How to fold a foam mattress


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If you need to grasp, how to fold a foam mattress we can instruct you on the maximum trustworthy technique. Whether you are moving to a new home or if you want to donate your used items to someone, everyone will eventually find themselves in a situation where they want to move their things to another location. While packing the mattress you may realize that not all mattresses will fit neatly into the mattress bags. The most helpful way to carry the mattress is to fold it. But do you know how to fold a foam mattress? One of the biggest moving challenges is our mattress, and you may search if you should fold a mattress in half to move it.

Some mattresses with metal or other solid supports should never be folded. Because compressing it is a very hard job. However, foam mattresses, such as memory foam or latex, can often be folded for short periods of 3 to 4 weeks. Memory foam mattresses are the favourite choice for people with back problems. The mattresses are designed to be more supportive and comfortable and firm than traditional mattresses. They also have some very minor drawbacks that make them less ideal for other people. Memory foam mattresses need to be folded periodically to prevent them from becoming misshapen over time as it requires some techniques.

Leaving a memory foam mattress bent and stored for too long might harm and damage the mattress layering. It is possible to damage its shielding affecting its ability to spring back into its original shape, and this can affect the comfort that the foam mattress provides. Prolonged folding can also cause surface damage, such as gouges, and wearing out of the material as well and storage for a long time can also produce some very typical odor.

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How to fold a foam mattress in 2022:

There are many benefits of foam mattresses which are listed below:
Foam mattress molds your body shape and size and provides you with personalized comfort and stability. Foam mattresses also help to reduce pressure points by up to 80% while you sleep, which can help you to reduce snoring and breathing issues.

Memory foam mattresses also provide more support for your back and neck than traditional mattresses do and reduce your back aches.
All Foam mattresses are made of viscoelastic material that is heated in the manufacturing process and then poured into a mold to create the desired shape of the mattress. This process helps create a uniform density throughout the mattress which provides better support for your body and reduces pressure points that may be caused by other coil spring mattresses.

All foam mattresses can be folded, but it’s not recommended to do so regularly. Folding a mattress can damage the materials and affect its longevity and comfort.
Plastic bag
Vacuum pump
Plastic mattress bags are available in most stores and storage markets. Buy a recyclable, heavy-duty plastic bag that’s sealable for better security and to make packing the mattress easier and more long-lasting. Always Make sure to choose the right size mattress bag, the bag size should match the standard size of the memory foam mattress. If you choose a small bag for a larger mattress it will not fit in the bag and introducing a mattress into it forcefully will further produce indentations in the mattress.

Step by step of folding a foam mattress:

Step 1

Lay the foam mattress on a flat surface make sure to eliminate all the indentations and identify the two shorter ends.

Step 2

Tightly Fold one of the shorter ends over to meet the other short end, then fold that over to meet the first short end. make sure to do this process gently and it will be better to take the help.

Step 3

Turn your mattress over so that it is now lying with its longer side along the flat surface and identify where you just folded one side over onto itself.

Step 4

Now Fold this same edge back onto itself again, making sure it lines up with where you just made your second fold again.

Step 5

Enter the long end of the mattress in the plastic bag.

Step 6

Take a vacuum pump attached to the bag and vacuum all the remaining air from the mattress bag. Zip up the bag and store it in a dry place.
All the foam mattresses can often be safely bent for easy handling. But memory foam mattresses are the easiest to fold and transport. They can be folded in half but not for longer than a few weeks or days. In this type of mattress, everything depends on its thickness, because the thicker it is, the harder it is to fold. spring mattresses are very hard to fold and upon folding forcefully can damage the coils and spring in them. Folding a mattress isn’t that difficult, but there are some considerations and instructions you need to keep in mind before you do so.

Many people forget to consider the weight of the foam mattress when they are trying to fold a mattress. Many mattresses are made of wool, down, and feathers which are heavier and more comfortable than cotton and can weigh over 100 to 120 pounds. Always make sure that you have enough room to fold it. If you are buying a new mattress, it might be best to get one that has some built-in life span so that the quality is not compromised and the mattress doesn’t sag and is easily foldable.

Innerspring mattresses:

Do not fold innerspring mattresses or foam mattresses that are thicker and heavier than 6 inches. Thinner memory foam and latex mattresses can be folded in half for very short periods and secured with mattress straps when moving if the storage time is extended it may not regain its original position. A foam mattress should be vacuum-packed and rolled up when moving it instead of folded in half because folding damages the mattress’s construction and layering.

Folding an Innerspring Mattress:

So, Never fold an innerspring mattress or any other coil-filled mattress, such as a hybrid mattress, which has any sort of solid structural and manufacturing components such as metal spirals or supports. Coils can be permanently bent, and fabric can be ripped out and will tear. Layers of padding can be distorted and will not gain their original position. These types of mattresses will not return to their original condition after folding. Not only will folding such mattresses damage them but any warranty will also be voided and will not be exchanged then.

Important things to be kept in mind:

Only fold the foam mattress in half to move the mattress from one place to another. Mattresses can be made from a range of materials that can affect whether a mattress can be safely folded, always investigate the mattress manufacturer company about the material used in the company.

Every material reacts differently to pressure and physical or mechanical force provided by an external force. Now I have to decide how to fold your mattress and how to treat it when you move it. It is not only the material itself but also the construction and skeleton of the foam mattress which is Important in deciding whether or not the mattress can be folded or rolled up.

Any form of the mattress with metal or other solid supports should never be folded. However, foam mattresses, such as memory foam or latex, can often be folded for short periods of two weeks.


It is concluded from the above article that moving a mattress from one place to another is not a problem. But one must have known some foam mattress techniques so that it does not damage the foam fibers and when you want to unroll the mattress it attains its original position quickly and how to fold a foam mattress. The mattress should be bent width wise not height-wise because it’s easy to fold it. The folding of the actress should not exceed4 weeks as a general rule for your foam mattress from permanent indentations.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do you want to Compress Your Mattress and Set up the Mattress?

To put together your mattress for compression, get rid of all bedding except the bed protector.
Bag the Mattress. Slip the bed into the plastic bag.
Attach the Valve
Vacuum Up the Air
Roll Up the Mattress
Tie It Up.

Q: Are you folding a mattress?

Folding or bending your bed can be feasible depending on its creation. If your mattress incorporates springs like a hybrid or innerspring, the springs could become broken if folded. Memory foam, Air foam or latex and beds may be bent barely or folded for a quick time.

Q: How do I fold and fasten the mattress?

With that said, right here’s the way to fold a bed:
Keep the side of the bed that you sleep on in fact the interior, so it would not get dirty.
Fold it width-wise, no longer height-sensible.
Once folded, make it stronger with ratchet tie-downs or straps, so it does not open.
Make certain the top and bottom of the mattress floor are touching.

Q:How do you reduce a memory foam mattress?

If you’re shifting and want to make your mattress “smaller” for less complicated transporting, you could position it in a mattress bag and vacuum seal it. Look for bed luggage with valves on them that you can also use with the hose extension of your vacuum.

Q:What is the very best manner to transport a memory foam bed?

Ans: Most memory foam mattresses should be transferred smoothly. Use a mild, breathable mattress bag, or use fabric sheets to wrap the bed. Heavy plastic can entice moisture which could harm a foam mattress, especially if the flow will take longer than at some point. Load the bed into the truck, and hold it flat.

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