What is a mattress enhancer?


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In this article, we will provide a detailed guideline on what is a mattress enhancer, An extra layer of mattress or foam means an extra layer of comfort, the mattress will become softer, flexible and flexible so fillings like cotton wool or foam material make a massive difference in the comfort level. If your mattress gives firm back support but it has full fuel fulfilling softness, the combination of the two i.e mattress and mattress enhancer could help you find the perfect balance for you.

It is very surprising that your mattress alone won’t necessarily give you the best possible sleep and will not provide you with extra support. So, what is a mattress enhancer? To provide more protection and cushion than your original mattress, many people add a mattress enhancer or protector to their beds. If you want to completely change the comfort level of your bed, you need a good quality mattress enhancer for your mattress.

A Detailed Guide 2022 – What is a mattress enhancer?


A mattress enhancer or mattress topper is a thick softened layer that coats the napping floor of the mattress and is going under the equipped sheet. They’re normally crafted from memory foam or packed with down or down options. Mattress toppers are designed to make your mattress greater cushty for you whether or not meaning making the bed surface less attackable or softer.

Memory foam toppers usually prepare the dozing surface more impregnable while down/down alternative toppers create it softer. Mattress toppers are commonly much less highly-priced than replacing a whole bed, but they’re much higher priced than a mattress pad. They additionally give extra relief and assistance than a mattress pad.

However, domestic professionals warn memory foam toppers to tend to make your experience hotter at some point in the nighttime. Also, most toppers and enhancers aren’t device-washer-friendly mattress toppers that will alternate the feel of a present bed, improve your degree of comfort at the same time as you sleep, and might make the life of your mattress bigger.

It’s an additional expense that could see you having to spend a lot less on a new mattress in addition down the line, with the delivered advantage of advanced consolation and help. A Mattress topper is a two- to four-inch layer of latex or memory foam or other cloth introduced on the top of your bed. Its purpose is to enhance the feel of your mattress by masking it with an s of your selection.
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Types of mattress enhancers:

1: Memory foam bed toppers help in the same manner as memory foam mattresses, it is just a thinner sheet that rests on top of your present bed. Memory foam gently molds your frame, supplying additional consolation and help.

2: Egg crate mattress toppers pass by using many names, so ‘egg crate’ is a superb trap-fascinated with plenty of distinctive manufacturers. They are fabricated from a bumpy nodular foam surface that appears sort of like an egg container, regularly in a padded cover. They may be effortlessly rolled up or stacked, so while they are no longer pretty as steeply priced as memory foam, they may be plenty greater bendy, and typically inexpensive too.

3: Wool or fleece mattress toppers use herbal substances that reduce the danger of allergies, and they’re exceptionally tender and less itchy than you may expect. However, they were very expensive. Wool bed toppers have a luxurious texture that offers antimicrobial, soft and long-lasting comfort. Their cushiony, natural wool substance traps heat to hold you heat throughout the night.


  • Hypoallergenic and antimicrobial
  • Light and plush cushion
  • Provides comfortable warmth
  • Can preserve bed bugs and mites away
  • Lasts for years

Feather or Down

Feather or down bed toppers are full of feathers or down, the smooth underbelly feathers on ducks or geese, supplying a luxuriously plush sense.
Extremely Cheap facilitate airflow


Mattress PAD:

A thin, one- to 2-inch latex, feather or layer introduced on top of your mattress that offers light guidance and protects against allergens, dust, and accidents. A bed pad is tremendous for sleepers who already love the sense of their bed but need a financially-pleasant, additional layer of consolation and safety. On the other hand, a bed topper is higher for folks that need to adjust the feel in their mattress completely.

Mattress ENHANCER:

A thick, two- to four-inch layer of memory foam, latex, wool, or feather material added on top of your bed that provides medium assist and protects your mattress from sagging and stains.

Importance of mattress enhancers:

Benefit 1

If you are afflicted by returned or joint pain, in specific arthritis or fibromyalgia, then the added help furnished through a memory foam bed topper ought to significantly enhance your comfort even as you sleep. Memory foam’s strong, frame-moulding structure also means that your associate’s moves in a shared mattress will now not affect you pretty much; the bed will offer restful sleep for future years.

Benefit: 2

If you’re flawlessly satisfied together with your bed then it is greater of a brought luxury than a crucial purchase, however, there are some instances in which a topper can be a particular benefit.

Benefit: 3

Breathe new life into your mattress and shield it from mites, dust and bacteria buildup. Our bed topper is specifically designed to help you protect a wholesome sleep environment because it gives another breathable layer that comes with an antimicrobial and antibacterial function. It comes with a cloth that’s softer to the touch and presents greater assistance and comfort in your suitable nighttime relaxation.

Benefit: 4 Can Regulate Bed Temperature

If you generally tend to sleep hot, a cooling bed topper enables warmth to break out as you sleep. For example, the Casper Mattress Topper consists of breathable foams with tiny pores designed to permit warm air to get out and away from your frame.

Benefit: 5 Can Lift a Sagging Mattress

Over time, beds can shape dips from nightly utilization, but a mattress topper can be a powerful way to repair a sagging mattress. If you observe that your bed is starting to sag, a mattress topper’s thick sheet of a cushion can assist restore it.

Benefit: 6 Saves You Money

Did you understand that buying a mattress topper may virtually prevent cash in the end? A bed topper prevents stains and maintains your mattress in higher shape for a greater time e, extending the everyday lifespan of a bed.
Since buying a bed topper, check how regularly you have to update your bed kind. If you’ve already had your bed for over seven years, it may be time to put money into a new bed. Then, you could upload a mattress topper so it lasts even longer.
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How To Put On a Mattress enhancer?

Using a bed enhancer honestly provides one step in your routine. Here’s the way to make your bed with a mattress topper:
Add Mattress
Roll on the mattress topper
Position bed protector or pad, if applicable
Place mattress skirt under bed
Put on a fitted sheet
Tuck in a flat sheet
Lay down comforter or quilt
Arrange pillows


It is concluded that a mattress enhancer or a mattress topper provides your mattress extra support and firmness to your body and will enhance your comfort in your sleep because a mattress alone will not give you proper sleep and comfort. A mattress enhancer prevents stains and other daily life accidents. and will keep your mattress in better shape for more time, extending the lifespan of a mattress. The mattress provides you with an extra cushioning effect and will also maintain the temperature at the pressure points of the body.


Q: Can bed enhancers be well worth it?

If you don’t love the texture of your cutting-edge bed, a bed topper may be well worth it. You’ll be able to modify the temperature and firmness of your mattress even from stains and prolong its lifespan.

Q: Are mattress enhancers placed under the mattress pad?

Yes, the mattress cover goes under the mattress protector or mattress pad. This gives your mattress a layer of sweat and splash protection.

Q: Do you wash a bed enhancer?

You can position a good deal of wool or down bed toppers within the washing system, but latex and memory foam bed toppers should be spot-cleaned to keep away from shrinkage. To ease a foam mattress topper, dab stains with a towel, mix a vinegar answer in a twig bottle, spritz any stains, sprinkle baking soda onto the topper, anticipate eight hours, and dry your topper with a hand-held vacuum.

Q: Do I want a mattress pad with an enhancer?

If your bed feels too smooth or organized and you want to adjust its experience, then you want a mattress enhancer. This thick layer located at the surface of your bed additionally protects it from wear, selling durability. If you need to add a layer of plushness to your mattress, a mattress pad on the top of your mattress will flip a memory foam bed? Unless it’s dual-sided, you need to never turn a memory foam bed. Memory foam mattresses are designed as a single shape. Relief layers are meant to relax on top of the bed, while the help layer is the foundation.

Q: How long do bed toppers last?

Three to five years
The common lifespan of memory foam mattress toppers is the handiest 3 to five years! Yes, you heard that properly. And this is the case with terrific memory toppers, at the same time as those made with inexpensive materials will handiest remain for 2 years or much less! But the durability of any mattress topper for that to be counted will rely upon various characteristics.

Q: Is the thickness of the mattress topper first-class for back pain?

Thickness. Most frequently, mattress toppers come in three thickness tiers: 1″, 2″, and 3″. Heavier facet and lower back sleepers will need to look for a ″ because this may create the most stress alleviation. If a lightweight-weight return or facet sleeper, a 2″ topper may want to work properly.

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