How to Make a Memory Foam Mattress Firmer


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If  you are conscious to know, how to make a memory foam mattress firmer? Nothing is more opulent than relaxing on a top-notch memory foam mattress at the end of a hard day. But these cushy marvels aren’t for everyone. Because firmer mattresses are more comfortable to rest on top of rather than sink under. And they are preferred by many people. Even if each type of mattress has its type of advantages, the choice ultimately comes down to the sleeping style and personal preferences of individuals.

In a mattress, Firmness is incredibly important, because every sleeper considers firmness in their mattresses such as side sleeper, back sleeper, stomach sleeper, and combination sleeper kind of sleeper pay more attention to the pressure, relief, support, spinal alignment, and all which is related to firmness. So what matters to you? If you want a mattress firmer but it is too softer for you? Keep reading! It will help you how to make a memory foam mattress firmer.

If you want a memory foam mattress, yet your choice is to sleep on something firmer at the end of a long day, read out and consider these tips and tricks that how can you make your memory foam mattress firmer.

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How to Make a Memory Foam Mattress Firmer In 2023:

Consider some of these solutions, before purchasing a new mattress.

Consider Getting a Mattress Topper:

The best way for maintaining the firmness of your memory foam mattress is with a mattress topper it can be the best solution for making your memory foam mattress firmer. Mattress toppers are available in many ranges of materials. And you must make sure when you are buying a mattress topper that it should make your mattress firm because mattress toppers can be either soft or firmness to your mattress.

Consider Getting a Mattress Protector

From the beginning of your mattress you should get a mattress protector it will be a good choice to protect your mattress from a variety of things like bacteria, dust mites, and waterproof. Consequently, protects your mattress from spillage. The firmness of your mattress will endure for a long period. I will suggest you purchase a mattress protector which will help you to make your memory foam mattress firmer.

Change Your Foundation

If your mattress is getting older you need to sure the foundation of the mattress is solid and not damaged. A mattress is like to sink and may not be comfortable, without a solid foundation. So replace your mattress immediately if it is damaged.

Change the Box Spring

With time the box spring of your mattress may become loose with usage. If it happens, you must change the box spring to maintain your memory foam mattress firmer. You can purchase box spring sata very affordable price and high quality which will safe your mattress.

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Adjust the Room Temperature

For making your Mattress foam firmer you have to adjust the room temperature, your mattress will get firmer if you cool your room temperature for the firmness of the matter. If a room is warm then the mattress will feel softer so shift the material and adjust the temperature of the room to make your memory foam mattress firmer.

Flip Your Bed

Flip your mattress at least every six months, by flipping your mattress it will be firmer for a longer time. Flipping your mattress makes you feel comfortable after a long day’s schedule. Turing your mattress will help to maintain the comforts fillings and even distribution, which maintain the ideal firmness of the mattress.

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Air It in the Sun

After absorbing water or moisture from the air your mattresses become softer so, it’s good to air mattress out in the sun. Once it gets rid of extra moisture. Doing this, not only firm your mattress but also refresh your mattress dust, bacteria, and bugs. And you have to also make sure that the mattress will not be affected by sunlight, check the directions on how much time you can put a mattress in the sunlight.

Replace Layers

Most mattresses include a cover or a zipper that can be removable. Replacing layers will save you from saggy and old layers of the mattress. However, if you are inside your trial period, check the warranty because if the mattress is defective then most manufacturers will not allow you to return the mattress.

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Add Plywood Boards

Plywood boards can be placed between the frame of the bed and the mattress by doing this your mattress will feel firmer. However, ask the maker of your mattress to take suggestions before purchasing plywood boards. Then purchase plywood boards that have the same measurements asthe mattress and spring box. Make sure the plywood hasn’t been treated and the edges and sides have been sanded to be uniform. It will provide some additional support by placing plywood boards between the frames and replacing the old ones; additionally, it will make your memory foam mattress firmer.

Check Sleep Trial Warranty

If above everything else fails, you still feel the need for a firmer mattress look into the warranty and sleep trail options. Most mattress companies give you a trail of new mattresses for 30 to 100 days. There is still hope if your mattress is older and not in a trial period, you might be able to submit a warranty claim for repairs or a replacement mattress if your mattress is no longer fresher, and has grown soft and has begun to sag. If making a claim is not a possibility or not permitted by the manufacturer then, now the only alternative is to buy a new mattress.

Move the Mattress to the floor

Placing your mattress on the floor is another way to make the mattress firmer. If other methods didn’t work try this tip if the above methods haven’t helped you out. Before placing a mattress on the floor, you need to clean the floor to avoid the dust, dirt, and bugs that may get to your bed. However, this method may help you to get your mattress firmer.

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When buying a Memory form Mattress, Check the Correct Firmness

If let’s suppose you want to buy a new memory foam mattress, these are a few things you should know regarding the density and the thickness of the mattress that will last for a long time.

When choosing a mattress, consider these things in mind because density and thickness confuse when you are purchasing a mattress density refers to how solid these layers are together, while thickness varies with the number of layers of a mattress.

Why Does a Memory Foam Mattress Lose Its Firmness?

A mattress can lose its firmness because of some reasons such as heavy usage, insufficient care and improper positioning of sleeping, not caring forth mattress well, and also temperature changes in the firmness of the mattress, inadequate maintenance, and risk of sagging. So these are the reasons when mattresses lose their firmness for avoiding these issues you should follow the above directions on how you can make your memory foam mattress firmer.

Benefits of a Firmer Mattress

You are already familiar with the unique comfort that a firm mattress delivers but these are more benefits I would share if you are searching for how to make your memory foam mattress firmer, the perfect firm mattress helps you to pay more attention to your health such as relax your muscles, relief, support, spinal alignment and help you seek better, improve your posture, heels your body pain while sleeping.

The firm mattress gives your body many benefits. On the other hand, if you’re sleeping on the improper type of mattress, will disturb your sleep, and even you might wakeup with pain in your body. A firmer mattress absorbs most of the pressure of your weight body, less stress on your muscles, which gives you better sleep for every person firmer mattress is the best option! It’s important to find the perfect fit for your sleep.


Are you struggling with a soft mattress? And you are finding difficulty getting sleep after a long day. This article will help you to make your sagging mattress firmer for your good sleep, to get you comfortable, as you can see above these were the techniques how to make a memory foam mattress firmer than a soft mattress. So now depending on you, how much mattress is soft or soggy, and how firm you want your mattress!

You can use one of them from all of the above tips and tricks. The best part is buying a new mattress doesn’t have to cost a fortune. But these are the ways to make a mattress firmer, however, if you are purchasing a new mattress only because it’s soft or sagging so it’s not the solution to your problem, you have to keep in mind you can make your memory form mattress firmer.

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By Muhammad Asim