Mattress Foundation vs Box Spring


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The Mattress foundations and Box Springs both are intended to provide support to the mattress and enhance its comfort. They both are used as bed bases and are almost inclined toward the same purpose. 

As we know that there are 5 major(hybrid, Latex, airbed, innerspring, and foam mattress)categories of mattresses and for them not only one type of bar can do good.  Both mattress foundation and spring box provide support. 

They can stand alone or will be paired up with some bed frames to provide predetermined support. Pairing is a good idea as it increases the height of your bed from ground level. One may be more supportive in mattress foundation while the other may be more computable with box springs.

To know how a particular type of base enhances the comfort and performance of a mattress and which types of mattress are suitable for mattress foundation and box spring, we have compiled this detailed Mattress Foundation vs Box Spring for our readers.

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Head-to-Head Comparison Between Mattress Foundation vs Box Spring in 2023:

We will discuss all the facts about Mattress Foundation vs Box Spring, which factors make them similar and in which aspects they parted their ways. Stick to your seat and read this unbiased Mattress Foundation vs Box Spring guide, to reach an ultimate decision.

What is A Mattress Foundation?

Mattress Foundation vs Box Spring

A bed frame that features a wooden box and wooden slats across the whole surface is called mattress foundation. The mattress foundation is often covered by a soft and breathable cover. I liked box springs, mattress foundations designed for powerful support.

A mattress which you will place on a hard mattress foundation may feel firmir to you due to the hard nature of this bed frame. The spacing between the wooden slates varies. The most ideal spacing is 2 to 3.75 inches apart. The more the wooden slates are nearer to one another, the more power and support it will provide to the mattress. 

Mattress foundations are versatile and are more adjustable then box spring. They can accepted many type of mattresses like hybrid, memory foam and latex mattresses. These types of mattresses are thought to be heavy, and are best supported by mattress foundations. The innerspring mattress should not be used with mattress foundation. They are best adjustable with box spring. 

Mattress foundations are often placed on platform beds to increase its comfort and support.

Advantages Of Mattress Foundations:

Some of the most notable and extraordinary advantages of mattress foundations are as follows:

  • Versatile and comparable with many bed mattresses.
  • Due to popularity of memory foam and latex mattresses among the customers, mattress foundation is rapidly vanishing the vogue of box spring.
  • Provide enhanced and even support
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Prevent your damage from sagging and other type of damages

Disadvantages of Mattress Foundation:

Some the most potential disadvantages of mattress foundations are as follows:

  • They are heavy to handle
  • Sometimes make a mattress over firm, which then causes sharp pressure points.
  • Lack give

What Is A Box Spring?

Mattress Foundation vs Box Spring

A box spring is made of wooden frame and coils made of steel inside. For enhancing durability and comfort, it is covered with a non skid cover. Some of the modern box spring features steel frame for more support. Box spring employs steel coils which are responsible for sturdy support and promotion of airflow for cooler night sleep.

Box springs evenly distribute the sleepers body weight due to enormous give a way. This, they provide more pressure alleviation then a mattress foundation. The coils make sure that the box spring does not sag way and provide even surface for sleeping. Box springs are not compatible with latex and memory foam mattress.

One should avoid putting a latex or memory fall matters on Box spring. They are best known for supporting a traditional innerspring mattress. The shock absorber strictly restricts motion isolation while the coil increases the edge support of the mattresses.

Advantages of Box Spring:

With the potential increase in the popularity of innerspring mattresses, box spring also reached itsg peak of success. Some of the advantages of box springs are as follows:

  • Elegantly support a mattress
  • Increase the motion isolation property of a mattress
  • Don’t effect the fitness of a mattress dramatically
  • Famous for high breathability and cooling

Disadvantages of Box Spring:

The potential disadvantages with the purchase of box springs are as follows:

  • Don not bear the weight of heavy mattresses like latex and memory foam
  • They are not sturdy and long lasting as compared to mattress foundation
  • Springs become noisier and worn out with the passage of time
  • Not enough versatile
  • More prone to sagging thin mattress foundation

Differences Between Mattress Foundation vs Box Spring:

The level of comfort and support which a mattress foundation and box spring will provide, is entirely dependent on the type of mattress in discussion. They increase the height and not the isolation property of a particular mattress.

Whether you are suffering from lower back pain, or hip discomfort, the increased height of the mattress will help you to get in and get out of the mattress easily. In this section we will differentiate Mattress Foundation vs Box Spring on different backgrounds.

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Mattress foundation changes the entire feel of the mattress by enhancing the fitness of a particular mattress. After placing a mattress on the mattress foundation, you will feel a pronounced change in the firmness and support of a mattress. On the other hand, a box spring beside providing support enhances the bounce and springiness of a mattress.


Mattress foundations are more durable and supportive than box springs. On the other hand, the coils of box springs are more prone to wear and tear and become sagged with the passage of time.


Mattress Foundation vs Box Spring_ construction is the primary indicator of mattress base durability, performance and price. A mattress foundation is made of panels and slates of wooden material which are laid across its top. On the other hand a box springs is made of either metal or wood that contains supportive coils. These coils are in turn wrapped in a fabric for protection and desired performance.


Mattress foundations are heavy in weight and  are fully occupied. But for these two reasons, mattress foundations are not breathable enough because there are negligible spaces for circulation of air. On the other hand, spring boxes are more breathable and ventilated due to empty spaces and light weight.

With mattress foundation you will have a hooter experience while with box springs you will have a cooler sleep experience.


Mattress foundations due to the use of both cools and wood are heavier than box springs and are difficult to transport. Big man power is required to move it from one place to another. As box  springs are not a solid structure, they are lighter in weight and easy to transport from one place to another.

Compatibility With Different Mattress types

Mattress foundations are more versatile and accommodatable than a box spring. Matters foundation can easily accommodate memory foam, latex, and hybrid mattresses. On the other hand a box spring is just comparable with an innerspring mattress.


Due to higher durability and long lasting support, a mattress foundation cost more than box springs. The high prices of mattress foundations are translated to reliability, quality materials and utmost comfort and support. Mattress foundations often cost between $200 to $500 while box springs cost between $100 to $300. Itt is clear from the above assessment that box springs are the most affordable option.

Buyers Guide

People who don’t have enough knowledge about mattress bases and mattress types, often feel reluctant while shopping for particular bed foundations and box springs. Choosing a right bed frame is as important as choosing an appropriate mattress.

Without having an appropriate bed base, your mattress will sag quickly and will lead to an uncomfortable night. Before leaving for Mattress Foundation vs Box Spring, take a thorough look to the following factors:

Mattress Type

Choosing a particular bed frame entirely depends upon mattress type. There are 5 different mattress types. All mattress types are not commendable by a single bed frame. There are always limitations. While mattress shopping, check which bed frame the mattress owner is recommending to use.

If you have bought a hybrid, latex or memory foam mattress, it is good to go with a mattress foundation and if you are about to own an innerspring, go for a box spring. Without choosing an appropriate mattress foundation, you will not be able to receive the desired comfort and support from the mattress.


The durability of any mattress base is assisted with the quality of materials used and the way the mattress  base is constructed. Bed bases with high quality material often last longer than those which are made of low quality materials. Due to more sophisticated and use of high quality materials, mattress foundations shine brighter in this aspect.


For may people price is a primary factor to consider in choosing between Mattress Foundation vs Box Spring. Matters foundations and box springs come in a wide range of prices due to use of different quality materials. You can easily choose a particular mattress foundation and box spring that best suit your existing budget plan.


Both mattress foundations and box springs are available in 6 standard sizes. These sizes are twin , twin xl, King, Queen, Cal king, and full. You can easily choose mattress foundation and box spring for your purchased mattress size. Some other sizes in which mattress foundations and box spring are available are super king, short queen, full XL etc.

Firmness Level

Firmness is a  subjective factor that is exclusively dependent upon sleeper body weight and sleeping style. Mattress foundations can increase the firmness of a mattress while box springs have nothing to do with the firmness of existing mattress. If you want to change the feel of a won’t mattress , go for a mattress foundation.


A squeaky mattress is always irritating and the same is the case with bed bases and frames. Due to the use of coils in box springs, they are noisier. On the other hand mattress foundations are quieter and provide a sounder and quiet sleep experience.

Motion Isolation

Motion isolation is the primary factor, which couples look for in a mattress. Interpreting mattresses are lacking in this property due to use of heavy number if coils. To tackle the situation, put the interfering mattress on the box spring and see the difference. On the other hand mattress foundation is not inclined towards this property because latex, memory foam and hybrids are already studded with motion isolation features.

Alternatives To Mattress Foundation and Spring Box:

Box springs and mattress foundations are not the only options to support your mattress. Adjustable bed bases and platforms are also designed for this purpose. Let’s have a look at the functionalities and construction of platform beds, and adjustable bed based.

Platform Beds

Platform beds have an appealing and simple design. These bases directly sit on the ground and don’t need mattress foundations and box springs for support. They are made of durable wooden pieces and spaced creatively to save space. The perfect choice for you depends on which mattress type you own and what your preferred sleeping position is. They are reliable and provide Long lasting comfort and solace.

Adjustable Bed Bases

The best part about adjustable bed bases is a remote which can be used to easily adjust the firmness and feel of a bed. The remote can adjust the bed from 40 degree to 70 degree and can also customize the elevation of a mattress. These bases are considered best for sleepers who suffer from sleep apnea and snoring.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are adjustable beds?

Like matters, foundations and box spring adjustable bed is also one of the types of bed bases. They are super supportive and increase the support of the mattress that is translated to comfort from head to toe.

Adjustable beds most commonly feature charging ports for unmatchable luxury, underbed lifting, gentle alarm and massagers. Due to their luxurious nature they are taking over the market of bed bases.

What is a bunkie board?

A bunkie board is also one of the type of bed bases. They are thin barriers which are placed underneath the mattress to increase the comfort and support of the mattress. Like mattress foundations and box springs they come in twin, twin, xl, king, queen, cal king and full.

They are especially designed for bunk beds. Bunkie boards are more versatile and supportive due to which they often replace box springs.

Why is it advised to use mattress foundation and box springs with a mattress?

It is often recommended to use a mattress foundation and box spring because they are highly supportive and add the desired comfort and contouring support to your mattress. By using them your mattress will not sag and will provide durable and long lasting cushioning and support.

Moreover, they can also add certain features like motion isolation, feel Differences etc which are not present in a separate mattress. Beside mattress foundation and box spring, bunkie board, adjustable bed bases and platform beds are also employed for this purpose. All these bed bases add support to the mattress in varying degrees.

Is a mattress foundation good for a hybrid mattress?

Due to the versatility feature of mattress foundation, it accommodates a wide range of mattress types. Hybrid mattress is one of them. Unlike box springs, they are easily adjustable. Some other mattress types which can be used with mattress foundations are latex mattresses and memory foam mattresses. They are more durable and long lasting than box springs.

Is it a good idea to put a mattress foundation and spring box on the floor?

No, it’s not a good idea to put a mattress foundation and box spring on the floor. Because placing them on the floor can drastically restrict airflow resulting in heat trapping mad moisture build. These conditions will lead to uncomfortable night sleep.

Moreover, enormous quantities of dust and other pathogenic particles will build up in the mattress, which will make you more prone to diseases and infections. So one should avoid placing a mattress foundation and box spring on the ground.

Let’s Sum Up

Both mattress foundation and spring box are designed for providing support. They, besides sharing some features, are not all the same. The differences are so vibrant that it compels the shopper to choose one over the other. A mattress foundation has a strong and clear   edge over box spring due to unmatched durability, support, versatility, noise, and long lasting comforts and support. Mattress foundations are becoming more popular due to the peak market of hybrid, latex and memory from mattresses. 

For having a clear perception about the differences between Mattress Foundation vs Box Spring, we have compiled this Mattress Foundation vs Box Spring for our readers.

We are really hopefully that this unbiased and impartial Mattress Foundation vs Box Springa comparison article will greatly assist you in the way of mattress foundation and box spring shopping.

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