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Before buying a new mattress, looking into room space is compulsory. Because Some mattresses need larger space like Val king, kin, and queen while others need. a limited space like twin and twin XL size mattress. A perfect size matters which not only adds comfort to your room but also leaves significant space for furniture and other accessories. Buying a too much bulkier mattress size can over occupy the room space and results in over accommodation.

Some mattress shoppers don’t know which mattress size is the perfect option for them. If you are confused between choosing a twin xl mattress vs full, then read the article to reach the final decision. Twin xl mattresses are best for studio apartments, and small rooms while full size mattresses do good in master rooms. For further details, kindly scroll down.

Head To Head Comparison Between Twin xl Mattress vs Full In 2023:

Like firmness and mattress quality, mattress size is also one of the major indicators of mattress comfort. Larger size mattresses are intense for different purposes while smaller size mattresses are intended for some other purpose. We have compiled a detailed twin xl mattress vs full guide, which contains the explanations and differences of all aspects.

What is Twin XL Mattress:

Twin XL Mattress vs Full

Twin XL mattress share same dimensions with Twin XL mattress but with one exception that a Twin XL mattress is longer then again mattress by 5 inches. The Twin XL measures 80 inches by 38 inches. The extra inches are perfect for taller sleepers, who feel restless in a Twin size mattress. Also perfect for kids and can be easily placed on bunk beds.

Placing them in bunk beds provides significant space for the playing of kids. They are most commonly found in dorm beds, and are perfect for adults, kids, and teenagers who have limited room space.
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Recommended Bedroom Space

For accommodating a twin size mattress, the room dimensions must be 8 feet or 10 feet. After placing a twin XL size mattress, you will have enough spaces for walking, furniture and kids playing activities.

  • Perfect for college dorms and kids
  • Best for people who own limited room space
  • Perfectly match with bunk bed
  • Affordable then other large sizes.
  • Taller people enjoy the extra inches of Twin XL mattresses.
  • Twin XL mattress accessories are easily available
  • Exceptional choice for dormitories and hotels
  • Like Twin mattress, Twin XL mattress is not suitable for couples
  • A little expensive from twin size mattress
  • Combination sleepers don’t find enough comfort and support
  • Too small for some types of sleepers.

What is a Full Size Mattress:

Twin XL Mattress vs Full

Also known as double beds, the full size mattress features 16 inches more space to sprawl out. A standard full size mattress typically measures 75 inches by 56 inches. It is suitable for both guest rooms and studio apartments.

A Full XL size is also available which is longer than a standard full size mattress with dimensions of 80 inches by 54 inches. It is best for tall sleepers who need extra space for targeting out their legs.

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Recommended Bedroom Space

The ideal room space for a full-size mattress is 10 feet or 12 inches. Beside accommodating a full size mattress, a 10 or 12 feet room spare much space for furniture and other accessories

  • Suitable for single sleepers, combination sleepers and teenagers.
  • Can increase the comfort of guest rooms.
  • Sheets of full size mattresses are also easily available.
  • More spacious than twin size mattress
  • Easily accommodatable in small room

  • Due to less width, it is not suitable for couples
  • Taller sleeper find it uncomfortable

Prices Comparison Between Twin XL Mattress vs Full:

The higher or lower prices of a particular mattress are directly associated with the quality of material used, mattress size, and type of construction operated. Mattresses made of higher quality materials cost more than those mattresses which are made of lower quality materials.

Mattresses featuring innovative and sophisticated designs have higher price tags than those which are made by employing simple and dull designs. Mattresses made of natural materials like latex, cotton etc are costlier than ten those beds which are made of synthetic materials like coils and polyurethane.

Moreover, larger aise mattresses are pricier than small size mattresses. For your assistance we have compared the prices of different models of Amerisleep.

Model By Amerisleep Twin XL Mattress Price Full mattress Price
Amerisleep Organica $1349 Not available
Amerisleep AS5 Hybrid $1609 $1749
Amerisleep AS5 $1329 $1434
Amerisleep AS4 $1049 $1154
Amerisleep AS3 Hybrid $1119 $1259
Amerisleep AS3 $839 $944
Amerisleep AS2 Hybrid $1049 $1189
Amerisleep AS2 $769 $874
Amerisleep AS1 $664 $804

It is clear from the above table that Twin XL due to its smaller size are more affordable and budget friendly then a full size mattress. Before leaving for mattress shopping, make sure that which size mattress falls in your budget range.

Dimensions Comparison Between Twin XL Mattress vs Full:

Both mattresses have entirely different dimensions. As stated above The full size mattress dimensions are 75 inches by 54 inches and a twin XL size mattress measures 80 inches by 38 inches. It is clear that a twin size mattress is 5 inches longer and 16 inches less wider than a Twin XL size mattress.

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Surface Area Comparison Between Twin XL Mattress vs Full:

Full Size mattresses have a greater surface area then a twin xl size. A full size mattress surface area is 4050 sq. inches While the surface area of twin xl mattress is 3040 sq. inches.

Recommendation Comparison Between Twin XL Mattress vs Full:

Both Twin XL and Full mattress have targeted and separate users. To know in which category you fall, read our recommendations by following the following heads:

Twin XL Mattress:

I recommend Twin XL Mattress for
Sleepers Who are tight on space: If you own a studio apartment, small kid and guest room, it is best to go with a Twin XL mattress. Due to smaller dimensions, then take less space and spare enough space for roaming and furniture.
Taller Sleepers: Perfect option for taller sleepers as it provides 5 inches more space to stretch out the legs. On the other hand taller sleepers should avoid using twin-size mattresses, as it does not have enough length to accommodate them peacefully and comfortably.
Solo sleepers and Kids: If you are solo sleepers and fight on budget, Twin XL mattress is a best option for you. Your kids will enormously enjoy the comfort and support of a twin xl size mattress.
People who are tight on budget: Due to smaller dimensions they are excellent options for people who don’t want to break their bank.

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Full Size Mattress:

Full size mattress will do good for the following individuals:
Couples: Couples who are limited on space and want to not over crowd their room, a full size mattress is the exact option for them. Unlike Queen size mattresses, full size mattresses have narrow width due to which these mattresses are easily adjustable.
Luxurious Life seekers: One who wants to have a study surface area should go for a full size mattress. The higher prices of full size mattresses are associated with the sturdy comfort and support of the mattress.
People with Enough Room space: If you have a larger room space, it is good to go with a full size mattress. Because a full size mattress is diverse in use and is more comfortable and supportive than a Twin XL size mattress.

Layla Twin XL Mattress:

Twin XL Mattress vs Full

Product a Description
Layla is one the most well-known bedding brands on both online and physical retailers. Layla has enjoyed enormous popularity for many years. Layla is famous for its unique research and designs.
Layla mattresses provide the perfect combo nation of coolness and pressure alleviation to the sleeper.

Layla mattress comfort and support every type of sleeper irrespective of their body sizes. Layla mattress features a Ccuper infusion in its construction, which brings it unbelievable cooling properties. This is because copper element has thermal benefits which are a set in simple gel pods.

With gigantic ventilation power, it wicks off all the heat and moisture from the sleeper’s body. Additionally, it contains a high density foam base for pressure rust and lumbar support. One more feature, which makes it super demanding, is its flippable design. It means that you are going to enjoy two feels in one mattress. We highly recommend Layla Twin XL mattress do our sleepers, if they are limited in space.
Product Specifications

Layla Twin size mattress is available in twin, twin XL, king, queen. and cal king. It comes with 100 days free night trial and 10 years warranty

  • Flippable and adjustable design
  • Excellent cooling effect
  • Perfect contouring support
  • Off gassing occurs on unboxing due to the use of memory from.

Casper Sleep Element Full Size Mattress:

Twin XL Mattress vs Full
Product Description
Like Casper original mattress, Casper Element is also the most affordable mattress of Casper industries. Copper Element is a foam model which is made of memory from material. The memory foam has contouring and cushioning properties.

The memory form at the top of the mattress relieves pressure and provides a comfortable and supportive surface for sleeping. For tackling the heat trapping tendency of memory foam, the foam is studded with infinite Airscape ™ . Airscape ™, provides channels for airflow resulting in better enormous air circulation. The enormous airflow leads to cooler night sleep.
Product Specifications
Casper mattress comes in 10 year long warranty and 100 days of free night trial..some another size in which you can buy this full size mattress are  twin, twin, xl, king, queen, and Cal king

  • Affordable option
  • Cool and sturdy
  • Certified
  • Not prone to wear a and tear
  • Enormous outgassing occur on unboxing

Buyers Guide

Choosing between a Twin XL Mattress vs Full is a hectic job. If you have narrowed down your research on Twin XL Mattress vs Full, you need to have knowledge about specific terminologies in the bedding market.

Moreover, some factors that may be subjective or objective play a crucial role in mattress comfort and support. Whether you are buying a twin xl size mattress or full size mattress, strictly stick to the following mentioned factors.
With quality materials, the price tags of each size of the mattress varies. Higher quality mattresses often cost more than low quality materials. The higher prices translated into utmost and long lasting comfort and support.

Moreover, a bigger size mattress costs more than a smaller size mattress. Corresponding to the fact, a twin XL mattress is less coattleari than a full size mattress.

Size Of the room

Size of the room is a primary indicator that whether a shopper can own a particular size mattress or not. Buy a mattress that can spare large space for furniture and walking. If the room is small and have limited space, it is good to go for a twin XL size mattress but if the room you own is spacious enough, go for a full size mattress
Height of sleeper

A full size mattress is not comfortable enough for taller sleepers due to less length. A twin xl size mattress is the perfect choice for them. If a sleeper has short stature, they should go for a full size mattress. On the other hand, if you constantly sprawl at night, go for a full size mattress to avoid falling off from the bed.

Number of Sleepers
Considering the number of sleepers is also important. Whether you sleep alone or with a partner, affects your Twin XL Mattress vs Full choice. A twin XL mattress width is extremely small, so it can be used only for one sleeper. Sleeping with another comfortably is almost impossible.

On the other hand, if you sleep with someone else, your sibling, partner and pet, it’s a good idea to go for a full size mattress due to the wider width. A full size mattress is not comfortable but far better than a twin and twin xl mattress. We highly recommend king, queen and Cal king mattress for couples.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between mattress pad and mattress topper?

A mattress pad is intended to add protection to the mattress while a mattress copper is designed for increasing the comfort and support of a mattress. In more clear words a mattress topper changes the overall feel of the mattress while mattress pad is lacking in this property. Mattress toppers are more expensive and have a wider market than a mattress pad.

What is a twin size mattress?

Twin size mattress is the most compact and smallest aise among the 6 standard sizes of mattresses. A twin mattress also termed as single mattress measures 75 inches by 38 inches. It is shorter than the TwinXL mattress by 5 by 5 inches. Twin mattresses have versatile use.

Like they are easily adjustable in bunk beds, ideal for guest room and kids and solo sleeper. A twin size mattress re-upres limited space for accomodation, so these are considered the perfect choices for studio apartments and other smaller room spaces.

What is the difference between a Twin and Twin XL mattress?

Both Twin and Twin XL mattresses have the same dimensions. The only difference between them is the distinction of length_Twin XL mattress is liner then Twin mattress by 5 inches. Both twin and twin xl mattresses are perfect for studio apartments, guest rooms, guest rooms and many more.

A taller sleeper qil find himself more comfortable on a twin XL mattress as compared to twin mattress. Because taller sleepers always need extra inches to stretch out their legs fully. Moreover, these both size mattresses are inappropriate for couples and combination sleepers, due to less width.

Is a full size mattress appropriate for couples?

No, a full size is not suitable for a full size mattress because of less width. It is only 75 inches long and provides only 27 inches for each person. So couples should avoid buying
full size mattress and should go for queen, King, and Cal king mattress for an undisclosed night sleep.

Final Verdict

You will find full and Twin mattresses everywhere in the market. This is because all the means produce Twin and Full size mattresses in large numbers due to high demand. Almost all brands try to produce both twin xl and full size mattresses in every possible profile to attract most of the shoppers.

By profile option, we mean size, mattress type, quality material, firmness, level of comfort, pressure relief, and level of contouring support. The gwina me full XL mattress is entirely or 90 ℅ different from its competitors twin xl and full size mattress.

Both mattresses have a wide range of uses and therefore have special targeted shoppers. Most people find themselves in a dilemma while shopping for a Twin XL and full size mattress. To help our reader we have compiled a thorough Twin XL Mattress vs Full comparison guide for them. We are hopeful that you will get most of this unbiased and equitable Twin XL Mattress vs Full comparison guide.

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