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Full size mattress is one of the 6 standard size mattresses. Although the dimensions vary by bedding brand, a normal full size mattress measures 75 inches long and 73 to 74 inches. Full size mattress size falls between Queen size and Twin XL size_ making it average size mattress.

Best Full size mattress is best for solo sleeper sleeper who want a roomier space but also want to save room space. It is important to note that a full size mattress is very short for taller people who measure 6 feet and 3 inches and also too narrow for couples.

The high quality and demanding best full size mattress are included in this guide. We have focused on performance and quality parameters that means alot to solo sleeper. These parameters include quality, durability, pressure relief, temperature regulation, prices and warranties.

The best full size mattresses are more affordable than larger dimension mattresses intended for sticker prices, two people and and overall functionality also come into play.

Top 3 Best Full Size Mattress That Are Worth Buying in 2023:

We have selected the following best full size mattress after going through 41 hours of research and consumption of 17 tea cups. We highly recommend these best full size mattresses to our readers for a good investment.

1.Nectar mattress:

Best full size mattress

Product Description

This best full size mattress is constructed with 3 consecutive memory foam layers. Nectar mattress provides excellent stability and overall best wedge support. This all foam mattress features open cell technology with two layers of comfort that responds slowly and contours slowly.

Additionally a third denser layer is found which prevents the sleeper from sagging in in the mattress and pressure building on body parts plus a high density polyfoam base layer that is supportive enough to prevent aches and pains.

We highly recommend this full size mattress for those sleepers who constantly face pressure points on their different body parts. The Nectar mattress provides 365 day free night trails and lifetime warranty. Additionally they offer free shipping in the Contiguous United States.

Product Specifications

Nectar full size mattress dimensions are 75″L x 54″W x 12″T. It is white in colour and weighs 59 pounds. This best full size mattress item model and ASIN number are NSVCFULL and B0889GW1VP. It comes in medium firm and pillow top style.

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  • Reduce pressure points on body
  • All foam construction
  • Do not struggle for provide enough contouring support to user
  • It is all durable and soft

  • Off gassing occur on unboxing
  • A bit expensive

2.Brooklyn Bedding Hybrid Mattress:

Best full size mattress

Product Description

The most definite feature which attract us the most is, Brooklyn Bedding Hybrid Mattress wide range of prices and availability of 3 firmness options. People can easily choose the base for their self according to their budget range and need.

This best full size mattress feature transitional layer of VariFlex foam and comfort layer of TitanFlex polyfoam.The soft firm(4) features thin comfort layer, medium firm(6) features more TitanFlex polyfoam while the firm mattress features thinner comfort layer and more transitional layer for utmost comfort.

Choose one from the above type Broklyin mattress by taking into account your body size and shape. All Brooklyn models are designed with a high density polyfoam base with a picked coil. These twos  layer are employed to maintain an even surface for sleep.

The coils used in its construction make sure that no slipping occurs. Additionally they ensure high edge support and motion isolation. Brooklyn offers 120 days free night trail, 100 days warranty and free shipping around the contagious USA.

Product Specifications

Brooklyn Bedding Hybrid mattress dimensions are 74″L x 54″W x 10″T. It is white in colour and weighs 100 pounds. This best full size mattress ASIN and model number are B076MLJLYS
and BBS46M respectively. It comes in medium, soft and firm firmness and tight top style. It only cost $719.0

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  • Reasonable prices
  • Not prone to wear and tear
  • Available in 3 firmness levels
  • Durable and soft
  • Sturdy and reliable
  • The faint smell on unboxing
  • Heavy as compared to other mattresses

3.Nolah Full Size Mattress:

Best full size mattress

Product Description

Nolah the verb well known bedding known is giving tough competition to other famous bedding brands due to its unique content and designs. This best full size mattress features proprietary AirFoam that provides spring support while contouring all the body parts.

The second layer ensures that the sleeper gets enough cushioning support without being “sinking in” in the mattress. Additionally a high density memory foam is supportive and reliable enough to provide ought support and contour to sleepers. We highly recommend this highly comfortable, soft and sturdy mattress to our readers.


This full size mattress dimensions are 74″L x 54″W x 10″T. It is white in color. Some other sizes which Nolah offers are twin, twinXL, king, queen, cal king and split king.

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  • Luxurious and durable
  • Stylish And elegant cover
  • Reasonable prices
  • Many inches of support
  • CertiPUR US Certified
  • 10 years long warranty

  • The Earthy smell on unboxing
  • A bit irritating for side sleepers

Buyers Guide:

A double or full mattress is best for all sleepers who constantly turn and toss during the night. Additionally it encompasses the sleeper with more space than Twin XL and Twin.

Before going for the best full size mattress, it’s important to do research on your part to avoid any unfruitful investment. We highly recommend the following consideration before any investment.

Sleeping position:

Sleeping position is the key factor that will define which mattress will work best for you. For stomach and back sleeper, a medium firm mattress will provide adequate support and contour. But for a side sleeper Choosing the best full size mattress is a bit complicated because side sleepers are more prone to pressure build up on their shoulders, back and hips. So as a general rule it is advised to use a soft mattress if you sleep on your back.


The size of the mattresses greatly varies with bedding brand, quality and design of mattress. You can purchase a luxurious and beat full size mattress under $1500.
As stated above with bedding brand prices vary a lot. To make it more clear let consider two brands: The Nectar mattress is the most expensive on the market due to provision of 365 days free night trails and forever warranty.

Type of mattress:

The type of mattress that will best contour you, depends on your sleeping position and body weight. There are 5 types of mattress available in the market. These are hybrid, Innerspring, airbed, latex and foam. For a more detailed description about these mattresses design and working scroll down.

Contouring support:

A sleeper, whether he sleeps on his back, side of stomach, needs contouring support for pressure relief. Your top most priority should be utmost comfort. According to, hybrid, foam and latex mattresses provide more contouring support than airbeds and Innerspring.

Quality materials:

Quality material dictates the functionalities of a particular mattress like durability, contouring support, edge support, motion isolation, longevity and protection.
For most people money is quality and quality is money_ and that is somewhat true in today’s world. If you want to buy the most comfortable and high quality mattress, you have to invest more and vice versa.

Firmness level:

Mattress firmness is rated in 10. Nowadays, more mattresses come with 3 to 8 firmness levels. The best firmness level mattress is all related to your body size and sleeping pattern. If you want more support and less contour select a mattress that falls between 7 to 10 while on the other hand if you want more contouring support, go for a mattress that falls between 4 to 6 firmness level.

Edge support:

To get in and out of the mattress easily, it is important that the mattress is studded with excellent edge support. A mattress with poor edge support, compels you to sleep in the center. A foam and latex mattress provide less edge support while Innerspring and hybrid provide excellent edge support to the user.

Pressure relief:

There are enormous chances of pressure building up on particular body parts. Development of pressure points are associated with sleeping pattern and body size. If you are more prone to pressure points than never ever choose airbed and Innerspring but go for foam and latex mattress.

Temperature Regulation:

If you sleep hot, than choose a mattress that features cool and open cell technology. It makes sure that enough aeration aND breathability occur to keep you cool. Choose a coil, latex, or hybrid mattress for effective cooling. We also want to inform you of the fact that you shouldn’t choose an alba mattress if you sleep hot because all foam mattresses trap heat leading to elevated temperatures.


Some people don’t like the noise of actresses, especially active couples. Mattresses like Innerspring, airbed, and hybrid are noisy due to coil and air particles in their core.
What to do then? One should go for latex and all foam mattresses as they are not nowier because of their innovative and wound designs.

Body weight:

To buy a mattress, sleeper body size matters a lot. Take into account your kgs, firmness level and sleeping style.Many but not necessarily all_ sleepers who weigh more than 230 needs a medium firm or firm mattress while people who weigh less than 130 needs a softer mattress for more enchanting and contouring support.

Pros of best full size mattress:

Some of the most important advantages of best full size mattress are as follow. The are more cheaper than California king, king and queen. You can easily sleep with your pets without worrying about space. It gives you mobility and freedom during the night.

It is compatible with many bunk beds and is kid friendly. Almost all bedding brands are releasing the best full size mattress, so you can easily choose a mattress that best fits your budget and needs.


It is not comfortable for individuals who measures 6 feet and 3 to 4 inches tall. Due to larger size it cost more than Twin XL and Twin Best full size mattress takes up more space in your guest room, bedrooms and doom rooms.

What is the best full type mattress?

Many best full size mattress, sold in today’s market falls into any of five famous bedding categories: foam, latex, Innerspring, airbed and hybrid. These mattresses varies in content and design from one another. Additionally these mattresses perform good in one category while underperforms in some other categories.

I really want to mention it here that it’s not necessary that every mattress is good for all types of sleepers because sleepers greatly varies in body sizes and sleeping patterns. The best mattress depends on the fact that which attributes attract your body the most. Let’s have a look at some of the striking features and functionalities of the above stated 5 mattresses.


With an individually encased coil embedded in the core of the mattress, the hybrid mattress is intended to provide contouring support and comfort. It not only contains coils but a thin layer of latex, memory foam, cotton,poly foam and other materials is included for enhanced comfort. The mattress encompass design provides incredible comfort to sleeper by aligning his spine in proper position. They also help you to sleep cold and addated.


Innerspring features a thick core of steel with a thin layer of poly foam or memory foam. These mattresses provided spring support to the sleeper and prevented him from any “sinking in ”. These mattresses are the cheapest on the market among the 5 type mattresses and are more famous in the USA than other types of mattresses.

With a thin layer, the mattress is unable to give you enough countoting support but will provide a bouncier feel that is enough to get a deeper sleep. Additionally the Innerspring mattress provide high wedge support and motion isolation.

Latex mattress:

Latex mattresses provide an excellent blend of responsive and contouring support. These mattresses are made from latex which is obtained from rubber trees. For more enhanced comfort, a polygon or rubber is mixed with latex. These mattresses don’t cradle your body as a whole like memory foam mattresses but it provides you with the right amount of comfort and springiness. Most importantly they are antimicrobial and eco friendly.


With an all foam design, foam mattress features memory foam and polyfoam. Additionally for more superior comfort, foam mattress is enriched with a support layer and comfort layer. This mattress is best for those who like sinking in the feeling of the mattress. It is best known for relieving pressure points. People who are suffering from certain body aches and pains, should consider it for a healthier and pain free night.


These are the most expensive mattresses among the 5 that contain 2 to 6 air chambers in its vicinity. With excellent customization properties you can easily change the firmness of the mattress.

This is best for those sleepers who enjoy herself in being varied environment. For example if a person is intended to sleep on firm mattress he can easily add air by mattress pump and on the other hand if he want to enjoy cloud like feeling just release the air from it.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is a full size mattress suitable for teenagers?

Yes, a full size mattress is suitable for teenagers. More precisely teenagers enjoy it the most than people of any other age because full size mattresses allow them greater freedom to move around in the mattress while sleeping. One more consideration that might affect your purchase is _ teenagers weight. Teenagers usually weigh more than kids, so they need a firmer mattress.

Is a full size mattress suitable for toddlers?

Yes, a full size mattress is suitable for toddlers as it provides greater space to move around during sleep. These mattresses cost more than Twin and Twin XL but less than king, queen and cal king. Select full over full or twin over full for bunk bed.

Is the best full size mattress good for couples?

According to a recent survey, couples don’t prefer full size mattress because of its limited space. Most couple experienced that they were constantly disturbed by the turning and tossing of their partner. They mostly prefer queen, king and cal king sizes.

What is the difference between full and queen size?

Queen size mattress measures 80 inches long and 60 inches wide. These mattresses are pricier and take more room space. Due to its longer and wider dimensions that easily accommodate two sleepers and people whose height is 6 to 7 inches.
While in the hand full size mattress measures 75 inches long and 53 to 54 inches wide that cost less and consume less floor space due to its shorter dimensions. They are best suited for solo sleeper or the one who enjoys sleeping with a pet.


With high durability, comfort level, excellent temperature regulation, innovative designs, and different firmness levels, the above 5 mattresses are highly trending on the market.

After intensive research, we have come to the conclusion that Nectar mattress is the most comfortable and durable list that has gained immense love from users.

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By Muhammad Asim