5 Best Steam Cleaner For Mattress


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Searching how I would do all the cleaning of a mattress? That’s the point where the best steam cleaners for the mattress come in front.

Well, an average person nearly spends a quarter of the day in bed. Therefore your mattress needs to be properly cleaned and good hygienic and thus washing your mattress is not the way to maintain the mattress hygiene.  After browsing various websites our tester team found the best steam cleaner for mattresses is the way to sanitize and clean your mattress and soft surfaces.

To know more about just going down ward you’ll find our top 5 best steam cleaner for mattress.

The McCulloch Steam Cleaner is the best heavy-duty steamer on the list.

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Top 5 Best Steam Cleaner For Mattress

Since mattress cleaning is tough and time-consuming, it is the best chance you look for the best steam cleaner for mattresses along with the list of 5 we have given below along with a detailed buyer that will surely be helpful for you while purchasing the best steam cleaner for a mattress. 

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1.Dupray HOME Steam Cleaner:

Best Steam Cleaner For Mattress


If you are looking for the best steam cleaner for mattresses, cars, floor, and carpet then this is the choice you are looking for. Along with other products from the same brand served a lot of buyer’s in the cleaning industry. It is ideal for the elimination of bed bugs and removal of dust particles from the carpets, cars, mattresses, and furniture. The Dupray home steam

The cleaner takes 40 minutes to clean the mattress per a single fill-up. It comes with a complete 14-piece kit and is backed up by a year warranty. Due to its adjustable pressure, this best steamer for a mattress is superheated which steam up to 293°F / 145°C.  Moreover, It is backed up by 3 years of warranty.


Dupray HOME Steam Cleaner assumes a dimension of x 10 x 11 inches and a weight of  18.35 pounds. Its is white color the best steam cleaner for a mattress that is ideal for tiles, carpet, and mattress cleaning. This best Steamer for mattress is recommended by 4.3 out of 5 stars.

  • Highly durable and great for steaming
  • Remove dust mites and bed bugs from mattresses
  • Offers 3 years warranty
  • Kills 99.99% of bacteria and viruses
  • Ideal for mattress, floor, and carpet cleaning

  • Some consumer says the machine is dud

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2.Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner:

Best Steam Cleaner For Mattress


As the brand’s name suggests it is dedicated to giving its consumers a neat steam cleaning that usually uses any regular towel or cloth, and doesn’t need expensive pads. It is a heavy-duty steamer that is ideal for cleaning floors, mattresses, carpets, and furniture. Due to its large capacity, it took 50 minutes per fill-up of cleaning.

This steam cleaner for mattress and carpet deeply steam the mattress, cars, and many more and up to 275°F/135°C it steams the mattress. Best multi-purpose steamer for home, cars, and more. The Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner offers 2 years limited warranty and provides a lifetime warranty on steam cleaner boilers.


Same as the Dupray HOME Steam Cleaner this is also recommended for tiles, furniture, mattresses, cars, floors, and many more. It assumes 1500 volts, 9 pounds weight, and is white color. This best steam cleaner for mattresses is recommended by 4.5 out of 5 stars customer reviewers.

  • Portable heavy-duty steam cleaner for tiles, floor mattresses, cars, and many more
  • Multi-use devise in a reasonable form factor
  • Quickly Kills 99.99% of bacteria and viruses
  • Easy to use
  • Powerful multipurpose steamer
  • Some consumer says it doesn’t perform well

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3.McCulloch Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner:

Best Steam Cleaner For Mattress


As the name of the product suggests it is a heavy-duty air mattress which is deeply clean without the use of dangerous and harsh chemicals. Yet it uses a hot, pressured steam to remove the grease, stains, dust, and grime, from hard and soft surfaces like the ceramic tile, grout, granite, laminate, utensils, grills, cars, and others.

This steam cleaner assumes a large tank with a maximum capacity of a 48-ounce water tank that heats up within 8 minutes to deliver 45 minutes of steam with the elective locked steam impetus for endless steam cleaning. With the added 18 versatile accessories like the floor mop, nylon brush, mop pads, brass brush, scrubbing pad, and squeegee, it is preferred for mattresses, floors, counters, appliances cleaning, and many more.

It has a 15. 7-foot power cord and a 9-foot steam hose that offers extra maneuverability. These steam cleaners meet the criteria of U.S. voltage requirements and are safety-tested. The McCulloch Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner offers 2 years warranty from the manufacturer and an assisted customer services team.


The customer reviews for this best steam cleaner for mattress are 4.6 out of 5 stars. It is the best product of McCulloch and an ideal option for floors, windows, and mattress cleaning. Moreover, it is the best heavy-duty steam cleaner assuming 12 pounds weight and 1500 watts of voltage.

  • Assumes an extra-long power cord
  • Contains a large capacity tank
  • Brush away germs and Greece
  • Recommended for mattresses, floors, counters, appliances, and many more

  • Some customers say the accessories need improvement.
  • Other say it has some flaws

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4.Wagner Spray tech Steam Cleaner:

Best Steam Cleaner For Mattress


This best steam cleaner is very easy to use, so you can easily connect your desired attachment and also add 40 oz. of distilled water, and at the end turn on the steam cleaner. As a result, orange light will turn off automatically when the steamer gets ready for use.

Wagner Spraytech On-Demand Steam Cleaner is a multipurpose steamer and it is safe from dangerous chemicals So it cleans and removes wallpaper and cleans countless household surfaces with zero chemicals.

Being the best steamer for mattresses it assumes 18 nozzles and comes up with nozzles to lose and dissolve dirt particles, smut, grease, and grime on mattresses, floors and carpets, utensils, kitchen countertops, and appliances.

It’s an ideal choice for wallpaper removal with no harsh chemicals. It keeps the temperature high and holds up to 40 oz. of water as a result it heats up to 212°F  within  9 minutes. The steamer offers an ideal  40 continuous minutes for steaming mad cleaning power on a full tank.


The On-Demand Steam Cleaner is the best product of Wagner Spraytech, which is recommended by 4.3 out of 5 stars customer reviewers. This best steam cleaner for mattress is highly preferred for hard floor, mattresses, and carpets. It includes 120 Volts and also includes special features like a Power steamer, measuring cup, fill funnel, two extended tubes, manual user floor-Cleaning brush, and many more.

  • Remove wallpapers
  • Assumes a multipurpose power steamer
  • Includes 18 attachments nozzles
  • Easy to use
  • Steam clean for a a mattress without chemicals

  • Some customers say the adopter broke during the first thirty minutes of steaming
  • Some say the adaptors are junk and can not handle the heat

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5.Bissell Steam Shot Hard Surface Steam Cleaner:

Best Steam Cleaner For Mattress


As the name indicates the  Bissell Steam Cleaner is a hard surface chemical-free cleaner that uses only water, to provide a  100% natural cleaning safe surface for pets and children. Bissell SteamShot Hard Surface Steam Cleaner has amazing control of heat and an amount of air pressure.

This steam cleaner has amazing features and comes with seven multi-surface cleaning features that include a   jet nozzle, color-coded bulky bristle scuffles, steady scraper tool, angle concentrator tool, and grout tool. Being the best steam cleaner handled it has 100 watts of steam and clean power from numerous hard surfaces.


The dimensions of this best steam cleaner for a mattress is ‎5 x 9.5 x 8.5 inches and the weight is ‎3.83 pounds. It is manufactured by ‎Bissell in China. The model name of this steam cleaner is Steam Shot and it is a Silver color AC/DC cleaner that has ‎6.6 Ounces capacity and is skillfully made by Bissell’s brand. This Bissell steam cleaner is recommended by 4.3 out of 5 stars customer reviewers.

  • Assumes clean and naturally sanitizes with the Power of steam
  • Contains multi-surface tools
  • Excellent capacity of  ‎6.6 Ounces
  • Recommended to remove dirt, grime, Grease, and many more

  • The cleaner is slightly fussy but very effective to use

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Buyer’s Guide

While shopping for a new and best steam cleaner for a mattress you need to know the following criteria. The first and most important is the size and design of the steamer.

Multipurpose Design

Always go through the modern steamer design as most of the modern steam cleaners are featured with multi- purposes and thus designed to handle and perform numerous works. Generally speaking, a few steamer mops are also used by many people as a handheld steam cleaners for smaller works.

While others have attachments and steam levels that are somehow used on a wide variety of indoor and outdoor surfaces, such as clothing items, and appliances. Remember to look for a multipurpose steam cleaner because it’s worth the investment.


Based on your budget choose a steam cleaner for mattress that is easy to control and handle. Also, keep in mind that smaller steam cleaners can be easily handled and carried around and are ideal for fast cleaning and steaming work.

On the other hand, the bigger steam cleaners are featured to offer you longer cleaning sessions. Meaning they are adequate for all long cleaning.


You need to consider the ergonomic design with simple use quality to clean the mattress or any other hard soft surface in your house. keep in consideration that the best steam cleaner for a mattress with an ergonomic handle or shoulder strap is simple to use when it has a heavy weight. Moreover, look in through the cleaning and steaming tool that arrives with the steam cleaner. 


The best mattress steamer is ideal to keep the mattress germ-free effectively. Your prime consideration should be a steam cleaner that has the power of steam, therefore a steam cleaner at removing germs and stains will eliminate heat with high force. Also remember that a Steam Cleaner won’t make the mattresses oo wet, so it is preferred to use it after a short period.

Compatible Surfaces

Remember that not all steam cleaners have compatibility with hard and soft areas or surfaces. Therefore a more efficient way to clean your mattress is steam cleaning but in some models, the cleaner output is extremely powerful for surface-like floors which easily become saturated. Alongside the same mattress, cleaner are multi-purpose therefore they are used to clean the grout, tiles, bathroom fixtures, sink,, etc. Moreover,, some models can be used to clean the carpet when the appropriate attachments are connected.

Rolling Wheels

All buyers must check the following wheels as the wheels of a steam cleaner makes it simpler to control the gadget around a room as you’re rinsing. Through the rolling wheels, the steam cleaner can frequently change its position so it also benefited a mobile person, for carrying the cleaner for a long distance. 

Type of steam cleaner

Must look for the surface whether it’s hard or soft, then according to the surface look for for the best steam cleaner. We have almost three important types of Steam cleaners in the market, that are canister-style appliances, handheld pick, and steam mops.

The most important type is the canister-style cleaners which are most versatile. It assumes many attachments and an extended host that reaches the steam cleaner, to permit you to get into the corners and crevices of your room. 

The Steam mops are extra portable and comfortable to utilize and trick.  It is a great option for hard floors in your home but remembers this model is not designed for rinsing upholstery.

The Handheld steam cleaners are an ideal choice for steaming the component tracts, like sinks, grout, and ovens. We recommended this steam cleaner for use to undertake trash properly.

Included Attachments

When buying the best steam cleaner for matters the included must be properly considered. Because these expand on what a steam cleaner can rinse and sanitize the mattress. Some common attachments like fabric steamer, scrub tool, brush, crevice tool, and a floor head attachment will always be added to its package.

Also, look through the larger steam cleaners because it has hoses or extension poles for improving the reach of the appliance. Also,, remember that some attachments are created to diffuse moisture to deter over-saturation or burns. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to use the best steam cleaner for  mattress?

The correct way of using a steamer for a mattress depends on the special device and also depends on the surface that is going to be clean. The best way is to vacuum dust and debris from surfaces like pads, carpets, upholstery, hard floors, and car interiors. But for mattresses, the steamer is an ideal choice, first of all, test out the cleaner and steam on a small surface. Also, remember to use the proper attachment to add steam to a surface that is going to be steamed. At the end of the process let the surface dry for best output.

What is the ideal and perfect type of the best steam cleaner for mattress?

The ideal and perfect type of steam cleaner for a mattress is a multipurpose steamer. As multipurpose steam cleaners help like a mop or canister-pattern appliance for deep cleaning. Thus it can be used on various hard and soft surfaces with the help of attachments.

Is it good to put a floor-cleaning solution in a steam cleaner?

It is recommended not to put a floor-cleaning solution in a steam cleaner because it can develop the chances of corrosion of the internal parts and void the warranty. Some experts preferred using water instead of a floor- cleaning solution is better. As well as some expensive steam cleaners come with a sample of a brand’s solution that’ll help remove the dust and stains. 

How often should you clean your mattress with a steam cleaner?

A mattress should be cleaned every three to six months. The cleaning can extend the life of mattresses, carpets, furniture, and drapes. Remember if you have kids or pets you may need to clean it up every six weeks. The floors, tiles, carpet,,, and other stuff should be cleaned using a steam cleaner as often as using a mop or spray cleaner.

Let’s Sum Up

If your mattress is dirty and you are wondering about the best steam cleaner for mattress. For this reason, we have explored many websites and come up with this detailed guide on the best Steam cleaner for mattresses and also our top 5 picks for you to choose from!  If you need a  steamer clean that Kills 99.99% bacteria and viruses, Dupray HOME Steam Cleaner is affordable and easy to use.

So what are you waiting for? Just go upward and choose the best steam cleaner for mattress according to your need and budget.

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