8 Pros And Cons Of Memory Foam Mattress in 2023


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Do you want to know about Pros And Cons Of Memory Foam Mattress before buying it? Let me explain you everything that you must know. Memory foam is made with viscoelastic polyurethane foam which is more supportive than any average polyurethane foam. Promising you great support and a sense of comfort at the same time. 

Did you know this memory foam had a great service in NASA too? From the very first the memory foam was used in NASA in the 1960s to provide the cushioning in seats. After retiring from NASA it also started to serve the common men in the shape of a mattress. After NASA and before the mattress it was also used in helmets in shoes and in medial also.

Have you not tried memory foam yet? Then this time you should give him a single chance. If you are suffering from night awakeness and irregular periods of sleep during night due to the mattress then you should try this one. Memory foam is made up with multiple layers of foam providing you great comfort and support simultaneously. 

Everything in this universe has some positive and negative sides. Nothing is here with just positive remarks so a memory foam mattress can be a great choice for you. We always guide our customers regarding the product specifications and believe me we have zero complaint in our 20 years sale experience of memory foam mattresses. Have some patience. I will discuss all the pros and cons of a memory foam mattress.

The Made Of Memory Foam

The primary element is polymers which contain large molecules with small subunits which are bounded together. The polymer is also known as polyurethane which is used in a wide range of furniture like sofa and mattress. But there is also a very long list of other products in which this chemical is also used like liquid paints, spray paints, car paints and elastic fiber. 

This chemical provides two qualities to memory foam one is viscosity and second is elasticity. Viscosity means a mattress takes time to transfer the force or takes time to change the shape when pressure is applied. The second one was elasticity, which means the mattress returns to its original form when we remove pressure. These two qualities make memory foam a well known and demanded mattress. 

8 Pros Of Memory Foam

The pros side of memory foam contains more points than the other one making it a more demanding mattress of all times. Let’s discover the bright side and enhance your knowledge by reading the following pros of memory foam.


The comfort layers of memory foam will give you the feeling of sleep on clouds. Each and every joint in your body will experience great relief and relaxation. All your aches and pains will vanish. Trust me you are going to experience the next level of comfortness. 

Proper Support

Memory foam mattress will provide the proper support to your body by keeping your spine in good alignment. You can adopt any position at bed while sleeping and your weight will be evenly distributed automatically. You should buy memory foam with more density if you want more support.

Maintenance And Cleaning 

Memory foam requires little or no maintenance. Just use a vacuum to clean the upper surface of the mattress and for spots you can use any normal cleaning liquids. But it’s never mean that you will misuse it. Try to cover it with a protective cover at the start to increase its lifespan. 

Hypoallergenic Properties 

Hypoallergenic means less cause to allergies rather than a complete one. Memory foam keeps dust mites away and consequently less chances of allergies. If you are facing any respiratory or allergies issues you should try this one. Please note hypoallergenic products  can also contain fewer allergens that can cause allergic reactions. To tackle this you should use the trial period of the mattress. Trial period is a time period offered by many brands to get adjusted by a new mattress and experience the greatest sleep ever, but if you are not feeling great or have some allergic issue that is very less in cases you can change your mattress.

Affordable Price

Lower the price means lower the quality. A Queen size memory foam mattress with high-quality manufacturing you can get it around about in a $1000 to $2000 budget. While on the other hand same size mattress but with local brands manufacturing you can easily get it between $500 to $700. Try to buy the best one that will last for a long time and also comes with great modifications.

 Noise free

Many people’s sleep gets disturbed with a single noise during the night. So at this point memory foam did not produce any noise during movement on bed. It means during the night when your partner will move or change the position your sleep will not get disturbed. Highly recommended for couples who love to sleep together during the night.

Great Lifespan

A memory foam mattress with lower density can last up to 5 to 7 years. The memory foam mattress with great density can live more than 15 years. And  with good care and slight maintenance you can increase its lifespan.

Enemy Of Motion 

This mattress is an enemy of motion by providing great motion isolation. Its motion isolation feature will not disturb your sleep when your partner will move during night. With this mattress you are going to enjoy the greatest sleep ever without any disturbance during the night.

7 Cons Of Memory Foam Mattress

As you read the many advantages of memory foam mattress, this product has very low disadvantages or cons. Some people may find them bad while others not, so it’s all about your decision. These little disadvantages can be gotten rid of with little effort.

The Heat Trapper

The memory foam mattress provides a great sense of cushioning by absorbing the heat of sleepers body. The absorbed heat sounds very good in cold weather but during hot weather it makes it impossible to sleep on it. So if you are located in a hot weather area you should use the air conditioner during sleep. Gel-infused memory foam mattresses can also be a great option but keep in mind they are higher in cost also.

You May Experience An Odor

There are many chances that during unboxing of a new mattress you can experience some kind of odor. People with sensitive noses can feel it more unpleasurable so you should wait for a few days if the odor remains. You should contact the brands and request for a new one. Keep in mind the trial period of the new mattress.

Not For Heavy Peoples

If your weight is more than 230 pounds and you purchased a low density mattress that will not work for you. You may experience sinking into a mattress because of low mattress density. The sinking condition can also reduce support and cause misalignment of your spine. So always buy a mattress that supports your spine and posture. Never buy the memory foam with low density.

Low Density Of Mattress

As you know low density provides poor support but it also provides a very low lifespan of a mattress too. Yes you can save money with a low density mattress but it will work just for 5 to 7 years hardly, then again you have to buy a new one.

Heavy In Weight

Some people may count it into cons but I did not. A queen size mattress can weigh up to 70 to 90 pounds.which makes it impossible to move during flipping of mattress and cleaning. But on the other hand you can perform these activities with the help of your partner.  There is no need to move it daily so flipping during cleaning is occasionally required during the year.

Non Eco-Friendly

Polyurethane was the primary element that was used in its production and it is a type of plastic. Nature or organic lovers may not find it unsuitable for sleep because they prefer things that are eco-friendly. Also not suitable for those people who are sensitive to plastic products. 

Passage Of Time

With the passage of time you will note that you are sleeping in the mattress not on the mattress. So that can cause sleep disturbance for combination sleepers. Other types of mattress like latex and hybrid are the best alternatives of this.

Final Thoughts

Have you ever bought a single thing in your life with just advantages? Definitely not. People suffer many different situations to avail a single lottery too. Each and every thing can have advantages and disadvantages. There are high chances that some disadvantage may not work for another. So consequences vary with the situation. Hope so i answered all your thoughts about Pros and cons of memory foam. Still have a question? Feel free to ask in the comments section below. thanks.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

What is the major disadvantage of a memory foam mattress?

The major disadvantage of memory foam mattress is that with the passage of time you will feel you are sleeping in the mattress not on the mattress. The support and density decrease with time.

Is memory foam budget friendly?

Yes, they are budget friendly. You can buy a queen size mattress for just around about $500.

Can we use a memory foam mattress in summer?

Yes, you can but you should maintain the temperature of the room or you should use an air conditioner. Because a memory foam mattress can trap the heat of your body resulting in sweaty and disturbed sleep.

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By Muhammad Asim