How to return a Purple Mattress


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Purchasing a mattress is a significant investment, and finding the right one can make all the difference in getting a good night’s sleep. The Purple Mattress is a popular choice among consumers due to its unique comfort technology and high-quality materials. However, if you find that your mattress is not meeting your expectations, you may be wondering how to return a purple mattress?

The process of returning a Purple Mattress is straightforward, but there are a few important things to keep in mind to ensure a smooth and successful return. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps of returning a Purple Mattress, including what you need to know about the return policy, how to initiate a return, and what to expect during the process.

How to return a Purple Mattress with complete process:

First and foremost, it is important to understand the return policy for the Purple Mattress. The company offers a 100-night sleep trial, during which you can try out the mattress and decide if it is right for you. If, after the 100 nights, you are not satisfied with the mattress, you can initiate a return and receive a full refund. The mattress must be in its original condition, free of any stains or damage, to be eligible for a return.

Once you have decided to return your Purple Mattress, the next step is to initiate the return process. This can be done through the company’s website or by contacting customer service. The company will provide instructions on how to prepare the mattress for pickup, which typically involves removing the cover and rolling or folding the mattress for shipping.

It is important to note that the return process may vary based on your location and the type of mattress you purchased. For example, if you purchased the mattress through a third-party retailer, the return process may be different than if you purchased directly from Purple. Be sure to review the return policy and follow the specific instructions provided by the company.

What is Purple Mattress?

It is a 4 inches mattress of gel Grid that is supported by premium coils. Its specificity is that it has more Grid which means having less pressure. It is the one and only comfort creation or innovation that is too soft as well as a firm where you want or need it. In addition, it is also very comfortable while sleeping at night. It is just amazing to use, it provides comfort, and makes you relax when you wake up.

What makes Purple Mattress Special?

The special feature of Purple Mattress is that Hybrid Premier has wrapped coils individually which helps to provide resistance to sagging underneath your weight. Compared to a memory foam mattress, it has greater edge support. In order to provide more stability at the edges, it has a high-density foam border.

Purple Mattress is made up of Hyper-Elastic Polymer. It is a cooler material naturally in contrast to other mattresses like memory, latex, or foam. Its temperature regulation is very perfect for couple use. One more important thing to keep in mind while using Purple Mattress, it does not need a box spring because it can damage your mattress and its warranty becomes invalid.

Which type of body is perfect for Purple Mattress?

Normally, it is a good choice for all kinds of sleepers. Its unique features, good-quality foam, and comfort are preferred by all sleepers. It is also the best choice for back sleepers and stomach sleepers. Purple Mattress is very efficient to use for heavier stomach or back sleepers. Its firmness, best-quality sleep, and proper alignment make it a source of comfort while sleeping.

It provides balanced support and evenly distributes your body weight and remains your spine in a neutral and healthy position. It decreases the pressure on your joints and spines. It also provides comfort to their hips and shoulders.

How to return a Purple Mattress?

Returning a purple mattress is not so difficult. There is no need for any specific reason to return this mattress. You can return it for any reason. In case you bought a purple mattress at some discount, then you will receive the same amount rather than the original price. This mattress has 10 years of warranty, so if you find any defect in your mattress, then you can easily replace it by contacting customer service. There are some defects that are under its warranty;
● Fault materials including cracks in the foam and damaged coils etc.
Mattress cover with split seams and broken zippers.
● Visible dents that are prompted by defectiveness or any damage.
If these signs are found in your mattress and you have a warranty of 10 years, then you can easily replace it and receive your paid amount respectively. But if your mattress got damaged due to your carelessness such as;
● Odours, mould, liquid, bedbugs, and other defects due to lack of care.
● It can not be replaced in case of use for medical or commercial purposes.
● High heat exposure to direct contact with the sun also damages its foam materials
● If you had not used it properly under a frame, that results in damage to its structure and loss of support.
Steps to return a Purple Mattress
There are some steps to return a Purple Mattress.

1. Sleep on it for 21 Days

It has trial period of 100 night that means you can use it for 100 days after buying to receive a refund. It is because you give tone your body to adjust to a new purple mattress. Actually, it is very common to experience pain or fatigue when you sleep on new mattress. So Purple gives time to experience a new one and you can not return up to 21 days since you have purchased a purple mattress.

2. Contact Purple Customer Service

Contact the Purple Customer Care Team if you have to return your mattress. You can also contact them via live chat on the website. The team is accessible from Mon-Fri 7am MT and Sat-Sun 8:30 am-5 pm MT.

3. Dispose, Donate or Recycle

The important thing is that Purple does not receive back the mattress from you to them. They require you to donate, recycle or dispose of the mattress and then prove it to them by a licensed company.

4. Refund

After choosing either to donate, dispose or recycle the mattress, you must show a disposal or donation receipt as a proof to the Purple. After Then, the process of your refund is started and you will receive amount to your account in 15 working days. This is the complete process of returning your Purple Mattress and ensuring that the default mattress is not because of your carelessness, otherwise you will waste your time and money. So keep in mind all instructions given in its warranty card.


Hope you have read the complete article about how you can return your Purple Mattress. There we discussed all the procedures to return the purple mattress. We made it clear which criteria is required to exchange or return the mattress.
We describe all the steps of how you can return and refund your amount paid. Hope all those things will prove very helpful to you. Please do inform us via comments if you find any mistakes, and we will come back soon with more information. Keep on following our website.

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