What happens if you sleep on a mattress too soon?


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If you have bought a new mattress whether it is a latex, memory foam, or hybrid mattress, it is sure that it will take some time to dilate. If you have unpacked your new mattress and are willing to sleep on it then it does not damage your mattress. There are many mattress firms that warn you not to use your mattress immediately after it is unboxed.

They alert you to use the newly opened mattress after 24 hours to make sure the mattress quality is at its full potential on the first night when you go to sleep on it. So what happens if you sleep on a mattress too soon? There is no specific damage to your mattress when it is used immediately after unpacking. It is inconvenient to wait before using a new mattress.

What is the reason for giving some time to your mattress before you sleep on it?

Usually, it is good to take your mattress sometime so that it expands. If you sleep on the new mattress too soon, you are putting your full body weight over it, which results in improper expansion of the mattress. It also causes turning and tossing. The reason for using a mattress after 24 hours is that when you unpack your mattress after it is delivered, it is in a compressed condition.

And when you wrap it, it must take 7 to 10 hours to expand properly. The companies especially those which sold their mattresses online ask their customers to give them time to breathe for a maximum of 24-72 hours in case they have other sleeping beds so that they can expand properly. The online parcel is properly wrapped and compressed with airtight packing to prevent any damage.

Another reason to wait while sleeping on a new mattress is the fear of off-gassing. The mattress has a chemical-like smell when you freshly unbox it. This smell is very unpleasant to bear. That’s why I avoid using a newly opened mattress for some hours. In this situation, leave your bed in an airy room to get rid of any unpleasant scents.

What should I do to speed up the expansion process?

There are different types of mattresses with different natures and compositions. Some of them can easily expand in 3 to 4 days, some take two weeks to expand properly, and some take a harder time to expand. If your mattress does not expand in a few days, you can also expand it by putting in some minor efforts. You can activate it with your body heat.

You can speed up the expansion process by laying down on it, constant movement, heat, and body weight also activate the expansion of the foam and loosen the materials. You can also expand your mattress by rolling around and standing on the end, walking around the corners of the mattress. This can make your mattress expand faster.

If you are using a memory foam or hybrid mattress, then you can easily and quickly expand your mattress. If you are devoid of important information about memory foam mattresses then we are telling you that it is a temperature-sensitive mattress. When the room temperature is hot, it becomes softer and becomes firmer when the outside temperature is cold.

While using a mattress, turn up the heat of your room to about 72 degrees. It can increases the expansion process immediately and also soften the materials. And the mattress becomes more malleable and easily adjusts according to your shape. You can feel much more relaxed and comfortable when you wake up.

What happens if you use your mattress too soon?

If you want to sleep on your mattress when it is delivered, then you can not feel it as soft and comfortable as it is. Remember the mattress is not inflated as it is just filled up after unpacking and you may think that it is not your choice of mattress and too uncomfortable. That’s why companies take 30 days to return the newly purchased mattress so that it expands properly and adjusts according to your body.

The time period of 24 hours is just given to you as a precaution to make sure that your mattress is stretched and expanded to its full capacity. You have to check if your mattress is 10 inches or not. if your mattress is less than 10 inches then give it time to expand to its full size before calling a complaint. But after its expansion completely, it is still very uneasy to sleep on that immediate call for a return without wasting time.

Can I sleep on the mattress when it is expanded?

You can easily sleep, move, and walk on your new mattress when it expands. You can feel comfortable and relaxed when you use your mattress. It is a good suggestion to use a mattress protector and toppers when it is expanded. It will help to prevent any dust allergens, bed bugs, and dust from entering the mattress directly. Use the mattress cover which is the size of the mattress.

Using a narrow or extra-large mattress topper leads to further troubles. If your mattress cover is too tight, it can not expand the corners of the mattress and also impacts on expansion time of your new mattress.

How can you know that your mattress is too hard and firm?

Some signs are given below that can help you to know that your mattress is actually so firm and hard after giving it time to expand.
● Wake up with neck, shoulder, and upper back pain.
● Resulting in discomfort in your hips, shoulders, or knees.
● Increase the pain and pressure on the back and joints.
● Numbness in your hands, arms, legs, or feet.


We have seen that a mattress takes time to expand when it is new. It is suitable to give it a month to expand so that it gets soft. We also read that the mattress needs proper care to avoid rupturing it.

Hope you have enjoyed reading this article about what happens to the mattress if it is used too soon. If you find it useful, please do inform us via comment. We will come back soon with the next article. Stay tuned and Cheerful.

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By Muhammad Asim