why are mattresses so expensive?


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Did your mind always ask one question: why are mattresses so expensive? Well yes they are expensive but with some real reasons. There is no need to worry, I will guide you about that. You are probably spending your life at your parents home but now it’s time to buy your own house. 

After buying a new shelter you definitely need a new mattress to make your sleep comfortable, and you are shocked by the price of the mattress. The $8 Billion mattress industry is a giant one and you can see the mattress from $ 200 to $25000 and many more. There are several factors that make a mattress expensive.

 I recently helped my brother to settle in a new house after his wedding and I managed all his budgets for arrangements. I have to arrange all things according to the needs of the newly wed couple and as you know a good mattress on a decent budget was very challenging.

Did you know I managed it, and we were successful in saving some money for other arrangements. So here is a complete guide about why are mattress so expensive and how you can save your money too.

Top 08 Reasons Why Are Mattress So Expensive?

There is no need to be shocked after looking at the price tag of a new mattress. Yes they are expensive due to their build quality. Did you know a human spends almost one third of his life in sleep, and you are also going to spend it. So buy the best mattress keeping in mind your life and health. Let’s discover the factors that make a mattress expensive.

The Lifespan Of Mattress

You are going to sleep at least 8 hours per night so a mattress can be the most used thing in your home. So a thing with high demand seems to be expensive.  The minimum lifespan of a mattress is 10 to 15 years but with good care and attention you can increase it. You are going to use it for decades, just choose the best one. 

Support For Mattress

Your pain will increase when you will also have to buy support for your mattress. Without proper support or base you will lose the mattress within a few years never think to place the mattress on the floor it will cause violation of warranty too. So avoid placing the mattress on the floor. Mattresses on the floor can also cause mold growth too. Just buy a platform bed that is enough to provide support to your mattress and there is also no need to buy box spring or foundation additionally.

Shipping And Installation Process

Like other home furniture, mattresses are also huge, so your price will also increase if you will avail the shipping and installation services of the company. It is better to avoid it and try to do it manually. The installation process is pretty simple. You can also get help from youtube by watching a video on how to assemble a mattress. By doing it yourself you will also have confidence, so in future it will again help you during shifting of home or moving the mattress in another room. Again this trick will save your money.

A Great Investment In Health

The price tag of a mattress can increase your stress but look at the other side of the picture. An investment in a good mattress is actually an investment in your health. So a well manufactured mattress provides you better sleep with cooling sensation and it also gives better alignments to your spine. A great support, comfort, firmness and good alignment of spine are the key features of a good mattress. 

Different Sizes With Different Prices

There are a total 4 standard sizes of mattress in the market. Keep in mind your needs and pick the right one. There are Twin, Full, Queen and King. California King is also a size of mattress presented by certain manufacturers. Your price will increase with the size of mattress as they require more material in manufacturing for large mattresses.

Material Based Price

Mattresses are manufactured with different types of materials like wool, cotton, latex, foam, memory foam, and springs. All these materials are expensive and brands use multiple layers of these materials to provide promising results to their customers. So you can also look at the material of the mattress and can choose the right and budgeted mattress for you.

Density Of Mattress Matters

Mattress density is also a factor that increases its price. They required more material in manufacturing so generally the denser mattress will definitely cost more. The firm mattresses are also denser and they also demand high prices. 

The Premium Features Of Mattress

There are a lot of features in the modern models of mattresses. So as much as you will avail, the price will go high. Like the cooling, adjustable and zoned support of the mattress. With a cooling layer feature you will feel cool during sleep and your mattress will not trap the heat. And the zoned support features mean you will get different types of support at different spots of mattress.

5 Steps To Save Your Money

Did I clear your mind why are mattress so expensive? If yes then let’s look at further steps that will help you to save the money while purchasing a new mattress. 

No Shipping And Assembling Services

Don’t go for extra services. Just buy the lovely mattress and try to bring it in your own truck (you can also ask any friend for help) and  try to assemble it on your own. These two practices will save you a lot of money.

Avoid The Middle One

If you really want to save the money then try to eliminate the middleman, and directly connect with the manufacturer because these middlemen will cut their profit too. By avoiding them you can save a decent amount.

Go For Installments Option 

Before buying, do proper research about brands that are offering different packages to their customers. Like Casper they are offering two packages Caspers financing with Affirm offer with the range of 3 to 24 months with as minimum as $61 per month. And other offer that is Casper’s financing through Paybright with as minimum as $91 per month and with 0% APR (Annual percentage rate)

Look For Different Online Offers

During the whole year there are different types of holidays and special day offers are provided by online stores like Amazon, WalMart and Ebay. you should plan it at the start of the year to avail the best offer or you should wait for Black Friday and christmas sales. 

Avail The Trial Period

Keep in mind almost every brand offers their customer a trial period to test the mattress. You should avail it. It will help you to adjust your body with the mattress. If the manufacturer is not allowing for a trial period it’s better to look for another brand. Usually the trial period lasts for 30 nights. During this period if you are not feeling comfortable you can replace the mattress. 

Frequently Ask Questions(FAQs)

Should we buy an expensive mattress?

Yes, you can go for an expensive one. Because that money will reflect in the quality of the mattress. With a high budget you will be able to unlock many features of new models like cooling, adjustments and zoned support.

Is there any difference between a cheaper and expensive mattress?

Yes, there are a lot of differences between the cheaper and expensive ones. Usually cheaper mattresses hold only single layers of memory foam but the expensive one can contain multiple layers of foam and other materials too.

How much money should you pay for a mattress?

Well, there are alot of options regarding money. Your money will increase as the size and the material quality of your mattress will increase. Normally you will be able to get a mattress from $700 to $1500 that will provide you good support and also comes with a good size.


Money saving is not easy in this modern world, but it’s also not an impossible job either. Just plan it before or wait for the perfect time. There are many variants of mattress in this world with different types of material used in their manufacturing. Try to understand your needs and place your first step in the mattress market. Follow my guide and save some money. Hope so you enjoyed the guide about why are mattress so expensive.

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By Muhammad Asim