How to Return a Mattress to Amazon


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We all know amazon is the place where we can find everything including the best mattress in the world. But what if you purchase a mattress from amazon and later want to return it? Today we are going to give a full overview of how to return a mattress to amazon.

According to our information on amazon, all sellers return mattresses but in a specific period. But the return policy is very brand by brand also. The return process is different on amazon and depends on the seller and brands.

Some brands have their official shops on amazon. But some others don’t have a shop. Before you buy on amazon always check the return policy.

How to Return a Mattress on Amazon?

Most of the mattress sellers on amazon have 30 to 100-day return policies. But it depends on some other factors given below:
• Unopened mattress return and refunded easily
Opened mattress can’t be returned but is usually refunded
• If you bought a mattress from a third-party, then the return policy will be different.

Return an unopened mattress to amazon:

There are many reasons to return your mattress. One of them is the size of a mattress. If you want a bigger size and received a smaller one then don’t worry you have the option to return and exchange the product on amazon. An unopened mattress can be returned within 100 days of purchase. Remember one thinks third-party terms may vary.

If your mattress is still not opened then you don’t need to do many steps. Just arrange a return via Amazon. Alternatively, you can call amazon customer support and they will manage everything on their own.

Moreover, many courier company’s also collect unopened return packages. You can contact them. But if your order comes from a third party and not from a direct amazon seller. Then they will think about it. You can contact FedEx, UPS, or any other company, hope someone will help you.

According to Amazon policy, they will return the product to the seller within 25 days. Also, the buyer will get his/her refund within 2-3 weeks. So you will need to wait some days to get your money back.

Return an Opened Mattress to Amazon:

Many people can’t decide whether the mattress is good or bad for them until they sleep on it. If you are one of them and want to change your mattress then follow these steps. when you decide to return your opened mattress to amazon then you need to explain. Amazon will ask you to explain the reason in detail why the mattress is not the best for you. within 30 days of purchase, you can request for refund a mattress on amazon.

Many third-party sellers give you 100 days to return your mattress. Because they have their return policies. Now you can test the mattress for more than 100 days.

Also, you can do one thing, contact with mattress manufacturer directly and ask them what is the return policy of third-party sellers. They will assist you better.

A mattress that can not be returned:

As we saw above the process of returning a mattress is simple for amazon. But sometimes there are occasions when the mattress can not be returned. Here is why:

1. Return policy Passed: Most of the time due to passing out the return policy time, the mattress can’t be returned.
2. Confused between 30 to 100 days policy: Many people can’t understand the return time on amazon. if you have opened the mattress box then you have only 30 days to return it unless you have been granted extra time from the manufacturer. And if you haven’t opened the box then you have 100 days to return the mattress to amazon.
3. Mattress damaged by you: If you have received the mattress damaged you can get a refund. But if you have damaged the mattress then you can’t get any refund. So we recommend using a mattress protector while you’re testing the mattress.


If you’re buying a budget mattress or a luxury mattress, we recommend checking the return policy of some specific products. This step is important for third-party sellers because their policy of returning products is different from the policy of amazon.

Moreover, when you select a good mattress for you and added it to the shopping cart. Check once again to make sure you’re buying the right size mattress. Sometimes mistakenly other products are selected and added to the cart.

When you receive the mattress at your address then check a few more things. First, check the box carefully to make sure it is not damaged anywhere. Then check the product label on the box. From the label learn the size of the mattress and clarify that it is the right size you have ordered. For some reason, if you got the wrong mattress then you have 100 days to return it to get a refund or exchange.

We have discussed in detail how to return the mattress to amazon. You can follow the above methods according to your current situation to return the mattress to amazon.

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By Muhammad Asim