Which Side Of Mattress Is Up In Summer [Detailed Guide]


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Did your sleep get disturbed with the arrival of summer? If yes then you are definitely looking for the answer of which side of mattress is up in summer for better sleep. Choosing the right side of the mattress can provide you a great sleep during those hot summer nights.

A bad sleep means you are not ready to face the next day’s challenges. So sleep better and face the next day challenges with valor. Tossing and turning in the bed all night is the symbol of uncomfortable sleep. You deserve a better sleep, whether it’s cold or hot. 

I would like to share my experience of the mattress field when I was working in Miami. In summer our mattress sales were very low, so I started a campaign about mattress use in summer. I arrange 2 campaigns per year for 5 years and teach people how to reduce the heat trapping while sleeping and how to improve your sleep in summer. 

After reading this article I can guarantee you that you are going to experience quality sleep in the summer nights too.

The Two Sided Debate

It’s better to know which side of the mattress is best for the summer, first you have to notice the difference between the two sides of the mattress. Most mattresses are designed with one side for sleeping and other for support purposes. But now many manufacturers started to produce new mattresses with one side use only. That means you are going to use only one side. So it’s better to understand your brand, which types of mattress you are going to use, is it rotatable or not.

The Mattress With Cooling Features

Did your mattress have specific cooling features like cooling gel-infused memory foam or a breathable cover feature? If yes, then it’s better to face this side up to obtain better results in summer. These features will help to dissipate heat and provide better air flow during summer nights. In such cases the manufacturer provides guidelines about which side you should use on these hot days, so it’s better to read the guideline pamphlet.

So Which Side is Best?

If your mattress has cooling features then it’s your summer side. Or if your mattress is compatible with one side use then it’s better not to rotate it. But when it comes to comforter or firmness layers then you should choose the firm side up in the summer. 

Best Mattress To Use In Summer

Choosing the right mattress for a summer night is very important, because it will directly affect your sleep. I have shortlisted some best mattresses (based on materials)to use on summer nights and enjoy a great sleep.

Gel-infused Memory Foam

A memory foam that comes with gel-infused particles, which will help to dissipate heat and in temperature regulation.

Latex Foam

Latex based mattresses are also well known for their breathability and heat dispersion properties.

Hybrid Or Innerspring Mattress

Hybrid and innerspring mattresses provide better airflow due to their coir system. Which will keep you cool during hot summers.

Open-Cell Foam

These types of mattress provide better air circulation keeping your body temperature in control and promising a better night sleep. 

9 Tips To Make Your Mattress Cooler In Summer Nights

Choosing a mattress with a cooling feature will terminate your heat issue. But what if it still persists? If it still persists then you should use some other techniques to cool down your mattress heat in summer. I have shortlisted some easy and budget friendly tricks to deal with mattress heat.

Use Of Cooling Bedding 

You should use bed sheets made with Tencel or bamboo fabric. These materials fabric provides excellent services against sweat and moisture and keeps you dry and cool.

Good Air flow 

Make sure your mattress is well ventilated. There should be enough space beneath your mattress for air to circulate freely. Use a foundation with slats for better airflow.

Adjust Your Room Temperature

You should keep your room cool by using fans, air conditioning or open windows that promote good air flow. You should block direct sunlight and prevent your room from heating by using blackout curtains.  

Your Body Temperature

Try to take a shower or bath before bed. By doing this your body temperature will decrease. Sleep in lightweight clothes. 

Heat Sources

Eliminate all devices that generate heat in your bedroom, like computers and gaming consoles. It’s also recommended to avoid laptop use before bedding. 

Stay Hydrate

A dehydration can make you feel hotter at night, as you know it’s summer so water is also going to help you obtain a better sleep. A glass of water before bedtime will regulate your body temperature. 

Elevation Of Feet

You should slightly elevate your feet with the help of a pillow or cushion. By doing this blood circulation will get better which will help to regulate your body temperature. 

Chill Pillow

With a summer mattress you should also buy a special pillow designed for summer nights. These types of pillow contain gel or memory foam which will help you to stay cool during summer nights.

Cooling Pad Of Mattress

You can also use a cooling pad to eliminate the heat. These cooling pads of a mattress are usually made from cooling gel or breathable materials.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

How will I know which side of the mattress will work in summer?

The firm side will work great in summer. You should read the pamphlet to better understand your mattress features. Modern mattress comes with only one side use in these cases you have to select a summer support mattress while purchasing. 

Can I cool down my mattress heat with different techniques?.

Yes , you can cool down your mattress in summer with different techniques. Just follow the following mentioned methods.

  • Use air conditioner
  • Use cool pillows
  • Changes your bedding accessories with time
  • Arrange proper air circulation
  • Wear light cloth while sleeping
  • Decrease your room temperature
  • Avoid direct sunlight in your room 
  • Does the mattress have winter and summer sides?

Yes, the warmer side is usually made with wool and the summer side the cooler side usually made with cotton type materials that provides you great sleep in both seasons. 


It’s better to keep in mind your residential area while buying a mattress (weather point of view). Otherwise you can face several nights awake due to heat trapping in summer seasons. So if you are already facing these difficulties don’t worry I have mentioned multiple techniques to deal with heat just read the above mentioned methods. Having questions about any method feel free to ask us. Thanks. 

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By Muhammad Asim