How to move a foam mattress by yourself?


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If you want to carry a mattress then it is best to move the mattress with the help of groups. If you are only to move a mattress then it becomes difficult for you to handle a foam mattress. But if you are alone to move the mattress and do not know how to move it by yourself. You can get some useful tips to move a foam mattress in this article. If you have only a mattress to move, then it can get pricey for you.

What materials are used to move a mattress?

Some materials are needed to move a mattress safely from one place to another. If you cover your mattress and roll it then it becomes very safe for you to transfer your mattress without any damage. You have to collect some needed materials before covering your mattress.
● Dolly or cart
● Tape
● Scissors
● Rope
● Mattress bag

1. Cover your mattress

You have to cover your mattress by putting sheets on it so that it remains clean while shifting. Actually, it is too messy to move from one place to another and you are also anxious that the mattress does not get ruined and any stains during shifting. Your mattress comes across floors, ground, stairs, and the inside area of a van or truck. Pack your bedding such as a pillow, topper, and sheets separately. Now cover your mattress in a mattress bag.
You have to do some work if you have to move your mattress by yourself before packing your mattress.
● Put out the bed sheets, pillows, mattress toppers, and pads from your mattress.
● Stand your mattress with the wall. Use a mattress bag and slide the mattress into it step by step. Firstly put your mattress from the top on both sides and slowly pull the mattress onto the floor and then close the zip.
● Place them in a position that makes you wrap the mattress easily. Make sure to air-tight your mattress.
● You can also use tape to pack the mattress so that it can not get out of the bag.

2. Fold up your mattress

You can easily move a folding mattress by yourself even if it is a larger one such as a California, King, or Queen mattress. It is the best thing to fold your foam mattress because it can minimise the width and height of the mattress making it less flimsy. Foam mattresses can’t be rolled to transport them. After folding your mattress, wrap it with tape. Avoid folding a spring-coiled mattress because it can ruin its structure and coils.
How to fold a mattress;
● Avoid bending it height-wise, prefer width-wise bending.
● Face the side of the mattress at which you sleep inwards. It helps to keep this side clean.
● Ensure that both sides (Top and bottom) of the base of the mattress touch.
● After folding the mattress, tie it with rope or ratchet tape to avoid opening it.
3. Support floppy mattress with cardboard
If your mattress is made of coils or springs or you do not want to fold your mattress, then reinforce your mattress with the help of a cardboard slab. Use straps to protect your mattress when using cardboard. Using a Cardboard helps you if your foam mattress is more flexible. In order to stabilise it, you can use a flat and large piece of cardboard.

4. Lift from the knees

Lifting the mattress with the help of your knees is a good idea rather than lifting it on your back. Because it causes back pain and also misaligns your spine. Lift the mattress by bending your knees and hips. Then pick it up by straightening your legs. Avoid lifting anything on your shoulder and do not turn and twist your body when you are lifting a heavy object.
Some tips to uplift the mattress on your knees;
● Broaden your shoulder feet width to widen the support base.
● While lifting, come closer to the mattress or any object that you are lifting.
● Avoid bending at your back and waist, turn down on your knees.
● Tight your muscles in the stomach when you lift the object.
● Pick up the object by using your hip and knee muscles slowly.
● Avoid bending forward while standing up with the mattress.

5. Take your mattress to the vehicle

Use a dolly or cart if you are alone and take your mattress to the vehicle. It helps to move your mattress from your room to the transporting automobile or vehicle and then from there to the new place. You can easily move your mattress by placing your mattress over it for a short distance. You can rent it according to your choice at any hardware store.

6. Clear your path

Before using a dolly, you have to clear the hurdles that may place in your path. This helps you easily take your mattress with the help of supporting material. Carry your mattress at an angle or sideways.

How to move a foam mattress without rolling it?

You can also shift your foam mattress flat. There is another method to transport a foam mattress flat. Take a breathable or light mattress bag and cloth sheets to cover the mattress.

Avoid using heavy plastic because it absorbs moisture that causes damage to a foam mattress particularly when you are transporting it to far-off places. Place the mattress into the vehicle by keeping it flat.

What should I do to roll a foam mattress?

First of all, you have to compress the mattress with the help of a vacuum to transport it safely. Then put it on the floor and roll it up with the help of your companion. One had to press it down and the other started rolling it immediately. After rolling it, you can use tape to tie your mattress firmly so that it can be closed. You can not do this alone, you have a partner who helps you roll a foam mattress.


We have seen How you can transport a foam mattress by yourself from one place to another under strict protection. We also read that the foam mattress can be transported by folding it and also flat.
Hope you have enjoyed reading this article about moving the mattress alone and can easily pack your mattress by using all these steps. If you find it useful, please do inform us via comment. We will come back soon with the next article. Stay tuned and Cheerful.

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By Muhammad Asim