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The motto ‘don’t panic, buy organic’ has been pretty popular these days. But have you paid attention to it? Why are people slowly moving towards that rustic, organic, free from GMOs lifestyle and starting to rely again on them rather than modern technology and innovations? The reason is simple because of increasing health issues. People are looking for the best affordable eco-friendly mattress since organic is a bit expensive. We accept that although technology has been useful in creating best adjustable bases for mattresses and also best adjustable air bed mattresses too but still there are some downsides to it. And the outcomes of that are drastic. A lot of chemicals used in these mattresses are harmful for the environment as well as personal healthcare. Therefore, in competing with other brands some of them have created organic eco friendly mattresses that do not harm your health as well as are environment friendly.

Organic is healthy and it is not any new concept. Rather, when choosing a cosmetics line, a line of baby clothes, or a supermarket store, we frequently consider the contents in organic products. However, we spend about a third of our lives on our mattresses, and the majority of them are not organic. The typical mattress contains a mixture of flame retardants and chemicals, and the off-gassing might last for months.

You’ll spend around 23 years of your life sleeping on mattresses, so it makes sense to think carefully about what you’re lying on. Unfortunately, mattresses frequently include dubious materials. Non Organic mattresses may contain everything from formaldehyde to TCEP (a flame retardant) to phthalates. Science has not yet determined how much of an impact these toxins have on you, but buying a mattress composed of natural, organic materials is one way to stay safe.

Additionally, these mattresses are typically less harmful to the environment. The majority of best affordable eco friendly mattress are a blend of cotton, wool, and natural latex. Although there are no chemicals, the construction is similar to that of traditional mattresses.

More mattress companies are now using organic materials in their mattresses to make them more environmentally friendly and sustainable in recent years. Although many beds are made of natural materials, the term “organic” only refers to parts that have been approved by reputable organizations like the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), and the Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS). Latex, cotton, and wool are some of the most popular organic materials found in modern mattresses but the way they are constructed they might still have some toxins.


A restful night’s sleep is something to treasure, particularly if you have a demanding job or kids. I never gave my mattress a second consideration for many years. Yes, it wasn’t very comfortable, but I slept on the full-size mattress my parents bought when I was seven years old until I was about 25. I had already made a lot of eco-friendly and sustainable changes at that point, so when I went mattress shopping, I knew it had to reflect my principles.

So, it is extremely important in today’s radioactive world to have something much more pure and organic. It will not only keep you fresh but also will make your lifestyle really healthy and sustainable. You will not wake up lethargic and drenched. You will feel energetic and active. Try buying the best affordable eco-friendly organic mattress when there are already a lot of brands that offer them.


Since we spend one-third of our time in bed! Why wouldn’t we want to create a toxic-free, safe area? When we get our eyes closed for a while, we shouldn’t have to compromise our health (or the planet’s). Sleeping on harmful materials that have been produced or treated with pesticides is not something you want to do. Although all of these mattresses have been deemed to be toxic-free & beneficial for sleep, the bulk of them are constructed from materials that are certified organic. It is mandatory to buy the best affordable eco-friendly mattress, no matter what.


In 2022, a fresh wave of eco-friendly and organic mattress companies is upending this antiquated market and providing alternatives that are better for our bodies, our families, and the environment. You can have a scroll down and choose the best affordable eco-friendly mattress for yourself. Have a look:

1. Avocado Green Organic Hybrid Mattress:

best affordable eco friendly mattress

Our list’s top spot goes to Avocado’s mattresses due to its use of organic materials, wide choice of goods, and comfort. It is one of the best affordable eco friendly mattresses. In a survey of more than 100 mattress brands, Consumer Reports’ users placed Avocado first overall by a significant margin.

For their family, co-founders Alex and Jeff D’Andrea were unable to locate a mattress that was reasonably priced, secure, and nontoxic (in particular, one free of polyurethane foam derived from petroleum, hazardous fire retardants, chemical adhesives, risky insecticides, or other off-gassing chemicals). They set out to create a truly green mattress since, despite a crowded industry, there wasn’t one available at a reasonable price.

While many bed-in-a-box firms greenwash their environmental claims and white-label items from the same facilities, Avocado owns their whole supply chain and complies with the strictest environmental and social requirements. Each mattress is individually produced in California using latex, wool, and cotton that have all received the GOTS organic certification. The mattresses from Avocado are all GREENGUARD Gold certified for low emissions and are incredibly cozy for all types of sleepers.

The company also sells bedroom furniture made from reclaimed wood, organic cotton mattress pad protectors, and a mattress that has been certified vegan. Avocado donates to charitable organizations that support the environment and society as well as using Carbon Fund to offset all of its carbon emissions. There is no sagging or other problems even after sleeping on it for almost two years. You can add a mattress topper, such as the opulent (and environmentally friendly) Alpaca fur mattress topper from the brand, if you like a softer feel. We haven’t tested Avocado’s other mattresses, which include a vegan hybrid that doesn’t contain any wool and a no-spring organic natural latex foam mattress.

The Avocado is constructed of organic cotton, wool, and latex and measures 11 inches thick. It is not harmful either. In India, Avocado jointly owns a latex farm, a sheep farm, and a facility for processing organic latex. Assembly of the mattresses takes place in California.
All Avocado mattresses come with a one-year trial, a 25-year warranty, and free shipping.

  • It provides no body contouring.

2. Birch Natural Mattress:

best affordable eco friendly mattress

Because they use more expensive natural, certified organic ingredients, organic mattresses aren’t inexpensive. Having said that, we believe the handcrafted (in the USA) Birch Natural Mattress is reasonably priced considering the high-quality certified materials used in its construction and the support and comfort it is intended to offer. This organic hybrid’s beginning price for a twin size has been as low as $849 when it’s on sale, and a queen size costs $1,299.

The Birch Natural Mattress is the finest organic mattress for you if you frequently wake up at night because you feel too hot to sleep because it is one of the coolest mattresses in this guide. Why is that? Wool is one of the most ventilated natural materials, and the vented coil and latex layers inside the Birch take that improved airflow to a new level.

Stretchy, soft, and breathable GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified organic cotton is used to make the cover. Beyond that is a layer of organic wool that is fire resistant and ethically obtained from New Zealand farms. The pressure relief layer, which is composed of natural latex to cushion your back, hips, and other pain areas, is placed on top of the comfort layer, which is also constructed with temperature-regulating wool. Hundreds of small steel coils are hidden beneath all of that, cradling your body while you sleep and minimizing motion transfer.

Since the Birch Natural Mattress is a hard mattress, we advise buying one of the best mattress toppers to offer a little extra comfort and softness while you break it in. The springs and latex in this organic Birch mattress will keep your spine raised and supported if you have back pain, especially if you sleep on your back or stomach. While side sleepers could find it overly stiff, this is the greatest option for individuals with shoulder problems. The Birch Natural Mattress delivers excellent lift and support where you need it and has a generally traditional latex feel. It ships swiftly for an organic mattress, with expected delivery timeframes of five to ten days. After the 100-night risk-free trial, you have a 25-year warranty to fall back on if necessary to make sure it is the best option for you.

  • It contains certified organic materials
  • Naturally cooling
  • It is suitable for all sleeping positions
  • It provides good edge support.
  • It could be too firmer for lighter bodies.

3. Awara Natural Hybrid Mattress:

best affordable eco friendly mattress

Given that it is Rainforest Alliance-certified and made of GOLS- and GOTS-certified latex and New Zealand wool, the Awara Natural Luxury Hybrid Mattress is an affordable latex mattress. The capacity to control temperature and keep overheated sleepers cool at night makes this the best hybrid mattress produced with natural materials. The cotton cover is very effective at wicking away moisture. The latex is breathable. The coils further increase ventilation. All of these factors combine to make the Awara the finest organic mattress for hot sleepers and those looking for a natural mattress at a lower cost.

The medium-firm Awara Natural Luxury Hybrid Mattress is supportive for back and stomach sleepers weighing between 130 and 230 lbs. It is also a best mattress for side sleepers. The Avocado Green Mattress is an organic mattress that can accommodate bigger people because it can sustain up to 700 lbs of combined weight. The Awara mattress also offers exceptional shoulder and hip cushioning, making it a good option for back pain sufferers.

The surface is highly responsive, but the drawback is that all that bounce increases motion transfer, so if you or your bed partner are a restless sleeper, keep that in mind. There is only one stiffness level, in contrast to certain other versions. If you’re unsure of the firmness you require, the Saatva Zenhaven Latex is a better option because it combines two different varieties in one natural mattress.

However, the Awara Natural Luxury Hybrid Mattress ought to be on your list if you’re looking for a cooling, organic mattress with bounce that is also reasonably priced. It’s frequently on sale and comes with free bedding to improve its worth, making it a nice, inexpensive mattress (for an organic bed) produced from materials that have received certification as organic. While basic delivery is free, Saatva offers its advanced delivery service for no additional cost, whereas Awara charges $149 for it. You will receive a Forever Warranty on the mattress and a Yearlong Mattress Trial (equal to Avocado).

  • It has good control of the temperature
  • It quickly adjusts to movement
  • It is cost-effective for an organic mattress
  • Slightly higher motion transfer compared to others.

4. John Lewis & Partners Classic Eco 800 mattress:

best affordable eco friendly mattress

A more conventional option is the Eco 800 from John Lewis, which offers excellent levels of comfort and support at a cost that won’t break the bank. The mattress is more traditional because it uses 800 full-size pocket springs (in king size), as opposed to many modern “hybrid” mattresses, like the Simba Hybrid, which only employ tiny “micro” springs in their comfort layers. Additionally, the Eco 800 is completely assembled, so you won’t have to wait for it to unfold or unpack it before you can sleep on it. Its fillings are not made of natural materials, despite having a more conventional design.

The reason it is referred to as “eco” is because it has a breathable cotton cover produced from recycled materials and its comfort layers are created from recycled plastic bottles (more than 200 are used in a king-size mattress). Its typical depth and height of 24 cm should make it compatible with mattress protectors and fitted sheets of the same size. The Eco 800, according to John Lewis, has a medium level of firmness and “provides exactly the appropriate amount of support, with a little bit of give.” The John Lewis Eco 800 mattress should be a great fit if you prefer a traditional-feeling mattress. Its medium firmness was ideal for a variety of sleeping positions, and it also sleeps significantly cooler than other mattresses that use foam in their comfort layers. The Eco 800 may be a little too soft for heavier people, but lighter people should still be able to comfortably sleep in a variety of positions on it.

The Eco 800 has another fantastic feature in that, unlike foam-based mattresses, there is no noticeable change in how the bed feels as it warms up. Foam typically has a softer feel and can be less supportive throughout the night, however the Eco 800 doesn’t have this issue.

  • It is Affordable
  • The person sleeps cool all night.
  • Does not harm your health and skin.
  • It is beneficial for all sleeping postures
  • Already assembled.
  • It has got some complaints for support and comfort issues.
  • Edge support is lacking
  • On a spring slatted base, the support is diminished
  • Might work best with divan rather than a hard base.

5. Silentnight Bexley Eco Friendly Mattress:

best affordable eco friendly mattress

Although Silentnight is well known for its inexpensive and discounted mattresses, they also offer several high-profile options. The majority of their mattresses are pocket-sprung models with memory foam, latex, or latex-like Geltex layers. One of the best methods to purchase a new Silentnight mattress is through their online storefront, which offers a great value proposition and free delivery. The eco-friendly mattresses in Silentnight’s Eco collection are sustainable fibers to promote a cool and revitalizing night’s sleep. These mattresses are excellent for people who get hot at night because of the environmental comfort filling’s high level of breathability.

The Eco Comfort Fiber TM is totally recyclable at the end of its useful life in consideration of the environment. This innovative comfort layer gives you flexibility all night long and offers responsive support. The Miracoil® support system used in the construction of this mattress offers targeted support where it is most needed. Your spouse won’t be bothered when you move because of the special spring design, which has been scientifically shown to improve your posture and spinal alignment.

Additionally, if you have a small bedroom, a double Miracoil® mattress really has the same amount of sleeping area as a king-size standard open coil mattress. Due to the firmness of this mattress, you will get more support from head to toe. This harder surface supports the entire body while you sleep, which can ease back pain. To get the most out of your mattress, constantly rotate from head to toe. Since this is a significant investment, it is wise to test the mattress of your choice in person to ensure that it is the correct fit for you. You may also suggest choices based on your needs.

  • Bamboo is a naturally antibacterial, anti-allergenic, and moisture-wicking material.
  • Ideal for allergy sufferers.
  • It is sustainable because of Eco Fibers.
  • A beautiful, firm bed that was supportive and well worth the price
  • It was neither too hard nor too soft but still extremely comfy.
  • Although odorless and antimicrobial, the cover cannot be removed.
  • It was excessively firm for certain side sleepers, according to some of them.
  • It is somewhat overpriced.
  • It sinks on the edges.

Buyer’s Guide: The Criteria To Choose the Best Affordable Eco Friendly Mattress:

There are now more than 175 brands of bed-in-a-box mattresses available. It is really hard to find amongst them but we have come up with the criteria on how to choose the best affordable eco-friendly mattress. These are given below:


Each of these companies employs non-toxic products including organic bamboo, natural latex, certified organic cotton, and organic wool. None of them use hazardous chemicals or harsh flame retardants. This is one of the basic criteria for buying the best affordable eco-friendly mattress. It is like a checklist and the top criteria to look for is being an organically produced eco friendly mattress.


This is basically a precursor to the first criteria for testing the best affordable eco-friendly mattress. If the mattress is made organically it will be Eco-Friendly. Each brand uses environmentally responsible production techniques. Many of them are American-made and give back to their communities by providing high-quality organic mattresses to needy families.


We did not just put the list up there, we had to research a lot about them to bring it to you and we would suggest you do the same. Because comfort is so important, we read countless web reviews, and, of course, look over all the feedback and letters we receive from readers. Because they are organic and because people enjoy sleeping on them, the brands on this list are there.


All of the brands on this list offer direct online sales to customers, who will receive their mattresses in a timely manner. Online mattress shopping eliminates store sales commissions, which lowers your overall cost.

Importance Of Eco-Friendly Non Toxic, Organic Mattresses:

You already know that traditional mattresses contain hazardous carcinogenic glues, dyes, gels, and/or fire retardants, arsenic, and formaldehyde and are constructed from non-sustainable materials. They can release harmful VOCs that are harmful to your health and must be replaced far too frequently, which further worsens their effects on the environment by consuming more resources and causing more pollution. For this reason alone is enough to search for the best affordable eco-friendly mattress. They might also harm your skin and cause you many other health issues due to which it is extremely important to opt for the best affordable eco-friendly mattress. Below its importance has been describes in bullets:

Promotes ecological sustainability

By using eco-friendly organic mattresses you actually promote ecological sustainability. The best affordable eco-friendly mattress is best for the environment and does no harm to it. These mattresses are made with eco-friendly, organic ingredients, which lessens the strain on the environment.

Utilizing these mattresses has the additional advantage of not affecting the environment because they are sustainable and biodegradable. Eco-friendly mattresses shield the planet from dangerous wastes throughout the entire production process, from the development of these materials.

Dust, mold, and mildew-free

The most frequent causes of skin irritation, rashes, and other symptoms in humans include dust, mould, and mildew. Regular mattresses are more permeable to sweat, which makes them ideal habitats for mould, mildew, and fungi. Additionally, this turns into a haven for mites and bedbugs, which can cause skin issues.

Compared to standard mattresses, eco-friendly mattresses are thick and dense. Because of this, it becomes more difficult for bacteria, mold, and mildew to grow on the mattress. These environmentally friendly mattresses keep the mattress dry, cool, and moisture-free because they retain moisture.

Easily Fire Resistant

As a requirement for federal safety, the mattress must be fire retardant as of 2007. While these chemicals save you from fire, they can also be harmful to your health. Natural fire retardant ingredients are used to create eco-friendly mattresses.

This indicates that these mattresses either contain no chemicals at all or extremely minimal chemical content. Simply knowing that your mattress is chemical-free can enhance your life and aid in a restful night’s sleep.

Materials That Are Hypoallergenic

If you are worried about all the itching, allergy and even sores then the reason has already been found. It is the chemicals in regular mattresses. Eco-friendly mattresses are the ideal solution to this issue because they are constructed from hypoallergenic materials. For people who suffer from allergies or respiratory problems, these materials are an excellent solution because they do not create rashes or allergies.

Minimal or No Toxic

Mattresses from other brands usually have chemicals all over during their production time. These chemicals create allergies as well as skin irritations and other issues. As opposed to this organic mattresses are a go to option for there you cannot find non toxic materials that is why no Hypoallergenic reactions will occur. We have learnt above that these chemicals can also be harmful for people with respiratory diseases and what’s worse, even fatal.
This increases the importance of best affordable eco-friendly mattresses amongst others.


Choosing an eco-friendly mattress will solve a lot of your problems. No doubt it is the best and safest option for you and your family. Do not waste your time on other mattresses and try buying the best affordable eco-friendly mattress from the comfort of your home. It is just one click away. We have guided you through with our detail reviews and also our number one choice which is Avocado Green Organic Hybrid Mattress for a number of reasons.

One of the reasons why it is on top is that the founders of the brand were looking for something like an organic mattress for themselves and when they were disappointed they created this mattress. That means they let their family use it too because it is reliable and the brand came up with a great product as a replacement for their family and rid them of their regular mattress. This truly green mattress is exempted of all the toxins. It can also take a heavy weighed person and won’t sink. Besides it has other great mattress varieties like mattress pad protectors certified as vegan. This is just our call. You must look for other mattresses that work best for you. One must consider all these criteria while buying the best affordable eco-friendly mattress.


Q.1 Which Types of Mattresses Are Organic?

Materials like certified-organic latex, cotton, or wool are used to make organic beds. Many businesses will promote these materials’ natural origins and strict certification procedures on the product page. If you have any queries about a mattress’ certifications, you should be able to get them answered on the brand’s FAQ page or by calling customer care.
Please be aware that no mattress is constructed entirely of organic materials; many of them include man-made hardware that has gone through some type of chemical processing. Even if neither of them is totally organic, materials like latex can also be produced synthetically or from a mixture of natural and synthetic latex.

Q.2 Are organic mattresses eco-friendly?

A truly eco-friendly mattress is also manufactured with sustainable materials and an environmentally friendly production process, while organic mattresses are typically more environmentally friendly than non-organic or solely synthetic mattresses. The origin of their components and some of the intricacies of their production process are among the information that many organic mattress manufacturers are glad to share with their clients.

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