two-inch layer of relatively thin hyper-elastic polymer creates an ultra-supportive feeling. The Purple Hybrid will generally make you feel the most “on top,” which could be a significant bonus for individuals who don’t want to sink too deep into their mattress. 

Purple Hybrid Premier 3: This hybrid landed at a 6.5 out of 10, which is again the industry standard for medium firmness,  that’s a lovely sweet spot. This means that the bed is the perfect choice for combo sleepers because it is neither too soft nor too stiff. 

Last but not least, the 4″ Purple Hybrid Premier. This mattress, which has the tallest hyper-elastic polymer grid of the group, received a rating of 5.5/10, indicating that it has a very soft construction. You wouldn’t think an extra inch or two would matter so much, but I discovered that it significantly altered the feel.

This mattress will work best for strict side sleepers because the comfort layer allows for lots of cushioning at the shoulders and hips. 

Feel Comparison Between Purple Mattress vs Purple Hybrid:

Every mattress has a different feel for every individual. This is because to the wide range of sizes and preferences among various sleepers. Everything is unique, thus it’s crucial to consider a potential new mattress from all perspectives. I’ve discussed how each of these mattresses might function for various sleeping positions and weights below. 

Purple Mattress:

Purple Mattress vs Purple Hybrid

Body weigh_Lighter sleepers—those who weigh less than 130 pounds—should search elsewhere because they won’t require as much support and may perceive the bed to be firmer than claimed. The mattress is not suitable for anyone who weigh more than 250 pounds. They can feel uncomfortable in this bed because it doesn’t provide the firm support they require. I would advise looking at our selection of the best mattresses for heavy individuals instead.

Side I believe that the Purple Hybrid Premier 4 will provide the cushion that these sleepers are searching for because the Purple model is too firm to provide relief for their shoulders and hips.

Stomach sleepers:  stomach receives a great amount of support, and I felt sufficiently raised to maintain a comfortable alignment of sleepers spine.

Purple Hybrid:

Purple Mattress vs Purple Hybrid

Back Sleepers: For back sleepers who want to feel “on top” of the bed rather than “sunk in,” the Hybrid is also a firm, supportive mattress that is perfect. Back sleepers should also enjoy the Hybrid Premier 3,” especially if they like a little more padding.

Side sleepers: For side sleepers, the Purple Hybrid is too firm, but the Hybrid Premier 4″, which has velvety cushioning at the shoulders and hips, should be a good fit.

Stomach sleepers: The Purple Hybrid, which raises the hips and promotes a good spine alignment, will likely be appreciated by stomach sleepers, but the Hybrid Premier 3″ and 4″ will be too soft for their needs.

Body Weight – I found the Purple Hybrid to be rather firm, so lighter sleepers may not want it. However, I believe heavier sleepers will truly value the support provided by the coils and top layer of hyper-elastic polymer. For heavier back sleepers, I’d suggest the Hybrid Premier 3″ due to its longevity, and for heavier side sleepers, I’d suggest the Premier 4″ due to its ample sinkage space.

Dimensions Comparison Between Purple Mattress vs Purple Hybrid:

The dimensions vary based on the size of the mattress, but the queen Purple Hybrid is 60 inches by 80 inches by 11 inches deep, and it weighs 122 pounds when it’s shipped.

The original Purple mattress for queen beds is the same size in both length and width but is 9.25 inches deep. It is 110 pounds heavy.

Prices Comparison Between Purple Mattress vs Purple Hybrid:

We have the prices for all Purple mattress types, whether you’re looking for a queen or a twin xl. When looking for a new mattress, be sure to check our Purple coupon page to see if any special offers are currently running.

Prices for each size are stated before any discounts or promotions.

Size Purple Mattress Purple Hybrid Purple Premier Hybrid3″ Purple premier Hubris 4″
Split King $1,798 $3,398 $4,598 $5,998
Cal king $1,699 $2,599 $3,299 $4,099
King $1,699 $2.599 $3,299 $4,099
Queen $1,299 $2,099 $2,699 $4,099
Full  $1,099 $1,899 $2,499 $3,499
Twin XL $899 $1,699 $2,499 $3,199

Recommendation Comparison Between Purple Mattress vs Purple Hybrid:

Both models of Purple have different targeted users.

Purple Mattress:

The Following sleepers should buy a Purple mattress.

Combo Sleepers: Combo sleepers who move around the bed at night and want sufficient edge support and pressure relief.

Budget Friendly: Customers on a tighter budget seeking the Purple experience without paying more.

Lightweight mattress Lovers: those who want to transport their mattresses easily while sleeping.

Purple Hybrid Mattress:

I recommend Purple mattress to the following sleepers.

Firm mattress Lovers: those who prefer to sleep on their backs or stomachs and need a firm mattress that feels “on top” of the bed.

Plus Size sleepers: The Hybrid’s firm support and lift should provide heavier sleepers with the support they require.

Hot Sleepers: Due to the Hybrid’s cooling features, I’d also advise hot sleepers to give it a try.

Buyers Guide

We’ve reached the conclusion of ourComparison Between Purple Mattress vs Purple Hybrid: comparison, guys! It’s time to make some connections and determine which mattress is best for you after examining the designs and textures of these beds.

The great thing about the Purple mattress lineup is that it offers options for all different types of sleepers. For back and stomach sleepers who require firmness and support, the Original Purple or Purple Hybrid may be a great choice.

Combo sleepers, who switch positions throughout the night, may find the Purple Hybrid Premier 3 to be buoyantly compatible. And the Hybrid Premier 4″ Purple offering, which offers plenty of cushioning at the shoulders and hips, would probably appeal to strict side sleepers the most.

But whichever Purple you choose, one thing is certain: You’ll probably experience a lot of bounce. Due to the additional portion of pocketed coils in hybrid variants, The Original Purple doesn’t have as much lift as those models, but it’s still highly buoyant when compared to other mattresses on the market. Some sleepers won’t enjoy the bouncing feeling, which I’d compare to a waterbed, but others will really enjoy the distinctive feel.

Some of the best features of Purple original mattress are as follows:

  • It is less expensive than Purple hybrid versions, which could be a major selling point for those who are on a tight budget.
  • Its low price and light weight make it the Purple line’s most accessible model, allowing more people to experience the mattress’ distinctive grid sensation.

Some of the most notable advantages of Purple Hybrid mattress are as follows:

  • One of the Purple Hybrids will be a great option if you require a little additional support because the pocketed coil layer will support your hips and encourage spinal alignment. I believe the Purple Hybrid is the superior option for folks looking for a mattress for back discomfort because of its alignment.
  • For back or stomach sleepers, I believe the Purple Hybrid, with its 2″ comfort grid, would be the ideal option.
  • The Hybrid Premier models, in my opinion, are preferable for side sleepers because they provide the most pressure relief due to more room to sink into the bed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do both purple original and purple Hybrid mattresses have the same warranties?

Yes, both purple original and purple Hybrid mattresses have the same warranties.

Is Purple Hybrid sleeping cooler?

Yes, the Purple hybrid mattress sleeps cooler.

Which purple mattress lasts longer?

The majority of mattresses produced now should last between seven and ten years. However, factors including body weight, sleeping posture, and the materials utilised may cause a mattress to wear out more quickly.

Traditional innerspring mattresses and some all-foam mattresses don’t typically last as long as hybrid mattresses do. If durability is your primary concern, you might have better success with a mattress from Purple’s Hybrid line.

Let’s Sum Up

 Purple is unique in the world of beds-in-a-box. Purple does not use memory foam, latex foam, or proprietary foam as its top layer, in contrast to the majority of mattresses in this category. Instead, it makes use of a hyper-elastic polymer that resembles gel, known as the GelFlex Grid. The company’s name comes from the colour of the object—purple.

The Grid is undeniably the main attraction. It keeps the mattress cool throughout the night and prevents you from beginning to perspire five minutes after you fall asleep. All Purple mattresses, including one made for children, employ a plush, cushioning Grid.

Read on for our comparison of Comparison Between Purple Mattress vs Purple Hybrid beds if you’re already sold on the Purple Grid and just need some assistance limiting your choices.

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By Muhammad Asim