How to Move a King Size Mattress by Yourself


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Hi there. Alone? Have to shift to a new place? Have a King size mattress? You are about to leave your place and need to move all the belongings, including your King size mattress? Wondering about how to do it? How to keep your mattress, other belongings and yourself safe, while moving the king size mattress. Then you are at the right place. I have vast experience of transporting household items, including bedding etc. I’ll share some tips with you, which are helpful in moving a king size mattress.

How to Move a King Size Mattress by Yourself with simple steps in 2023:

Here I’m sharing three essential parts of the whole process of moving a king size mattress by yourself. It’s a bit easy if you have to move a mattress within your house or on the same floor. But taking it outside the house/building, changing the floor, or simply taking it to some other place is a demanding job. First, you should know the pre-requisites, then be well equipped with the required tools and then follow the steps to move the mattress.

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Following are a few pre-requisites that you must keep in mind before learning “How to move a King Size Mattress by Yourself”.

1. Do You Really Need this Mattress?

It is not recommended to move a King Size Mattress by yourself. It can injure you. So, first ask yourself whether you really need to move the mattress. Can’t you just get rid of it by selling, sharing or donating and buying a new one at the new destination? How much more life your mattress has? Usually, a mattress has ten years lifespan.
If it’s worth moving then check whether is it possible to fold the mattress? You can’t fold all the mattresses, especially spring or coiled mattresses. Also, you can’t fold a mattress for more than 3 weeks’ time. If you are still interested in moving it and learning “How to move a King Size Mattress by Yourself”, here is the second point.

2. Mattress Should be Covered

You should cover your mattress properly before the relocation process. If you don’t cover it, there is a chance that it will get too much dirty while exposed to dust/ pollutants on your way to the new destination.
Let’s see the third point.

3. Arrange a Suitable Size Vehicle

First, select a vehicle that is suitable for your mattress according to mattress size and then arrange it. If you put the mattress on top of your car, or inside any vehicle, that can’t accommodate it adequately, the mattress may get dirty or damaged.

4. Arrange Tools

To move a King Size Mattress, you need a few tools, do arrange them for yourself before you start your shifting project.

Accessories / Tools Required to Move a King Size Mattress:

Mattresses are usually expensive items, specially King size and California King Size are really expensive. Everyone wants to take care of expensive items. Arranging suitable tools for moving your King Size Mattress is important for its protection and your safety. Following are the accessories and tools required to move a king size mattress safely:

1. Mattress Bag

Mattress Bags are readily available in the market. They come in all the standard sizes to fit standard-size mattresses. They protect your mattress from damage, dust, water, pollutants etc.

2. Bubble Wrap

Get bubble wrap for your mattress. Place the mattress in an upright position and then wrap the bubble wrap around it.

3. Tape and Scissors

Use tape and scissors to seal the mattress bag and bubble wrap properly.

4. Nylon Rope / Tie-Down Straps

If you are good at tying knots, then use nylon rope otherwise, use tie-down straps with hooks and buckles to carry the mattress.

5. Cardboard

A cardboard can be used to move your mattress by sliding it via cardboard.

6. Dolly or Hand Truck/ Cart

A Dolly (a platform with wheels) or a hand truck / cart can be used to carry the mattress from your house to the vehicle or from the vehicle to the house.

7. Sandwich Bags

You can use sandwich bags to carry nuts, bolts and other small bed parts used with your mattress.

8. Tools Set

If the mattress is in a bed frame, then do keep your tools set having screw drivers, wrenches, extra nut bolts etc.

9. Sharp Knife

You’ll need a knife on reaching the desired destination to break the seals of your mattress’s wrap and cover.

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Steps to Move a King Size Mattress

1. Select a Clear Path

The first step you should take before moving the mattress is to select a clear path from your room to the vehicle. It should be shortest, widest, and obstacle free. Open all the doors which come in the way.
Let’s see the second step to learn “How to move a King Size Mattress by Yourself”.

2. Use a Mattress Bag

Put the mattress in a mattress bag, and seal it by using tape and scissors. Now we move to the third step to learn “How to move a King Size Mattress by Yourself”.

3. Prepare your Vehicle

Check the condition of your vehicle. Don’t compromise on any issue. Open its required doors. Let’s see the fourth step to learn “How to move a King Size Mattress by Yourself”.

4. Lift the Mattress

First fold the mattress and lift it by using nylon rope or tie-down straps. Let’s move to the next point.

5. Use Cardboard when Required

If you need to take stairs, use cardboard to slide down the mattress. For a single person, it’s highly recommended.

6. Use a Hand Truck / Cart or Dolly

For a leveled surface, you can use a hand truck/cart or dolly to move the mattress, it will ease the process and would be a good measure to keep you protected. Our seventh point in learning about “How to move a King Size Mattress by Yourself” is below.

7. Put the Mattress in Vehicle

Put the mattress in the vehicle either by lifting it by ropes or tie down straps or by sliding it via cardboard. Using a cardboard will definitely add to your convenience and is highly recommended if you are doing it yourself. Let’s see the next point.

8. Secure the Mattress

Secure the mattress in the vehicle by putting it on a leveled surface either inside or on top of the vehicle, and fasten it tightly with nylon rope. Let’s move to the next point.

9. Drive Carefully

Drive carefully and slowly while carrying the luggage, including your King Size Mattress. It’s very crucial.

10. Take the Mattress out from Vehicle

When you reach the destination, take the mattress out of the vehicle and remove it from the bubble wrap and mattress bag by opening seals with a sharp knife. Let’s move to the next point.

11. Assemble the Bed Frame

Assemble your bed frame so that it can accommodate the mattress again. Now let’s see the last point.

12. Put the Mattress in its Place

Put your King Size Mattress back into its bed frame, and it’s done. So, this is all about “How to move a King Size Mattress by Yourself”.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Here are some FAQs, which will help you in having a clear understanding of “How to move a King Size Mattress by Yourself”.

1. Can I Ship a King Size Mattress?

Yes, you can ship a mattress whenever you want. It would cost you a bit, but it would be a good option, especially if you are moving to a far-off place.

2. Can I fold a King Size Mattress?

Yes, you can fold a King Size Mattress, but not for more than three weeks. But first, keep in mind that the mattress shouldn’t have springs or coils, if it has, you can’t fold it. Folding a spring mattress will ruin it.

3. Is it legal to put King Size Mattress on top of your Car?

If you have secured your mattress well then it is legal to put your King Size Mattress on top of your car. If you can’t keep it secure there, you are putting others’ life and property in danger, so it becomes illegal.

4. Can I put a King Size Mattress in a Van?

A king size mattress is around 76 inches wide and 80 inches long, and it’s quite thick too. A cargo van is usually 50-60 inches wide; so it’s impossible to put the king size mattress in a van.

5. Is it recommended to Move a King Size Mattress by Yourself?

No, it is not recommended to move a king size mattress by yourself. Better ask some people to join you, or take professional help.

6. Can I hire professionals to move a King Size Mattress?

If you are considering hiring professionals to move your king size mattress, that’s also a good choice, but it would be a bit costly. It all depends on your budget and circumstances.

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The question in your mind, “How to move a King Size Mattress by Yourself” has a very straightforward answer. You have first to decide whether it’s really worth it or not, if it is, then take care of the pre-requisites, collect all the tools and follow all the steps which I have shared in this article. Your task will become easy, though it seems a bit tough. Go ahead; you can do it. Good Luck!!!

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By Muhammad Asim