How to Measure a Mattress


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Hi Folks. Are you in search of a good mattress? One that is exactly fit for your bed and fulfils your requirements? Which is comfortable and easy to manage? Let’s see how come you get one such mattress. I’ll share information, keeping in mind my own experience.
Life is very demanding now a days. At the end of the day, when you get tired, it’s a good whole night’s sleep which refreshes you. To sleep well you should have:
· Good sleep schedules
· Good diet schedules
· Peaceful environment
· No worries
· A Good Bed
A mattress is a very important part of your bedding. You’ll have to measure a mattress well before purchasing it for your bed.

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Steps On How To Measure a Mattress In 2023:

To measure a mattress, you should first know the size of your bed.

Know the Size of Your Bed:

Beds come in different sizes, let’s see their names and details one by one.

1. Twin Bed

A Twin Bed’s dimensions are :38” *75”. A twin bed is the smallest bed available in the market. It’s good for kids, kids bunk bed and single sleepers.
A 7 * 9 squarefeet room is enough for this bed. If you want to add some more furniture, an 8 * 10 square feet room would be enough.
Let’s see second size.

2. Twin XL Bed

A Twin XL bed’s dimensions are 38”* 80”. It is 5 inches longer than a twin bed. It’s good if you have limited space, or you are a teenager or a single adult.
An 8 * 10 square feet room is enough for a twin XL bed.
Let’s see the third size.

3. FullBed

A Full Bed’s dimensions are 53” * 75”. It is also called “Double Bed”. It is 16 inches wider than a Twin Bed. It is good for young adults.
A 10 * 11 square feet room is enough for having a Full Bed.
Let’s see the fourth size.

4. QueenBed

A Queen Bed’s dimensions are 60” * 80”. It is good for adults, who like to have free space or for two persons.
It is usually placed in master bedroom, having minimum 10 * 10 size.
Let’s see the fifth size.

5. KingBed

A King Bed’s dimensions are 76” * 80”. It is good for small families like couples with two kids. If we put together two twin beds, then we can still get a King bed, referred as “Split King”.
It is usually placed in a big master bedroom, having minimum 12 * 12 size.
Let’s see the sixth size.

6. California King Bed

A California King Bed’s dimensions are 72” * 84”. It is good for people with tall heights. A small family can enjoy the extra space as well.
It is usually placed in a large master bedroom, having minimum 12 * 12 size.

How to Measure a Mattress

Mattress Sizes available in Market:

Once you have seen the size of your bed, you can get an idea about the size of your mattress.Generally,mattresses come in following sizes:
1. Twin Mattress
It’s for Twin Bed.
2. Twin XL Mattress
It’s for Twin XL Bed.
3. Full Mattress
It’s for Full Bed.
4. Queen Mattress
It’s for Queen Bed.
5. King Mattress
It’s for King Bed.
6. California KingMattress
It’s for California King Mattress.

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Get the Right Sized Mattress

Now let’s measure that part of your bed, which will hold the mattress.
· Your bed shouldn’t have anything on it like bedding, pillow etc. If you’ll measure your bed with bedding, you’ll get wrong size of the mattress.
· Get a measuring tape and attach it to head side of your bed.
· Now check the length of the bed and note it. You need to measure from head of the bed to the foot of your bed to get bed’s length.
· Then measure the width of your bed. You’ll have to measure from right edge of the bed to the left edge of the bed.
· To measure thickness or depth of your mattress, first analyze yourself that what depth is required. You can measure it with tape as well, i.e., from the base vertically upwards.
· Mattresses come in different thickness/ height/ depth, mostly from 8 to 14 inches.
· Now you can easily get the right size mattress for your bed.

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The question in your mind “How to measure a Mattress” has a very simple answer. You just need to know your bed size, and for a better understanding should measure the dimensions of the bed yourself. It will give you clear idea about the size of your mattress. Now go to the shop. Take out your measuring tape and measure the mattress as I have elaborated in this article. You’ll get the right measures.

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By Muhammad Asim