Twin Mattress vs Twin XL


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Before choosing a type of mattress, first, make sure which mattress size you want to buy. Whether you want to buy king, Cal King, Queen, full, twin XL, Twin, split king or super king. Twin and Twin XL are the smallest sizes among the 6 standard mattress sizes.

Twin and Twin XL mattresses, significantly save extra room space and provide sufficient space to walk in the room easily. They can fit to any  room size and are an excellent choice for kids, small guest rooms and studio apartments. You can easily put the furniture along with twin and twin XL mattresses easily.

While mattress shopping, it is important to know about the distinctions between Twin Mattress vs Twin XL in detail. Without knowing the exact similarities and differences you may get into the wrong mattress size.

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Side By Side Comparison Between Twin Mattress vs Twin XL in 2023:

To assist our readers, we have compiled this detailed comparison guide between Twin Mattress vs Twin XL in detail. We go through the definitions, properties and pros and cons of twin and twin xl mattresses.

Down in the guide, we have mentioned the top twin me twin mattresses on the market that are doing great in the market. Moreover, we have mentioned a detailed buyer for the good investment for our  readers. 

What is A Twin Size Mattress?

Twin Mattress vs Twin XL

Twin size is the smallest size among the seven standard mattress sizes which measures 74 inches by 38 in dimensions. Twin mattresses are commonly known as single mattresses. These are ideal for children. This standard size of bedding market can be easily used on bunk beds.

This will add comfort to the kids room without consuming significant and unnecessary room space. In the spare space, the children can play peacefully and openly. Single or twin mattresses are also good for people who are settled in limited spaces like studio apartments. Moreover, these are also the potential mattress sizes for small guest rooms.

Suggested Room Space

Any room which has the dimensions of 10 feet by 7 feet, can easily accommodate a twin size mattress. Additionally, an even room space is also the ideal option for twin size mattresses as it avoids cramped quarters.

  • They are easily movable due to small size
  • Perfect choice for kids room
  • Accommodate limited room space
  • More affordable than any other standard mattress size
  • It is easily computable with bunk beds.
  • Highly irritating to combination and restless sleepers
  • Twin mattress is not suitable for couples
  • Taller and heavy sleepers, find it less comfortable

What is A Twin XL Mattress:

Twin Mattress vs Twin XL

Twin XL has the same dimensions as twin mattress but is longer than twin mattress by 6 inches. The most quoted dimensions of twin XL mattresses are 38 inches by 80 inches. The extra longer length makes it an excellent option for taller adults and kids. They are more frequently used in college dorm rooms and often in guests and kid rooms.

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Suggested Room Space

To accommodate Twin XL mattresses easily and leaving extra space for furniture and walk, the room dimensions should be 10 feet by 7 inches.

  • It is best for budget people
  • Suitable for down, guest and guest rooms
  • Save room space by consuming less space
  • Perfectly accommodate extranet space.
  • Like Twin, Twin XL mattress is also not suitable for couples.
  • Some adults find it irritating

Prices Comparison Between Twin Mattress vs Twin XL:

The size of Twin and Twin XL mattresses are entirely defined by quality materials. If the mattress is of high quality end, it will definitely cost mee then low quality end mattresses. Also it depends on which type and how many materials are employed. Latex mattresses are pricier than memory foam and innerspring mattresses due to long durability and comfort. 

Additionally, hybrid mattresses have higher price tags due to use of many materials as compared to memory foam mattresses. Twin mattresses are cheaper than twin XL mattresses due to their short length. The average price range of twin and twin XL mattresses are as follows:

  • Twin Mattress: $100 to $1500
  • Twin XL mattress: $300 to $2000


Model By Amerisleep Twin Mattress prices  Twin XL Price 
Amerisleep Organica $1199 $1349
Amerisleep AS5 Hybrid  $2049 $1609
Amerisleep AS5  $1649 $1329
Amerisleep AS4 $1349 $1049
Amerisleep AS3 Hybrid $1349 $1119
Amerisleep AS3 $1149 $839
Amerisleep AS2 $949 $769
Amerisleep AS2 Hybrid  $1149 $1049
Amerisleep AS1 $749 $664

For more clear and explanatory insight we have taken into account the prices of twin and twin XL sizes of Amerisleep Brand.

Surface area Comparison Between Twin Mattress vs Twin XL: 

The surface area of Twin XL mattress is 2,850 square inches while the surface area of Twin XL mattress is 2,850 square inches.

Top Twin Mattresses on the Market in 2022:

In this section, we will put forward top twin mattresses. The below-mentioned mattresses are comfortable, durable, supportive, and free from hazardous substances.

1. Casper Element Twin Size Mattress:

Twin Mattress vs Twin XL

Product Description

Casper produces 5 highly demanded mattresses which are Casper original mattress, Casper original hybrid mattress, Casper wave Hybrid Mattress, Casper Nova Hybrid, and Casper Wave Hybrid. Casper original and casper element are the most affordable options. Casper Element Twin size mattress is made of high density foam base and perforated Airscape ™   the perforated Airscape ™ is responsible for carrying out ventilation to keep the sleeper dryer and cooler at night.

Casper Element mattress is a goal mattress and we know that memory foam has the tendency to trap heat that leads to moisture and hotter nights. To minimise the heating effect, perforated Airscape ™ is used. For pressure alleviation and pain relief, this durable mattress contains I/ density fakm bade which support and comfort the whole body of the sleeper bedside increasing the durability of the mattress.

After purchasing, kindly leave the mattress for maximum 72 hours so that the matter fades away the faint chemical smell and comes to its original dimensions.

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Product Specifications

Casper Element twin size mattress dimensions are ‎75 x 38 x 10 inches and grey in color. This twin size mattress weighs 41 pounds, and comes with 100 days free night trial and 10 years long warranty. It is certified by sleep lab and is certipur US Certified. 

  • Body contouring
  • Soft and breathable contouring
  • Not prone to wear and tear
  • Ergonomic pressure relief
  • Offgassing occurs on unboxing

2. Amazon Basics Twin Size Mattress:

Twin Mattress vs Twin XL

Product Description

Amazon Basics mattress  is designed for providing comfort and support from head to toes. The twin mattress contains 3 inches gel infused memory foam, a middle layer and a firm durable base. The top gel layer provide comfort and pressure relief to the sleeper, the middle layer enhance breathability and ventilation to keep the sleeper cool at night while the high-density foam base is specialized for providing utmost comfort to the sleeper by evenly distributing his whole body weight.

The mattress is not only available in Twin size but it is also available on king, queen, full, twin, twin xl and Cal king. This is. a multipurpose mattress such that it can be USD as a kid, dorm bed and guest mattress. It is one of the most adjustable mattress on the market which is comparable with almost every bed frame.  The ergonomic design is bed for pain alleviation. You will find support and love on the mattress whether you are a hot, cold, side, back, or stomach sleepers. 

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Product Specifications

AmazonsBasics Twin size mattress dimensions are ‎80″L x 60″W x 12″Th. You can but twin size mattress in 12 inches memory foam, 10 inches memory foam, and 12 inches ALT Latex profiles. It comes in 100 days free night trail, 10 years long warranty, and is manufactured jn USA. Due to high durability, quality materials, and performance, is is certified by CertiPUR US Certified.

  • Sturdy and cool
  • Spinal alignment
  • Say goodbye to body oauns and aches
  • Certified
  • Free from harmful substances
  • A bit bouncy due to use of gel pods

Top Twin XL Mattresses on The Market in 2023:

Best twin xl mattress is that which is sturdy, supportive, comfy and durable. We have selected the top twin XL mattress for you which are durable and worth buying.

1. Novilla Twin XL Mattress:

Twin Mattress vs Twin XL

Product Description

Sleep is a crucial factor on the mental health of an individual. Without getting adequate sleep one might suffer from a number of sleep disorders like insomnia, etc. If you are a restless sleeper or suffering from any sleep disorder, we recommend Noviall twin size mattresss due to it’s ideal pressure allevaition property.

The top gel infusion layer is responsible for cooling. The eggcrate design increase airflow resulting in moisture and heat kicking. The mattress cover is made of bamboo mattress which increase the breathability of mattress up to 30℅. The gel-infused layer conaitvif 4 advanced layers.

The two the alleviate pressure and evenly distribute the sleeper’s body while the other two high density foam layers are responsible for providing support and durability. This gel infused memory foam mattress by Novilla is available in twin, twin xl, King, Queen, full, and Cal king. This mattress is ideal for hot sleepers who suffers from hot flashes and sweats at night. Kinfly leavd it for 47 to 72 hours so that the mattress regain its original shape and dimensions.

Product Specifications

The Twin size mattress dimensions are ‎80″L x 39″W x 12″ Th and it weighs 64 pounds. The twin size of the brand is available in 3 different profile options which are 8 inches, 12 inches and 10 inches. It comes in grey color 100 days free night trial, and 10 years long warranty. It is manufactured in the USA and is CertiPUR US Certified.

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  • Free shipping
  • No battery for assembly required
  • Provide the support which you need
  • Suitable for all types of sleepers
  • The funky small on unboxing
  • A bit expensive

2. Layla Twin XL Mattress: 

Twin Mattress vs Twin XL


Product Description

In today’s bedding market, there are few brands which use copper infusions in their mattresses.Layla is one of them. What makes a copper  infusion mattress special? Copper infused mattresses are more cooler and breathable because copper is known for high conductivity and thermal benefits. 

Layla, one the best well known names in the bedding market, is known for its high durability, content and performance. The copper is present in the top layer of the mattress which keeps it soft and cooler. For pressure alleviation, Layla mattress features a high density foam base. One other notable feature of Layla mattress is its flippable design.

You can easily flip the mattress for a medium firm and firm feel. It’s like getting two mattresses in one purchase. We highly recommend Layla to our sleepers who are searching for the perfect combination of support and comfort.

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Product Specifications

Layla Twin size mattress dimensions are ‎75 x 54 x 10.5 inches and it weighs 70 pounds.

  • Soft and breathable
  • Affordable
  • Adjustable
  • The loamy smell on unboxing

Buyers Guide:

In most cases mattress shopping starts with selecting an appropriate mattress size. There is no sharp difference between Twin Mattress vs Twin XL dimensions and they only vary in length by 6 inches. If you are buying a mattress for a single sleeper and for kids, you should go for Twin.

Twin mattresses are not appropriate for talker sleepers due to small length. On the other hand, like twins they are also suitable for guest rooms, kid rooms and  studio apartments. What makes it apart from twin mattresses, is that twin mattresses can easily accommodate taller kids and elders. Both twin and twin XL are not suitable for couples due to their smaller width.

Some factors which should be kept in mind while doing mattress shopping are: size, price, room space, edge support, motion isolation, ease of movement, comfort support, durability, shipping process, trial period, warranty, mattress type and quality.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the 6 standard sizes of mattresses?

The 6 standard sizes in which mattresses are available are twin, twin XL, King, Queen, Cal king and full. Some other sizes are super queen, short queen, Full XL, split king and many more. 

What is the difference between a King and Queen mattress?

Queen size mattress measures 80 inches by 60 inches while the king size mattress is 80 inches by 76 inches. King size mattresses are the most comfortable mattress size as these are more spacious. King size mattress is the largest size among all standard sizes. On the other hand queen size mattresses are a bit irritating for couples due to smaller width. Queen size mattresses are the beat options for combination and restless sleepers.

How is the California king mattress different from the King size?

The main difference between the king and Cal king size is length. The Cal King mattress is longer than the king size mattress by 4 inches. The King size mattress measures 80 inches by 76 inches while the Cal king size measures 84 inches by 76 inches. This is also a comfortable option for couples and taller sleepers. They are not widely available like split king size mattresses.

Is a California King mattress formed by combining two twin mattress or twin XL mattress?

A California king mattress is formed by two Twin XL mattresses and by not combining two Twin mattresses. By combining two Twin XL mattresses, you will get the perfect dimensions of a California king mattress. While combining two twin mattresses you will not get the exact  dimensions of a California king mattress. 


Both twin XLand Twin sizes mattresses form a major portion of the bedding market. The differences between Twin Mattress vs Twin XL will put one mattress in front of you over the other. Twin and Twin XL mattresses are nearly used for the same purposes but Twin XL has a higher edge in sleeping taller sleepers comfortably.

Almost all bedding brands produce mattresses in two standard sizes. Some of the most leading  brands which produce twin and twin XL mattresses in larger numbers are Layla, Casper, Novella, Amersleep, AmazonBasics, Serta, Nectar and many more.

This Twin Mattress vs Twin XL will greatly assist you in the way of mattress shopping. Kindly read it for thrice to have a better understanding of each aspect of twin and twin XL mattress sizes. 

Hopefully! Our Twin Mattress vs Twin XL comparison guide, will take you to the ultimate decision.


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