How to Move an Adjustable Bed Base


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Moving a bed base is very difficult and not everyone can do this. You have to move the bed without damaging the walls and the frame of the bed. This will be done with some tricks and tips. If you have never tried it before then it will be difficult for you to move the bed base.

In this article, we will discuss in detail how to move an adjustable bed base. So you will not face any problems while adjusting the bed base.

What is an Adjustable base?

The adjustable bed is specially made for those who need more comfort while sleeping. Adjustable base help to change the position that supports the natural curvature of the spine. When you change your best position, it helps to get a deeper and restful night’s sleep. Moreover, the adjustable bed those people who have difficulty breathing or poor circulation.

Advantages of Adjustable Beds:

Here are some advantages of adjustable beds that you might like and want in your life.

Blood Circulation:

The best advantage I think about an adjustable base is blood circulation. It helps our blood to circulate easily in the entire body. when you sleep in your best position it helps you sleep in deep dreams and make it easy for your heart to pump blood to the parts of your body that need it the most.

Less pain:

When blood flows better it decreases muscle aches and loose joints. It may contribute to decreasing body pain due to poor circulation, gravity, or other physical factors.

Wide variety:

Adjustable beds have a lot of variety of shapes and sizes. Adjustable beds are different from the standard mattress specifications but you can choose from twin to king. Most of the adjustable beds are available in king and queen sizes that are customizable for users according to their needs.

Increased comfort:

Many adjustable beds comes with built-in massage equipment. This equipment can relax muscles and provide a soothing and comfortable experience for the user. Not only work when you sleep but when you are watching TV, reading a book, or sitting.

Disadvantages of Adjustable Beds:

Here are some disadvantages of adjustable beds.

High cost:

As adjustable beds come with various features, so they tend to be more expensive than traditional beds. Moreover, you also need a frame and a special mattress that can accommodate the adjustments.


Adjustable beds have more noise the traditional beds. The noise comes from 2 places. The one is from the joints of the frame. And others for adjustable bed frame motors.

Steps to Move an Adjustable Bed Base:

Here are the simple 4 steps to move the adjustable bed base without facing any problems. This is not complete but you have to remember the following steps in mind while adjusting the bed base.

Step 1: Remove the mattress

The first step is to remove the mattress from the bed carefully. You can do this by lifting one side of the mattress and pulling it off from the frame. While doing this step make sure to don’t damage the mattress.

Step 2: lifting the Bed Frame

When you are done first step and removed the mattress carefully. Now it’s time for the next step to lift the bed. During this step be careful to not damage the walls are the floor.

Step 3: Move the bed

Now you can easily move the bed to its new location. As we have removed the mattress and bed frame now it will be done easily. You can move the bed by walking or pushing from the old place to the new place. In this process be careful and do not damage the walls. Because a little bit of mistake can harm your walls.

Step 4: Reattach the mattress

As you have moved the bed to its new place, now it’s time to place everything back. First, you need to re-attach the mattress by lifting one side of the mattress and putting it on the frame. While re-attaching the bed takes care of everything to keep them from damaging.

In the last step reattach the wall balls into the holes of the bed frame. They should be tight so that your bed stays in place.

Things to remember while moving bed

Here are some tips and experiences that we have learned after doing a lot of mistakes. As you know the beds are usually heavy weight and it’s difficult for one person to move them. I know 1 friend who tries to move the bed without any help and pulled his back. He was unable to move for 1 week due to back pain. We recommend getting help from your family or friend while moving the bed. Before moving the bed, first, disconnect all electrical cords that may be connected.

Usually, the legs of the mattress are made from metal and can be removed by twisting them easily. While transferring take care of any fragile parts that may break, such as electrical covers or electrical buttons.

Adjustable bed frame Weight

Mostly base models weigh about 150 lbs to 200 lbs. But many models that people buy weigh 550 Ibs to 700 Ibs. This is a lot of weight so don’t try to move the frame without any help. Also, we recommend don’t change the location of your frame very often.

Should you sleep with an adjustable base?

If you have any health concerns then you’re recommended to use the adjustable bed. Because adjustable beds provide a better night’s sleep. There are a lot of health benefits of an adjustable bed. It increases mobility, comfort, and blood circulation.


Now today in this article I have describes in detail how to move an adjustable bed base. We talk about simple steps that can anyone follow and move the adjustable bed from one place to another place. We hope this article will help you to move your adjustable bed base successfully.

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By Muhammad Asim