How to make mattress firmer plywood?


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You may need a firmer mattress for any reason. Maybe your bed is softer than you expect it to be. There are some mattresses that get softer with time causing you to break them in. Your doctor also suggested you sleep on a firmer mattress if you are suffering from back pain and back injury. There may be a reason that your companion moved in and wants a firmer mattress.

The important factor in your sleep, health, and keeping your body upright is the firmness level of your mattress. Firmness is also the key factor as the softness of the mattress is. Therefore maintaining the firmness level is also very important. It is essential to attain a mattress that fulfils your sleeping needs. If you have any back issues and also depending on the weight of your body, we have to recommend a mattress with standard softness as well as firmness.

As we spend most of our time on our mattresses during the day and almost eight hours at night while sleeping, it is necessary to have a mattress that has an accurate level of firmness and softness for our bodies. For instance, if a mattress is too firm when you sleep on it, it causes pain in your body and spine. On the contrary, if your mattress is too soft to easily move in, then it also leads to many problems and disturbs your sleep.

So choosing a mattress with the correct level of firmness is an important thing to keep in mind if you want a better surface to sleep comfortably and also to relax when you wake up. There are different kinds of sleepers that need a different level of firmness. Such as Back Sleepers require more firmness of mattress to sleep comfortably and Side Sleepers require a mattress with less firmness that can be adjusted according to your spine and curve while sleeping.

How to make a mattress firmer Plywood?

There are many methods of making your mattress firmer. You can implement these strategies to increase the firmness level of your mattress. When you purchase a mattress, it is too firm to use for the first time. But gradually, it becomes softer and adjusts according to your body weight. And after using it for a week, you are satisfied with your mattress as it becomes comfortable as you want it to be.
If the level of firmness is decreased then it is necessary to make the mattress firmer. Using a plywood board below your mattress, some tricks can make sure that you are sleeping comfortably.

1. Trial Period

It is the period of using a mattress usually that is bought from any online brand. Most mattress firms give a trial period of 100 nights but some like Nectar have one year trial period. If your mattress is in its trial period, then you can easily return it with a full refund. If your mattress is unsuitable for you, then contact the company and call for a return.

2. Using a plywood

Placing your mattress on the floor makes you feel comfortable then it is a good choice to place it there. You can also stable the firmness of the mattress by placing a plywood board between the bed frame and mattress. It will increase firmness and also hardens your mattress to some extent.

3. Check box spring

There is a risk of tearing the box springs when used for a long time. They give less support when losing their firmness. It results in making the mattress too soft when you sleep. It is good to replace a box spring and it proves helpful to harden your bed.

3. Replace the worn-out layers

The different companies specialized in manufacturing their mattresses by using different types and layers of materials. So it is very easy to select a mattress of good quality. You can also replace the damaged layer while contacting the company. It is an easy and low-cost way to make your mattress firmer. One important thing is your mattress has a removable mattress cover if you are willing to replace the worn-out layer.

4. Dampness

The reason for the extra softness of your mattress is the increased amount of moisture. This is very common when your outside temperature is humid, especially in humid areas. Just lay your mattress in a moisture-free area or lay it in the sun. By doing this, your mattress can get firmer and it will also kill mould, germs, and bacteria.

5. Manage your room temperature

Some mattresses are temperature sensitive such as airy polyurethane and memory foam. If the room temperature is lower, it will make your mattress firmer and if the outside temperature is warmer, it will make your mattress softer. So adjust your room temperature according to your needs. If you want your mattress firmer, let the window open and switch on the fan to adjust your room temperature.

6. Rotate your mattress

Sometimes, you can make your mattress hard by flipping it on the opposite side. It is also recommended that you have to rotate your mattress seasonally, no matter what type of mattress it is. It will prevent sagging and also increase the level of firmness. It also helps in preventing the mattress from damaging from one side due to heavy body weight.

7. Plywood board

If you place a plywood board in between your box spring and mattress, it helps to increase the mattress’s firmness. Because this gives an extra layer of support below your mattress and also prohibits it from sinking down.


Hope you have read the complete article about how to make your mattress firmer. There we discussed all possible tips to balance the firmness level of your mattress. We made it clear how plywood is helpful to strengthen your mattress.
Hope all those things will prove very helpful to you. Please do inform us via comments if you find any mistakes, and we will come back soon with more information. Keep on following our website.

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By Muhammad Asim