Tempurpedic Mattress vs Sleep Number


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Tempur-Pedic and Sleep Number are two of the most respected mattress brands. The products of these two titans of the market were developed around a distinguishing mattress component that is present in a wide range of offerings.

That element is TEMPUR memory foam for Tempur-Pedic, which the business marketed when NASA first developed it. As it closely mimics the body, this material helps to reduce pressure, support the spine, and promote comfort. Additionally, it is excellent at isolating motion, ensuring that no one’s movement wakes up the person who is sleeping next to them.

Everything you need to know to choose between a Tempurpedic Mattress vs Sleep Number has been covered, from price to performance and everything in between.

Side by side Comparison Between Tempurpedic Mattress vs Sleep Number in 2023;

 The adjustable air chamber that serves as the mattress’ support core is what makes Sleep Number unique. Until they attain their perfect Sleep Number, sleepers can adjust the firmness or softness of the bed by adding or removing air with a remote control or smartphone app. Couples will like that each side has its own chamber and controls, allowing each partner to choose their own level of stiffness.

It can be challenging to select between these two premium mattress manufacturers because of the strengths that each one offers. Given that each company sells a variety of mattresses, it might be challenging to comprehend how one model differs from the others.

Differences  Between Tempurpedic Mattress vs Sleep Number:

The main differences between Tempurpedic Mattress vs Sleep Number are as follows:

  • Mattresses from Tempur-Pedic use memory foam, whereas those from Sleep Number use comfort foam.
  • A hybrid option is available in Tempur-Pedic beds to assist sleepers with heavier frames.
  • Mattresses from Sleep Number are capable of measuring different sleeping patterns and habits and then tailoring the firmness to the individual sleeper.
  • Couples with differing sleeping preferences will benefit from the incorporated air chambers in Sleep Number beds.

Similarities Between Tempurpedic Mattress vs Sleep Number:

The following are top similarities between Tempurpedic Mattress vs Sleep Number:

  • Both provide great warranty and trial periods, as well as white-glove delivery.
  • Both offer a wide range of choices for structure and materials.
  • Both are regarded as high-end mattresses.

Size Comparison Between Tempurpedic Mattress vs Sleep Number:

A large selection of mattresses is provided by both Sleep Number and Tempur-Pedic. They don’t come in either short or extremely tall versions, thus their height profiles are similar. Any of these mattresses should fit easily with regular-sized fitted sheets.

Depending on the type, these mattresses’ weight varies widely. Depending on the stiffness option, the mentioned weights may not be exact. Hybrid mattresses are heavier than all-foam ones, and thicker mattresses typically have more material and weigh more.

Regardless of the customer’s selected mattress size, both well-developed product lines offer a wide range of options, even though certain models do not come in twin and full sizes.

The fact that both brands offer split  California king and split  king sizes is a plus for couples seeking a larger mattress. These are made so that each side has a different feel, which adds value for couples who can’t agree on the optimal firmness of a mattress.

Sleep Number also provides a FlexTop California king and FlexTop king for the majority of its models. With the FlexTop, a mattress is only partially split, with the head of the bed remaining attached. The heads may be adjusted to different angles, but the legs will rise and fall together on an adjustable base.

Construction Comparison Between Tempurpedic Mattress vs Sleep Number:

The feel, functionality, and durability of a mattress are critically dependent on its design. The building’s design for its layers as well as the materials used to create those layers are both included.

Comfort System:

A mattress can be thought of as having two primary pieces in general:

The comfort system, which is the top component, provides the most direct impact on feeling. It is typically constructed of polyester,  cotton, wool, polyfoam, latex, memory foam, or cotton.

Support System: The mattress’s base contains the support core. It has an impact on how the mattress feels and how well the comfort system works. The support core aids in preventing the mattress from drooping too much. It can be produced using air chambers, latex,  polyfoam or Innerspring coils.

One or more layers consisting of the same material or different material can make up the comfort system and support core, respectively. Quality components in every layer will assist safeguard against a weak spot that reduces the performance of the mattress as a whole.

The components and design of the Tempur-Pedic and Sleep Number beds are described in general in the sections that follow. While their fundamental components of them are known, neither firm exposes all the details of their mattresses, which can occasionally make it challenging to thoroughly compare their models.


Tempurpedic Mattress vs Sleep Number

Tempur Foam

TEMPUR foam is a typical ingredient in Tempur-Pedic mattresses. A visco-elastic foam variety called TEMPUR is most commonly referred to as memory foam. It closely follows the shape of the body and offers significant pressure relief and motion isolation.

After being produced by NASA, the original TEMPUR foam was commercialized, and Tempur-Pedic has since developed modifications on it. Examples include the contoured TEMPUR-APR, the extra-soft TEMPUR-ES, and the more porous TEMPUR-CM+.

Breeze Mattresses

Every model with “Breeze” in the name is constructed with elements that lessen heat buildup. A Phase Change Material (PCM) that may absorb or release heat in order to maintain a steady temperature is one of those properties. Together with the breathable cover, that material helps to facilitate sweat-wicking and comfort cooling.

The cooling characteristics in the cover and PCM of the LUXEbreeze, Tempur-most Pedic’s expensive choice, are identical to those in the PRObreeze variants. Its top component is TEMPUR-CM+ as well. The second layer of foam in this mattress, which is ventilated TEMPUR-APR, which is more breathable and conforming, is what makes it unique.

The top layer of TEMPUR-CM+ foam, which is more porous and allows for more airflow to prevent heat buildup, is used in the PRObreeze and PRObreeze Hybrid mattresses. Original TEMPUR foam serves as that layer’s support. The support core of the PRObreeze is made of polyfoam, whereas that of the PRObreeze Hybrid is made of pocketed coils.

Adapt Mattresses

Tempurpedic Mattress vs Sleep Number

One layer of TEMPUR-ES and one layer of classic TEMPUR foam make up the comfort system in the Adapt hybrid and Adapt  variants. The support core of the Adapt and Adapt Hybrid mattresses is constructed of pocketed innerspring coils, which give a bouncy feel.

Depending on the stiffness selected, the LuxeAdapt has TEMPUR-ES or original TEMPUR foam on top of TEMPUR-APR and a polyfoam support core. Depending on the desired firmness, the top two layers of ProAdapt’s TEMPUR foam can be ES, APR, or original, while the support core is made of polyfoam. Above a pocketed innerspring support core, TEMPUR-ES and TEMPUR-APR foams make up the ProAdapt Hybrid.

Sleep Number:

Tempurpedic Mattress vs Sleep Number

Sleep IQ Technology

Another aspect of the Sleep Number beds is technology. They have a SleepIQ system that collects information about the quality of your sleep, calculates a daily score, and highlights patterns and potential improvement areas. You can enable auto-adjustment capabilities that let the bed identify your support needs as they change throughout the night and alter your Sleep Number accordingly.

Support Core

The air chamber support core, which serves as the hallmark of these mattresses, must come up first in any discussion about the Sleep Number product line. A fast addition or removal of air from the mattress using a connected pump will immediately alter how it feels.

Both a smartphone app and a remote control that displays the user’s Sleep Number can be used to regulate the pump. A firmer feeling is correlated with higher numbers. Most people utilise a consistent Sleep Number once they’ve found their preferred setting, but one advantage of these mattresses is that users may always make modifications in real time.

Comfort System

A foam comfort system covers the air chambers in each of these mattresses. Although Sleep Number discloses the overall thickness, it doesn’t offer any specifics regarding the materials or layering. Except for the m7, which contains at least a portion of the comfort system built of memory foam, most mattresses use gel-infused polyfoam or  polyfoam 

Set up

You must purchase a remote separately and it comes with a two-year warranty if you prefer to utilise one over the Sleep Number app. The SleepIQ system needs to be connected to your home WiFi network in order to be set up.

Sleep Number Series

The twin air chambers, auto-adjustment features, and SleepIQ technology are all included in the Classic Series of Sleep Number beds. As shown in the previous table, the Performance Series includes these features in addition to a thicker comfort system.

The Performance line’s characteristics are all present in the Innovation Series, which also includes extra pressure-relieving foam. A PCM-like material is also included in the Innovation models, which is intended to enhance overall temperature regulation.

For example, the Performance and Innovation series’ thicker comfort systems can add contouring and motion isolation to the mattress while easing the strain on the support core. However, a thicker comfort system can make it less noticeable when you modify the Sleep Number. In the product line of the corporation, taller versions frequently cost more.

Firmness Comparison Between Tempurpedic Mattress vs Sleep Number:

The TEMPUR-Adapt mattress from Tempur-Pedic is categorised as medium-firm, or 6.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale, while the company’s other mattresses range in firmness from gentle to firm.

The Sleep Number feature of Sleep Number beds runs from 0 (the softest) to 100. (most firm). You may easily adjust the firmness of your mattress with the Sleep Number app. Users of Sleep Number typically choose a firmness between 30 and 60.

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Prices Comparison Between Tempurpedic Mattress vs Sleep Number:

In comparison to other mattresses purchased online, the prices for the Sleep Number and Tempur-Pedic mattresses are higher than typical. These are well-known luxury companies, thus despite the fact that they frequently provide discounts, their products are not steals.

However, Sleep Number does offer choices that are more reasonably priced, particularly the c2 and, to a lesser extent, the c4. These are tempting solutions for consumers who desire firmness adjustability without going broke. Although the c2 and c4 feature a thinner comfort system, those who weigh less than 230 pounds and want less cushioning may not care as much about this.

Although the majority of Tempur-Pedic and Sleep Number beds are on the high-end of the market, there is still a sizable price range between the firms’ respective product lines.

The most economical solutions are offered by Sleep Number, however they are also the most expensive. The largest and trickiest sizes, such a Split King, have the highest pricing. The most powerful comfort technologies are found in the more expensive Sleep Number beds.

The prices of Tempur-products Pedic’s are more than those of Sleep Number’s C2 or C4, however for those who enjoy the feel of memory foam, the performance of TEMPUR foam can make up for the higher price. The cost of devices like the LUXEbreeze is increased by the more recent revisions of Tempur-foams. 

Recommendation Comparison Between Tempurpedic Mattress vs Sleep Number:

The TEMPUR-Adapt, the most popular Tempur-Pedic mattress alternative, is available in memory foam and hybrid variants. The hybrid model is great for stomach and back sleepers, hot sleepers, people with lower  back pain, and people who prefer support coils. The all-foam model is great for memory foam lovers and plus size sleepers.

To accommodate a diversity of sleepers, Sleep Number develops a number of models. The most popular choice, the 360 i8, is ideal for overheated sleepers who prefer to sleep on their side or back and want one of the best cooling mattresses.

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Company Policy Comparison Between Tempurpedic Mattress vs Sleep Number:

Trial Periods

Customers may test the mattress out at home for 90 nights thanks to Tempur-Pedic. Before starting a return, you must retain the mattress for 30 nights. If you decide you don’t want to retain it, return shipping will cost you $175.

Customers of Sleep Number receive a 100-night sleep trial, which they must retain for 30 nights before starting a return. For Sleep Number beds, the return shipping fee ranges from $200 to $249.


A non-prorated 10-year warranty is offered by Tempur-Pedic. During this time, Tempur-Pedic will fix or replace any problems with the mattress. Customers only incur shipping fees in connection with warranty claims.

A 25-year warranty is offered by Sleep Number on all of its mattresses. The first two years of the prorated warranty’s cost for repairs or replacements are entirely covered. Customers pay a growing portion of repair or replacement costs in years 3 through 20, starting at 20% and rising by 4% annually.

Customer pays 96% of the costs in years 21 through 25. The cost of shipping will also be the responsibility of the consumer beginning in year three. The SleepIQ system and a remote both have two-year, non-prorated warranties.

Even while the Sleep Number warranty is longer, it offers less coverage, especially after more than two years of ownership. The customer’s portion of the expenditures increases significantly toward the end of the warranty, rendering the coverage essentially useless. Customers are also liable for paying the entire cost of any SleepIQ system or remote issues that occur after two years.

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Buyers Guide

Both the Tempurpedic and Sleep Number bed brands offer advantages and drawbacks for some people. However, these goods have one thing in common: they both provide a vast variety of alternatives. Their two models each have unique qualities.

Not everyone’s needs will be met by a single bed. Certain persons over Sleep Number beds may prefer Tempurpedic beds. Therefore, it relies on your personal preferences and requirements. Therefore, you should consider each mattress’ special benefits and drawbacks and contrast it with others before making a purchase. You can choose the ideal one for you in this approach.

Frequently Asked Question

What are the trail period and warranty of Sleep Number mattress?

The trial period and warranty of the sleep number mattress are 100 days and 2t years.

What are the warranty and trial period of the TemperPedic mattress?

The warranty and trial period of the TemperPedic mattress is 10 years and 90 days respectively.

Final Verdict

The Tempurpedic and Sleep Number models are currently two of the most well-liked mattress kinds available. The makers of these highly desired models are renowned for producing high-quality goods. The business models of these companies vary and each has advantages and things to take into account.

Nevertheless, the target market for these businesses is the same. We have enlisted a detailed  comparison between Tempurpedic Mattress vs Sleep Number in this post in an effort to assist you in selecting the one that is ideal for you. 

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