How to steam clean mattress?


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Steaming is the best way of keeping the dirt of the material away and making them feel free from bacteria. Thus, doing this with a mattress is no less than a great idea. Instead of killing bacteria and removing dirt, the steaming process contains other benefits as well. Such as the steaming process can help to kill dust mites and gives an extra good shape to the mattress. If the mattress is ugly and needs to be cleaned, do this immediately and then steam the clean mattress.

Though washing the mattress can remove some bacteria, dust mites, and dirt, steaming can further clean it. Hence, it is beneficial to steam the clean mattress. If you are unaware of the steaming of the mattress, then read this article thoroughly. It is because we are going to discuss how to steam the clean mattress. So, don’t skip any step for complete awareness.

Can a mattress be steamed?

Steam cleaning can be the better choice for cleaning the mattress thoroughly. As we all do know, the mattress is made of many layers of foam and other soft materials. So, dirt can penetrate the layers of the mattress and it makes the cleaning process of the mattress difficult to some extent.
Thus, to have a deep and thorough cleaning, steam cleaning is a fine choice. A mattress needs to be washed thoroughly after five to six months, and steam cleaning can increase this duration very well. After steam cleaning, the mattress will take more time to get dirty.

Is steaming a mattress good?

Indeed, it is a good idea to steam the mattress. It is very helpful in killing bacteria, and dust mites and also helps in removing dust particles and stains from the mattress. Steam cleaning is the famous process of cleaning in this modern era. The mattress is very hard to clean well, thus steam cleaning may work better for it. But to have better results, steam the mattress to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. You can check the activity while cleaning the mattress via steam cleaning.

Is steam cleaning costly?

It wouldn’t be right to say that steam cleaning is costly. It is because you yourself can do steam cleaning at home with a steam cleaner. So, in this steam cleaning is no more costly. Despite this, steam cleaning is an easy and time-saving process. If you want to get the help of professional cleaners, they won’t charge too much for cleaning the mattress. They can charge up to 100 dollars or less. But doing it at home can be better, and can be a source of activity for you as well.

Does steam damage the mattress?

It is possible to some extent if the mattress is not dried very well. So, a wet mattress can cause mould and mildew, which can lead to discomfort while sleeping. This happens due to an excessive amount of moisture after cleaning the mattress. So, do follow the cleaning process very well and do dry the mattress very well after cleaning it. Otherwise, it can damage the mattress too.

Step by Step process on How to steam clean mattress?

After a long time, the layers of the mattress can get infected and allergic to the users. It can lead to many bacterial infections as well. Steam cleaning is the process of cleaning the mattress deeply. Thus it can disinfect the mattress comfortably and easily.
Steam Cleaning Process
Steam cleaning is an easy and convenient way for cleaning a mattress. It needs certain steps to do it correctly. Follow the below steps to steam the mattress properly.

1) Material for Steam Cleaning

1. A steam cleaner
2. Microfiber Towels
3. Stain Remover
4. Vacuum with a brush attached
5. Baking Soda

2) Clearing the mattress

After arranging the required material for the steam cleaning, wash the mattress as much as you can. You can wash and clear the mattress with the help of water using soaps and other things as you like.
If you don’t have much time to clean the mattress with water, then clean it orally without water. So, strip all tools of the mattress including the mattress cover. When you did, keep moving to the further process.

3) Vacuuming the Mattress

Now, this is the time to vacuum the mattress with the tool above mentioned. Arrange a vacuum cleaner with which a brush is attached. Try to remove dust as much as you can with the help of a vacuum.
The brush attached to the vacuum will help to put away dust, dust mites, and pet dander to a large extent. Thus, it will make the steaming process quite easier. Take your time and try to remove the dust deeply.

4) Spot the Stains

During vacuum cleaning try to note the visible stains that are looking very hard to remove by vacuum process. In order to remove these stains use a commercial laundry stain remover. It works better to remove the stains because it contains enzymes in it that can break the molecules of stains. Use a product of good quality and follow the instructions completely before using the stain remover.
It is because a large amount of the product can drain the colour of the mattress as well. Apply the stain remover for at least 15 minutes. After this use a cloth or towel to remove the stain remover product.

5) Sprinkle Baking Soda

Sprinkle the baking soda on the mattress to remove the odours of the fabrics. Hence, applying baking soda can be a good choice before stamping the mattress. Follow the instructions of using baking soda on the mattress. For a large sized mattress, sprinkle one cup of baking soda.
You can adjust the quantity of the baking soda according to the size of your mattress. You can mix other ingredients in baking soda such as oil, white vinegar, and commercial-scented deodorizing powders. These ingredients can remove the stains easily.

6) Preparing the Steam Cleaner

Now, this is the time for steam cleaning. Before you start the process, adjust the materials used for steam cleaning. Buy a steam cleaner and fill it with water. Heat up the water to 250 degrees Fahrenheit or less.
Make sure that the water is too hot to remove the hard stains easily. 250 degrees Fahrenheit hotness is too much, as it will help to kill the dust as well as dust mites.

7) Steaming the Mattress

When the steam is cleaned along with hot water in it, hold it on the surface of the mattress. The steam cleaner must be two to three inches up from the surface of the mattress so you can notice the stains very well. Do this process slowly and move the cleaner also slowly.
Keep on checking the temperature of the water in the steam cleaner. If the water is exceeding the limit of hotness, wait for a while. Otherwise, you could burn the mattress with too much steam. Don’t let the mattress get wet, and also don’t hold the steamer too close to the mattress. Apply the steamer on almost all corners and sides of the mattress.

8) Drying the Mattress

When steaming is done, let the mattress dry by keeping it in a warm place. Keep the surface airy to dry the mattress. If you want to increase the drying process of the mattress, use ceiling fans in the room. You can keep the mattress in the sunlight as well.
The more the mattress is dry, the better it would be. So, give at least three to four hours to dry the mattress completely. Check the dryness of the mattress by using dry paper on the mattress. If the paper gets moistened, the mattress is wet.


Hence, we saw that steam cleaning is the best way to clean the mattress properly. Though there are many other ways to clean the mattress, they work better for surface cleaning. On the other hand, steam cleaning is best for surface as well as deep cleaning.
We tried our best to provide you with all the easy and possible information for steam cleaning the mattress. We do hope that you have found this article helpful. Please tell us about your reviews via comments. See you soon in the next article like this. Keep on following our website for more updates.

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By Muhammad Asim