How to move a mattress by yourself?


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Mattress plays a great role in our life, Mattresses make our life comfortable and give us a comfortable platform for sleep. The floppy texture firmness and bouncy bed mattresses are famous around the world for having them on your bed and adding comfort to your life.

They help to prevent the tiredness of the work and help to make the body relaxed and comfortable. But they also have to be cleaned for the better health of your family. Cleaning and carrying a mattress is a great problem. Carrying a mattress by yourself can be a difficult task because mattresses have a big size, have great bulk, and sometimes are very heavy. For moving a mattress you need Friends, family members, or co-workers to help you move a big piece of furniture like a mattress. If for some reason, no one is available or you don’t have time to wait for them, you may have to move a mattress by yourself which is a tough job.

When moving a mattress, it’s very important to be careful and calm because otherwise, you may damage your mattress or injure yourself. In this article, we are concerned for you. We share some tips to help on how to move a mattress by yourself carefully without ruining it and without injuring yourself.
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Simple Methods about How to move a mattress by yourself:

1: Buy a plastic mattress cover

These are commonly sold at any stores nearby your home that sell moving supplies. You’ll also be able to find mattress covers or plastic bags for mattresses at a local hardware store. They are very cheap and easily available. It is necessary because during the process of moving the mattress the sides and top of your mattress may come in contact with floors, stairs, the ground outside, and the inside of a moving van and due to rubbing with different things it may ruin the fibers of the mattress. You can use a plastic mattress cover to cover your mattress fully with it to prevent your mattress from collecting dirt and permanent stains.

But If you’re simply moving the mattress from one room to another or just changing its position within the same room house or apartment, you don’t need to purchase or use a mattress cover, simply just move it or drag it.

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2 cover the mattress thoroughly with a plastic cover or bag

Even though you have a mattress protector over your mattress, you still want to make sure your mattress remains clean. The moving process is usually messy, and you don’t want your mattress to get stained or ruined. Always cover your mattress with a plastic sheet.
While moving the mattress, the tops and sides of your mattress will probably come into contact with stairs, floors, the outside ground, or the inside of your moving van or truck and it will automatically get stained and dirty.

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Take all your mattress protectors, sheets, pillows, topper, etc., off your bed, and then cover your mattress in plastic wrapping or a mattress bag. This will protect your mattress during the move. If you’re using a mattress bag, put your mattress against the wall, with the long side standing up. Slide the bag over the mattress starting from the top of the mattress. Pull the mattress onto the ground and set the bag well and tightly tape the opening shut.

If you’re using plastic wrapping, bubble wrap, or moving blankets, position your mattress in such a way that makes it easy for you to wrap it. Wrap tightly, leaving as little air as possible between the material and your mattress. Or if possible remove All the air from the mattress or plastic bag. If you want extra coverage, wrap the entire mattress bag with tape once you’re done to keep the bag or material from slipping off.

3: Folding a mattress

Folding or rolling a mattress is very beneficial. Folding up your mattress will make it easier for just one person to move easily and especially if you’re moving a larger mattress like a queen, king, or California king.
When you fold a twin mattress then you can probably get away with using one strap. But you’ll probably need to use two or three ratchet straps if you are folding a queen, king, or full-size mattress. Folding is one of the most useful tips we can give you for how to move a king-size mattress. Folding the mattress will reduce the height and width and length so that it’s less Folding a mattress will probably only work if you have an all-foam mattress that’s medium to thin in thickness. We don’t recommend that you try to fold a mattress that’s thicker or that has coils. You could ruin your mattress and void the warranty and all the fibers and coils will be damaged.


Bend it horizontally, not height-wise. Keep the side of the mattress that you sleep on facing inside, so it doesn’t get dirty and always cover it with a plastic bag or sheath
Make sure the top and bottom of the mattress base are touching and also cover with plastic sheath
Now reinforce it with straps or ratchet tie-downs or wrap it with a tap so it doesn’t open
When it’s floppy mattresses give support with cardboard
Secure the mattress to the cardboard with straps or ratchet tie-downs, which should keep it from flopping around as you move and you can move the mattress easily.

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4:lifting the mattress

To protect yourself and not throw out your back and prevent yourself from back pain. don’t use your back to lift anything heavy, including your mattress. To make sure you do this correctly, don’t bend forward while lifting a mattress. Instead, bend your hips and knees to bend down, pick up the mattress while keeping it as close to the body as possible, and then straighten your legs to lift don’t lift anything heavy above shoulder level, and avoid twisting or turning your body while lifting or holding a heavy object because with this posting you can get severe back pain and ache.
Your body position when Lifting a mattress:
First of all, l Spread your feet shoulder-width apart to have wide support of base
Closely hold the object to your body as much as possible
Bend on your knees and do not bend at your waist or use your back
Now Tighten your stomach muscles or core as you lift it will give you strength.
Lift the object slowly and gently using the muscles in your hips and knees so that it does not harm you.
Do not bend forward as you stand up with the object
Keep the object as close to your body as possible while carrying it or lifting it.
Avoid twisting your back while lifting or carrying the object
Squat down as you set the object down, using the muscles in your knees and hips and keeping your back straight don’t turn your back muscles
Gently place the object and get up slowly

5: Vehicle loading

Once you have folded your mattress or reinforced and covered it, you can move it to your vehicle. The easiest way to do this is to take help from another person. If you can’t recruit someone like a friend, family member or worker. Now Clear a path and gently roll your mattress to your vehicle you may also need to rent a larger vehicle to transport your mattress.

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Wear a pair of sneakers or other closed-toe shoes while moving the mattress. You could end up walking into a piece of furniture while you’re holding the mattress, and closed-toe shoes will help protect your feet from being injured by a pointed object or if a mattress falls on your toes etc.
You should have a professional mover to move larger objects from your home so you don’t risk getting injured yourself.
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It is concluded that When moving a mattress don’t move it alone always take the help of others like friends family members workers
And it is also recommended by the doctors that you should not try to lift a mattress all by yourself because it might cause injuries in your backbone as the mattress is heavy. You also need to make the wrapping proper to ensure the safety of the mattress. You can move the mattress anywhere and also keep it clean. Also, make sure that you take others to help to do the job. But if you still need to do it alone, then you need to be very careful about choosing the methods to move the mattress alone.


Q: Can you fold a mattress with springs?

Yes, you can move the mattress but don’t try to fold the mattress. A mattress with a spring or coil inner must not be folded because it will damage the mattress, but memory foam mattresses and latex mattresses can be folded or rolled for a short time when moving house and are easily foldable.

Q:Can you fold a king-size mattress?

Ans: Yes you can fold a king-size mattress in half if you need to do so for moving or storage but only for a few weeks or days not for months. The only time you shouldn’t fold the mattress is when it’s innerspring or when it’s more than 5 to 6 inches thick.

Q:How much does it cost to move a mattress?

Ans: you can move a mattress by yourself but if you want to hire a professional mattress mover then it’s going to cost from a few dollars up to around 50 dollars depending on your location.

Q:Can a mattress get bed bugs in storage?

Ans: Yes, storage units can get bed bugs even if there is no bed in the bag at all. A bed bug infestation can occur almost anywhere.

Q:How can I protect my mattress when moving?

Ans: it is very easy, to put your mattress in a mattress bag or plastic bag Slip then seal it with tape tightly. Fold over the edges and tape them down. This should help the plastic stay on and protect the mattress surface during the move.

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