How Long Does the Mattress Topper Last


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The bed and the mattresses are the essential needs of the time these days. We can see that every house has a bed and everything related to beds. The bed has many parts such as the mattress, frame, headboard, and mattress toppers. Though the mattress is the main part of the bed, one can’t neglect the importance of the mattress topper.

Mattress topper is also a very essential part of the bedroom which has many benefits itself. This article is there to discuss how long does the mattress topper last. In this article, we will also discuss the life span, size, and uses of the mattress topper as well. So, cling to us till the end of the novel and enjoy reading this article.

What is a Mattress Topper?

Talking about the mattress topper, a mattress topper is a layer of memory foam, gel, feathers, microfiber, etc. Some of the mattresses are also made up of latex as well. The work of the mattress topper is to provide more comfort while sleeping on the bed. These mattress toppers also provide extra support to the sleepers. Another good thing about the mattress topper is that they are made of Polyurethane Foam, which is more soothing and soft.

Mattress Topper vs Pad:

People get messed between a mattress topper and a mattress pad. But both are different. One must know that a mattress topper provides extra comfort and pressure relief than a mattress pad. One can reuse the old mattress topper as well. On the other hand, a mattress pad is thinner than a mattress topper. But mattress pads are easier to wash than mattress toppers.

Benefits of a Mattress Topper:

A mattress topper is considered a valuable part of the bed as many benefits regarding bed. The following are some benefits of the mattress topper:
1. Mattress Topper provides extra support and comfort
2. Mattress Toppers are affordable
3. They can take some pressure off the mattress
4. Mattress Toppers help to increase the life span of the mattresses
5. A Mattress Topper keeps the dust particles away from the mattress
6. It can be cleaned easily as compared to the mattress itself
7. Mattress Toppers are money savers as well
8. It increases the softness of the mattress as well
9. It can work as a layer of protection for the mattress
10. Mattress Toppers help to relieve back pain by providing extra support to the back
11. They are easily taken off as well.

LifeSpan of a Mattress Topper:

It is a very common question for people how long a mattress topper can last. People must be aware that the life span of the material depends upon the material used for making those products. In the same, we can conclude a mattress topper.

If the mattress topper is made of good quality, its lifespan would be high in contrast to a mattress that is made of low-quality material. It is estimated that the least lifespan of a mattress topper is about six to eight months. The life span also can vary for different mattress toppers. If the mattress topper is made of very good quality, then it can last up to 20 years as well, which is massively high.

But many researchers have concluded that most mattress toppers can last for three to five years only. Again we see the quality of the mattress topper. It is estimated by the Sleep Foundation that an average lifespan of a mattress topper is about three to five years. So, one should consider removing the mattress and replacing it with a new one every three to five years.

The lifespan of a Gel Mattress Topper:

A gel mattress topper has a slightly higher lifespan than that of other mattress toppers. If the average lifespan of the mattress is five years then a gel mattress topper could last for six or more years. A gel mattress topper can also last for ten years. Try replacing a gel mattress topper in approximately ten years. Again it depends on the shape and structure of the mattress.

The lifespan of a Memory Foam Mattress Topper:

If the mattress topper is made of memory foam then it should be replaced within three to five years. So, the lifespan of a memory foam mattress topper is also near a simple mattress topper. The signs you should replace a mattress topper is the listing of the shape of the topper underneath the mattress. If you notice such an activity, try replacing the topper with the new one.

List of Best Mattress Toppers

There are many varieties of mattress toppers, but some of the best mattresses toppers are listed below:
● Best Overall – Saatva Mattress Topper
● Most Comfortable – Silk and Snow Organic Mattress Topper
● Best Pressure Relief – ViscoSoft Selec High Density
● Best for Side Sleepers – PlushBeds Natural Latex Mattress Topper
● Best For Back Pain – Tempur-Pedic Mattress Topper
● Best Value – Puffy Mattress Topper
● Best Luxury – Birch Organic Mattress Toppers
● Best for Couples – Turmeric Organic Mattress Toppers
● Best for Cooling – Brooklyn Bedding TitanFlex Mattress Toppers
● Softest – Quince Premium Featherbed
● Tuft & Needle Mattress Topper

How to Choose a Mattress Topper?

While choosing a mattress topper, one should check the quality and softness of the mattress topper. Choosing a thicker mattress topper is a good choice to get more support and comfort. The thickness of the mattress topper can vary as well. If someone wants to get a more comfortable and soft mattress topper then a mattress topper that is two-inch thick would be suitable.

But the mattress topper having a thickness of about 3-4 inches is mostly preferred by people as it is more soothing and comfortable. One should choose the mattress topper according to taste and interest.

Wearing out of Mattress Toppers:

As all, we do know that mattress toppers are thin and can wear out as well. So, it is a normal thing for a mattress topper to wear out. But one must prefer a thicker mattress topper to avoid wearing out of the mattress topper. If the topper is thicker, it will take a long time to be replaced than a thinner one. Other signs can damage the mattress topper that is listed below:

● Tears in Topper
● Holes in Topper
● Stains in Topper
● Ripping off the Topper
● Sagging of the Topper
when you see the above signs in your mattress topper, it would be a good choice to replace it.

When to Replace a Mattress Topper?

Different mattress toppers have different lifespans. A Mattress topper of a good quality and a thick mattress can take a long time to get damaged. Hence, they have a longer lifespan. Instead of this, a thicker and low-quality mattress topper cannot last long. It will start wearing out in less time than a good quality mattress topper.

As discussed earlier, the average lifespan of the mattress topper is 3 to five years. So, after a maximum of three to five years, try checking the condition of the mattress topper. If you do feel that the topper needs to be replaced, then replace it. If it is possible to wash and press the topper, it’s a good choice. Otherwise, replacing the topper with a new one is a good idea.


Thus, we saw that mattress toppers have many uses. It offers not only protection to the mattress but also provides softness to the sleepers. Various varieties of mattress toppers are available in the market and we discussed the best of them. Hope this article would prove helpful if you are willing to buy a mattress topper. Keep on following our website for more information-coated articles like this. Please do inform us of your reviews about the mattress toppers via comments. Will come back sooner

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