How to make a hard mattress softer?


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If your mattress is too hard and feels uncomfortable when you sleep, then no need to be worried at all. We are presenting some steps to make your mattress soft to use. All mattresses become softer when you use them for a month or two. This is the Natural break-in period. However, after its natural break-in period, it gets uncomfortable as well as modulates the extra firmness.

A much harder mattress leads to some symptoms such as increased pressure on the shoulders, hips, and torso. It also leads to misalignment of the spine and your body also suffers from pain in the neck, muscles, and back. The time period to make a hard mattress break in and become soft is 30 to 60 days. It is a normal time period to make your mattress softer and not cause damage to the mattress.

6 Easy  Steps How to make a hard mattress softer in 2023:

Disadvantages of a hard mattress?

When you sleep on a too-hard mattress, it causes harm to your health as well as disrupts your sleep. You can not easily sleep on your hard mattress and also face many difficulties as it causes pain and stiffens your body. So it is very necessary to make your hard mattress soft to sleep comfortably and wake up with no pain. It is actually not a good choice for patients with scoliosis and arthritis, it increases their pain.
Steps to make a hard mattress softer;

Following are some steps to soften your mattress.

1. Swap it for a softer mattress

You have to consult a booklet and read the tips and instructions that came along with the mattress. Use the mattress and complete its trial period to soften the mattress. But if it does not soften until its trial period is over then check for its warranty and contact the company to return it.

2. Make your room warmer

Some mattresses are temperature sensitive such as airy polyurethane and memory foam. If the room temperature is lower, it will make your mattress firmer and if the outside temperature is warmer, it will make your mattress softer. So adjust your room temperature according to your needs. If you want your mattress softer, adjust your room temperature and make it warmer.

3. Flip your mattress

Rotating your mattress can also make it comfortable to use. When you turn up the mattress on a regular basis, the material is distributed evenly which helps to keep your mattress at a standard level of firmness. It also improves the mattress’s lifespan.

4. Mattress topper

If you can purchase a softer mattress cover, then it is very helpful to feel soft and comfortable when you go to your bed. The use of a mattress topper provides you with extra comfort and relief. It is the easiest and simplest method to lessen the firmness of your mattress. The mattress cover is about 1 to 3 inches of pads that cover the surface of the mattress.

It is not very expensive and you can easily purchase it from the market. You can choose a mattress topper of different thicknesses. If you want to make your mattress much softer, switch to a mattress topper of 3 inches in thickness.

5. Change your sleeping position

If you feel that your mattress is too hard when you sleep, then you have to change your sleeping position. This also lets your mattress firmness feel dissimilar. Switch to sleep on your front and back if your mattress is too firm. Because sometimes, your sleeping position supports your joints properly.

6. Reevaluate your foundation

If the mattress foundation from which you bought a mattress is incompatible, then maybe your mattress is uncomfortable and firm. If you are using a latex or hybrid mattress but also prefer a box spring to use beneath it can also void the mattress’s lifespan and warranties.
Using a box spring also makes the mattress too firm. Use a mattress that is compatible with a foundation such as a box spring that is only suitable for innerspring mattresses.

What are the signs of the hardness of your mattress?

The firmness of the mattress varies with body type and sleeping position. Maybe your mattress is too hard if you do not change your sleeping position, you can also feel your mattress hard. A harder mattress leads to joint and muscle pain and also poses an impact on your sleep quality.
Wake up with pain

The hardness and firmness of your mattress cause pressure and pain in your body. When you sleep on such a hard mattress, you will wake up feeling numb i.e, having a tingly foot and dead arm. You can also feel pain in your shoulder and hips. It also leads to discomfort in your sleep quality. It makes you feel groggy when you wake up.

Is it good to sleep on a hard mattress?

There are pros and cons of a hard mattress. It has both positive and negative impacts. Sometimes, doctors recommend sleeping on a firm mattress to better your health. Your bones suck more pressure and pose less stress on veins, arteries, and muscles. Using a hard mattress also prevents your lower back from collapsing. It increases the intake of oxygen while sleeping.

If your body weight is evenly distributed, it leads to less sagging which means that your body part is not facing a pressure burden. Muscles are also less-exhausted or pinched and it also improves your circulation. In some manner, a firm mattress proves more comfortable than a soft one. It also gives more stability to back sleepers.


We have seen that everyone needs a soft mattress to sleep on. Some mattresses whether they are soft or hard are suitable for patients for health as recommended by doctors. We also read that the hard mattress has advantages and disadvantages also.
Hope you have enjoyed reading this article about how to soften hard mattresses. We have described all tips to make your harder mattress softer. If you find it useful, please do inform us via comment. We will come back soon with the next article. Stay tuned and Cheerful.

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By Muhammad Asim