How to Roll up a Mattress?


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When you want to shift home or have to go outside for a picnic or camping, or you further not use your mattress for a season and are worried about how to take a mattress with you or how to roll and pack it. Then no need to bother at all, we are going to discuss how to Roll up a mattress. As there is every kind of mattress and rolling every mattress is not an easy thing. We only roll or compress mattresses without springs.

As we all know, minor damage or carelessness decreases its firmness and makes it uncomfortable to use. So we should take great care of it for its longtime use. Otherwise, it loses its structure and ability to give support and comfort to sleepers. There are many methods to roll or compress a mattress. You can compress all types of mattresses except the Innerspring mattresses. Because they lose their flexibility and their internal materials suffer great damage.

What type of material is required to roll a mattress?

Solid memory foam can be easily rolled or compressed without any damage to its structure and can be easily transported. There are some materials that are required to compress or roll a mattress to safely transport it.

1. Mattress bags

Mattress bags that are made up of plastic are usually accessible in many stores. Use air-tight plastic bags for better safety that is sealable and makes packing more easier. Choose an accurate size of the bag that matches the size of a mattress while purchasing.

2. Ratchet Straps

Ratchet straps are made up of nylon and it is used to suppress large things including mattresses. It is not very expensive and the best three ratchet straps for a mattress, one placed down the middle, and one on each end of the rolled mattress.

3. Tape

It is used to strengthen the plastic bag edges and assist in securing the rolled mattress. Any tape i.e packing or duct tape can be used. In case of home shifting or using the mattress again, make sure that the stickiness of the tape is not too much, otherwise a plastic bag will be torn during unpacking.

4. Vacuum Bag

Use a vacuum bag of a smaller size and keep in mind you have to use a valve only not a bag. Choose the correct size of valve that fits your vacuum hose. If it does not fit perfectly, then you can not compress your mattress.

How to deflate your Mattress?

To flatten a mattress is not so easy, you have to follow proper instructions and work accordingly. Otherwise, you waste your money as well as time. Deflate helps to safely shift the mattress without damaging its support or strength and also makes it easy to carry. There are many steps to deflate a mattress which are described below;

1. Remove Bedding

First of all, remove all the things from the mattress including bed sheets, and pillows except the protective cover. Removing bedding makes packing of mattress easier and you can roll your mattress neatly as well as it becomes flat. A protective cover helps to protect the mattress from dust or damage. Bedding materials usually include Blankets and comforters. You should pack these items separately.

2. Put it Inside the bag

Now put the unclothed mattress into the plastic bag that you bought. If the bag size is as perfect as the size of a mattress, then it is very good if not you have to handle the extra bag. It also occupies some space so make sure to buy a standard-size bag that fits a mattress into it perfectly.

3. Seal it

Take a vacuum bag and cut off the valve. Make a hole in the bag according to the size of the valve. Place the valve in the bag through the hole and the nozzle is pointed outward. Wrap the tape around that area to make the bag airtight.

4. Vacuum

You can use a normal vacuum that you use regularly. Start the vacuum and see your mattress compressing. Press the mattress gently to flatten the mattress when the vacuum is on.

5. Roll it

Now place the mattress in a horizontal way and start rolling the compressed mattress. Allow the vacuum on and make sure to attach it to the valve firmly so that air can’t move into the bag. Doing all the procedures is not easy for a single person, there may be more than two persons to do so if your mattress is of a larger size.

6. Secure it

After rolling the compressed mattress accurately, it’s time to secure the rolled one. You can secure it by using ratchet straps which help to adjust the mattress evenly. Moreover, it also blocks the unravelling or untwisting of the mattress.

Some tips that prove helpful
● During transporting the mattress, place it in a horizontal position after it is rolled. It will secure it from possible harm or damage.
● You can also use extra tape on the rolled mattress to strengthen the roll for extra caution. You can use tape as much as is mandatory.
● In the case of full-size, queen-size, king-size, or twin-size, and California king-size mattresses, you can apply the DIY method.

How to roll a mattress without using a vacuum?

You can also roll the mattress by pressing it down with your hands. Compressing the edges of the mattress as much as you can and starting rolling the mattress at the same time. It is just the same as rolling a blanket or sleeping bag. Compress the mattress downwards and roll it forwards. In this way, you can easily roll the mattress and tie it.


We have seen that mattresses are packed and compressed to transport them from one place to another under strict protection. We also read that the rolled mattress also needs proper care to avoid rupturing it. It should not be treated as a usual bed. Hope you have enjoyed reading this article about rolling the mattresses and can easily pack your mattress by using all these steps. If you find it useful, please do inform us via comment. We will come back soon with the next article. Stay tuned and Cheerful.

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By Muhammad Asim