Memory Foam vs Spring mattress


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 With a wide variety of choices and categories, mattress shopping at first glance seems an overwhelming task. But as you dive down, you get to know that with each category and choice you are getting confused. On the way, if mattress shopping, narrow down your research to two major mattresses, categories, and profiles. 

One most important factor, which one might ask himself is whether he or she needs a Memory Foam vs Spring mattress. By focusing on this major question, a shopper may easily narrow down his research.

In our Memory Foam vs Spring mattress, we have uncovered all the differences between them which will exclusively help the way of mattress shopping

Side by Side Comparison Between Memory Foam vs Spring Mattress in 2023:

In this section, we are going to briefly describe the Memory Foam vs Spring mattress and it’s pros and Cons

Memory foam mattress:

Memory Foam vs Spring mattress

Empty foam mattress mostly features all foam construction. These mattresses are often made from a blend of polyfoam, memory foam, polyurethane, and many more. The price range of memory foam mattress are $300 to 3000

Advantages of Memory foam mattress:

  • Beside providing good support, the mattress materials feel soft
  • Outstanding contouring which results in pain alleviation
  • Extraordinary motion isolation
  • Available in wide range of prices
  • Reduce pressure points efficiently
  • Mostly loved by people who sleep on their back.

Disadvantages Of Memory Foam Mattress:

  • No bouncier feel
  • Many companies about edge support
  • Sleeper is unable to utilize, the whole space of the mattress
  • Less responsive feel  than spring mattresses
  • They are heavier than spring mattresses
  • They are pricier than innerspring mattresses.

Spring Mattress:

Memory Foam vs Spring mattress

These mattresses employ metal could and springs in its construction. For added support, they also feature a thin layer of memory foam. The mattress price range varies from $300 to 1500+

Advantages Of Spring Mattress:

  • Spring mattresses are more affordable than memory foam mattresses.
  • Offers a bit of bounce with excellent responsive support
  • These are designed for providing firm support
  • For cooler sleep, it features enormous airflow channels.
  • Provide enormous lumbar support
  • It is more supportive than the memory foam mattress.

Disadvantages Of Spring Mattress:

  • It doesn’t contour body slowly
  • Do not isolate motion effectively 
  • Provide less pressure relief 
  • Less Durable than a memory foam mattress.
  • Become noisier with the passage of  time
  • Then worn out quickly

Temperature Comparison Between Memory Foam vs Spring Mattress:

Pure memory foam is hotter than an Innerspring mattress. But nowadays cooling materials like gel beads, latex, and other materials are incorporated into memory foam mattress construction for cooling and breathability properties.

Motion Isolation Comparison Between Memory Foam vs Spring Mattress:

According to, a memory foam mattress efficiently restricts motion transfer as compared to a spring mattress. If you sleep with your partner we highly recommend buying a foam mattress to prevent disruption during sleep.

Support Comparison Comparison Between Memory Foam vs Spring Mattress:

Due to its multiple layers, memory foam provides even support to the sleeper and is best known for cradling and contouring the whole body. Again Spring mattresses are lacking in this property.

Durability Comparison Between Memory Foam vs Spring Mattress:

According to, memory foam mattresses last for 12 years while spring mattresses’ life spans don’t exceed 7 to 8 years. So it is concluded that memory foam mattresses have long-lasting comfort and support in relation to spring mattresses.

Cost Comparison Between Memory Foam vs Spring Mattress:

Both types of mattresses come in a variety of budget options but spring has considered more budget-friendly memory foam mattresses. The high pieces of memory are associated with extra padding, durability, reliability and long-lasting comfort.

Pressure Relief Comparison Between Memory Foam vs Spring Mattress:

According to mattress, memory foam mattresses are specular designs for utmost pressure relief and comfort. They cracked the sleeper’s body slowly and gradually for a better night experience. People who are suffering from back, up, and shoulder pain will find cloud-like comfort in their memory from the mattress. While spring mattresses are more inclined towards a responsive feel rather than providing intensive comfort.

Which is better_ Memory Foam vs Spring mattress:

There is no answer to it as a subjective factor is involved. The spring mattresses are the oldest mattresses that are intended to provide bounce with support. More people think it is a traditional choice but that’s not true because today’s innerspring mattresses are more advanced and durable then the traditional ones.

On the other hand, memory foam mattresses made their advent in the 1960s. The foam nowadays bedding brands are using is more advanced and it is molded for special features like fullness, formness, durability, comfort, support, and many more. 

It is important to note that the type of mattress that will best comfort and support you entirely depends on personal preferences.

Construction Differences Between Memory Foam vs Spring mattress:

In this section, we will uncover the construction differences between Memory Foam vs Spring mattress.

Foam mattresses form a major part of the online mattress world. These best mattresses are made from a wide variety of materials_ from poly foam to memory foam. Memory foam mattresses can be luxury, budget, firm, or soft, depending upon the type of construction. There are many kinds of foam and in particular foam mattresses, a particular foam type is used to provide comfort and pressure relief.

Types Of Foam:

Some of the most common types of foams which are extensively used by almost all bedding brands are as follows:

Memory foam:

It is one of the most common types of forms used in mattress construction. It is made of polyurethane. The term memory means the ability of a mattress to shape and contour to the sleeper body for an intended period of time. The memory foam material is best known for contour g as it provides excellent pressure. alleviation.

The following are the 3 basic types of memory foam:

  • Gel infused memory foam: It has the infusion of gel beads which is intended for aeration and cooling. Gel beads along with an open cell design, make sure that the sleeper sleeps cool.
  • Open Cell memory from It features a tiny hole in the memory foam. These tiny holes are responsible for cool sleep.
  • Standard memory foam: It is pure form. It is generally more affordable and soft than the other two types of memory foam.


Like a memory, it is also made of polyurethane molecules. Polyfoam is intensively used in today’s foam mattresses. They are more bouncy and responsive than traditional memory foam. They are placed between the transitional and top layers of the mattress for enhancing the comfort and support of the bed. Polyfoam is categorized as:

  • High Resiliency Polyfoam: it is more supportive and firmer among all types. Due to its high prices, it is commonly avoided in the construction of memory foam.
  • High-density Polyfoam: Due to its firm nature, it is most commonly used in the construction of the base layer of memory.
  • Regular Polyfoam: it is most commonly used in the transition layer of mattresses and is generally softer than the other two types.

Latex foam:

Latex is a rubber-like material that is used by many companies to add extra cooling features to their mattresses. They are generally more expensive than polyurethane and memory foam materials. They are known for their bouncy feel and eco-friendly nature. Latex foams are categorized as follows:

  • Talalay Latex: It demands more energy in its construction. They are more soft and bouncy than Dunlop foam.
  • Dunlop Latex: They have more for and traditional due to no use of advanced technology.

Spring Mattresses:

Also termed as innerspring mattresses, are the type of mattresses that use hundreds of martial springs or coils to make the base supportive layer. Not only this, but it also employs memory foam or other soft material in its construction to boost comfort. A Spring mattress is a blessing for heavier sleepers who need more support and a responsive feel for comfortable sleep. 

The durability and the amount of comfort level is dictated by the quality materials. As stated above, coils are the core part of spring mattresses but that doesn’t imply that a mattress with a larger number of coils is more comfortable, supportive, and durable. There are many factors that decide the performance and durability of a particular spring mattress.

The coils will be always surrounded by some sort of material while the top layer is mostly encased by memory foam for additional comfort support and softness. The thickness of this material is the main factor in mattress performance. The firmness also referred to as coil gauge is different for every mattress. The Number of coils used in the construction of a mattress will decide the fitness and comfort ratings of a mattress.

Types of Springs| Coils:

The following are the major categories of coils.

Pocketed Coils: Also called pocket could, are encased in picked coils. They are individually wrapped. Due to individual wrapping, it moves alone resulting in no noise creation. Pocketed could be more costly to make and are mostly used in higher-end beds. They are famous for providing a bouncing feel and targeted pressure relief.

Continuous Coil:

The individual coils are joined in a continuous row. These continuous could are then attached to a helical design. They are usually firmer in nature. Due to their continuous nature, they are bouncier and less supportive in nature.

Offsets Coils:

They share the same characteristics as pocket coils. Due to hinged joint construction, it provides firm support and soft pressure. They are more firm than pocketed and score 7 out of 10 on the firmness scale. They are not commonly used in mattress construction.

Bonnell Coils:

This is the oldest type and is frequently used in old mattress construction. They are also used in today’s mattress formation. These hourglass books are made either softer or firmer hinging upon the wire gauge. Due to their cost effective nature, they are frequently used by mattress manufacturers.

1. Casper Element A Memory Foam Mattress:

Memory Foam vs Spring mattress

Product Description

Casper is one of the leading brands in the bedding market. It produces both foam and hybrid mattresses. Casper Element is one of the most demanding and affordable mattresses on the market. This memory foam mattress features AirScapeTM which is breathable and soft.

This perforated layer is used for allowing immense airflow through its hole to keep the sleeper cooler and dryer. The high-density foam layer makes the base of the mattress. The base layer prevents sinking and sagging and is responsible for the long life of the mattress.

The Casper mattress is efficient in providing support, comfort, coolness, and motion isolation to every type of sleeper. It comes with a 100 day free trial and 10 year long warranty. Kindly leave the Casper element for 72 hours after unboxing so that this comfortable and durable mattress Regina it’s original dimensions.

Product Specifications

Casper element mattress is available in Twin, twin xl, King, Queen, Cal king and full size. It comes in tight top style and grey color.

  • Reasonable prices.
  • Available in different options
  • It is not prone to damage
  • Provide excellent back support
  • Suitable for all types of sleeper
  • Not enough comfortable for heavy sleepers
  • The enormous faint smell on unboxing

2. Linenspa Spring mattress:

Memory Foam vs Spring mattress

Product Description

Linenspa Innerspring mattress features steel coils, comfort layer and quilted cover. Quilted top cover increases the aeration and coolness of a mattress, the steel coils provide sturdy support while the comfort layer provides the comfort that a sleeper desires.

This mattress is best for stomach, heavy, and back sleepers. It is the most adjustable bed ever. It is computable with many bed frames like bunk beds, box springs and many more. Linnenspa innerspring mattress comes with 10 years warranty and 100 days free night trial.

Product Specifications

It is available in 6 different sizes which are twin, twin XL, King, Queen, full, and Cal king. It comes with a plush top style and white color

  • Provide sturdy support
  • Affordable
  • Adjustable
  • Comfortable and breathable
  • A bit of gassing occurs on unboxing

Buyers Guide:

Most people ask_ what to choose between Memory Foam vs Spring mattress or which one is the better mattress. Neither a mattress is good nor a mattress is bad. Mattress shoppers need to frame their questions. They should ask themselves: What type of mattress will be compatible with their body size and sleeping position?

Sleep coaches are of the view that sleeping patterns and body size are the ultimate indicators of the amount of comfort a sleeper gets from a particular bed.

A lot of foam and memory foam mattresses are available on the market which makes it difficult to choose a particular one for yourself. Consider the following things before having for Memory Foam vs Spring mattress shopping:

  • Memory foam is the best option for a side sleeper as it provides a significant soft and contributing feel for alleviating the pressure points from the body. Memory wholly embraces the sleeper’s whole body leaving no chances of body pain and aches.
  • If you sleep hot, go for a spring mattress as it is studded with airflow channels to keep you dry and cool at night. Avoid sleeping on memory foam mattress as it has a high tendency to two heat and moisture
  • If you are a heavy sleeper and sleep on your stomach, it’s better to go for an innerspring mattress. The sturdy support has the potential to uplift your whole body without creating points on heavier parts of the body.
  • If you are tight on budget and looking for an affordable option, then we recommend buying a spring mattress.
  • Other factors which might be the core part of your mattress shopping include durability, size, firmness, reliability, warranties, trial period, ease of movement, edge support, and noise and motion isolation.

Frequently Asked Question:

Is a spring mattress good for a hot sleeper?

Yes, spring mattresses are good for a hot sleeper. Because spring mattresses feature airflow channels which greatly adds to the breathability and coolness feature of a mattress. Some high-quality mattresses also feature an open-cell design which adds extra heat and moisture-kicking properties to the mattress.

Why is memory foam considered the best mattress for a side sleeper?

Memory foam besides providing comfort offers significant lumbar support resulting in a reduction from a pressure point of the side sleeper. The comfort and support is so instant that their spine doesn’t go out of alignment for a minute. On the other hand, a spring mattress doesn’t cradle and contours the body of the sleeper closely.

Let’s Sum up:

Memory foam and innerspring mattresses are often placed frequently in online mattress shopping. Memory Foam vs Spring mattress_ both have advantages and disadvantages which make them stand out on the market. Both mattresses come in different firmness profiles, comfort levels, durabilities, prices, and warranties. 

As you are able to quip with the basic differences between Memory Foam vs Spring mattresses, now you can easily find a particular one for yourself. 

Hopefully! We were effective enough to leave you with an ultimate decision.

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By Muhammad Asim