What is the standard mattress thickness?


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When you want a new mattress, you are looking for a mattress of good thickness that what is the standard mattress thickness you should buy. Because the thickness of the mattress determines its quality. It also tells the breaking period of the mattress and how comfortable it is when you sleep on it. The thickness of the mattress is connected with comfort, good sleep, and luxury. Everyone needs a luxurious mattress to sleep comfortably. Must consider the height of the mattress when purchasing a new mattress.

Thickness poses a great impact on your comfort and relaxes you when you wake up. If the mattress is thin or not too thick, it leads to poor sleep and also disturbs your health. Thickness is also called the depth or height of the mattress. It also affects the height of your mattress. The height of the mattress should be about 25 inches from the ground. If the height is 25 inches from the floor, then your feet can easily reach the ground.

The thick mattresses are also expensive and also of high quality. The thickness varies with the sleep position, size, and weight of your body. Thin mattresses are not as comfortable and supportive as thick ones. If you are not sure about the thickness that you need, you can also get a mattress for a trial period for its long-term use.

Why is a thicker mattress better than a thin mattress?

The thick mattresses are made with extra cushioning that is recommended for side sleepers, larger persons, and couples. They are very expensive and heavy compared to thin mattresses because they have more materials and more layers. There are also many advantages of a thin mattress. They are easy to move, firmer, and affordable in contrast to thick mattresses.
The list of the mattress thickness is charted below;
● Low Profile mattresses: 2-5 inches
● Slim mattresses: 5-8 inches
● Standard mattresses: 8-12 inches
● Thick or tall mattresses: 12-6 inches
● Extra thick and tall mattresses: More than 16 inches

The first two mattresses are actually thin mattresses. But these are actually low-profile mattresses that are very well used by a toddler. They are also preferred to put in guest rooms. Slim mattresses have foam layers that provide more relaxation and comfort. These are good options for adults who want limited mobility and more comfort.

What are the factors that determine mattress thickness?

The depth of the mattress is associated with the thickness of each layer that is present inside it. There are different layers present inside different mattresses. Some have 2 layers but mattresses of high quality have more than two layers. There are different materials in each layer that impact the support, cushion, and durability of the mattress. The basic layers that are present in all types of mattresses are the base layer and the comfort layer.

1. Comfort Layer

It is the luxurious topmost layer of the mattress. In some mattresses i.e, innerspring, the comfort layer consists of wool, cotton, and poly-foam. It is a pillow top which is a layer of very soft material that is packed and stitched with a mattress cover. Other types of mattresses including Latex, memory foam, and hybrid mattresses have comfort layers of memory foam and latex.

The firmness and softness of the top layer is associated with the relief and contouring feature of a mattress. The thickness of the comfort layer is about 2 to 3 inches to give enough support and cushion. There are more than one comfort layer in some mattresses to increase softness. It also has some speciality such as targeted back support and cooling features. The other layers that are under the comfort layer are Transition layers.
It is also very beneficial to provide comfort to different parts of the body including head, shoulders, back, feet, and hips. Some parts of the body such as shoulders and hips require a softer cushion while the head, feet, and back need firmer support.

2. Base Layer

This layer is made of different materials and also known as the foundation layer. It consists of more than 50% of the thickness of the total mattress in some of the high quality mattresses. For instance, while purchasing a mattress of 12 inches, must ensure that the base layer of the mattress should be 6 inches thick. Because if you buy a mattress with a thick base layer, it is more durable and also prevents sagging.
In the hybrid and innerspring mattresses, the base layer is manufactured with coils. Memory foam mattresses have a polyfoam base layer and the latex mattresses may either have poly foam or latex foam at the base.

When a standard mattress thickness breakdown?

For the thickness of the standard mattress, you have a mattress of 8 and 12 inches high. If the base layer of a standard mattress is about 6 inches which gives an extra comfort layer of 6 inches. It also provides more comfort for most sleepers whether they are back, side or stomach sleeper. Standard mattress thickness is preferred most because it is designed according to the person’s requirements. However, there are mattresses of more thickness such as extra thick mattresses but they are not recommended by people.

Although they are much thicker and have more layers of comfort and base layer but they are not always better. They also cause many problems such as their sheets not fitting perfectly to a mattress. So a mattress with standard thickness is the very good choice for all types of sleepers. You can easily sit and move away from the mattress as it is not too high from the floor.


Hope you have read the complete article on what is standard mattress thickness. There we discussed all possible variations on mattress thickness. We made it clear which mattress has more thickness and which one is good for sleepers of all types. Hope all those things will prove very helpful to you. Please do inform us via comments if you find any mistakes, and we will come back soon with more information. Keep on following our website.

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By Muhammad Asim