Benefits Of Cotton Mattress And Disadvantages


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Are you a nature lover? We obtain cotton naturally so a cotton mattress can be a first priority of natural lovers. What’s inside the mattress is a question which can help you to buy a good mattress. Many people just make purchases at the name of brands and price rather than the manufacturing information. If you are doing that you will definitely get a great mattress. 

A human spends almost one third of his life during sleep, so a quality mattress for sleep is very essential. Cotton is not just used in mattresses but also in other bedding items like pillow, bed sheets, and in  protecting covers of mattresses. Cotton is a cheaper material than others that are used in the mattress industry. 

If you are a student cotton mattress can fascinate you with its price tag, or if you are located in a hot area because cotton is a temperature control product. But if we see the disadvantage side it has the same darkness as the brightness of the benefit sides. You will have to re-fluff the cotton mattress after every 6 to 12 months of use to keep it in shape. 

Before making any decision it’s better to have a complete look at below mentioned information. And feel confident and think like a Pro while making a decision.

Benefits Of Cotton Based Mattress:

Mattresses that are made with cotton are eco-friendly. There are mostly benefits rather than disadvantages so read them with care and get all information about the product.

Comfort Level

When it comes to comfortness softness cotton provides its best. Cotton is just like clouds on earth, and when it’s used in a mattress it’s just like a sleep on clouds. Cotton mattress provides great comfort to your body and enhances your sleep. Other materials are also used in cotton mattress manufacturing like natural latex and organic wool but in low quantity while the comfort is mainly provided by cotton.

Breathing While Sleeping

During hot weather or in hot areas you may experience sweat while sleeping. Its main cause is the blockage of air ventilation of your skin with the environment. Here cotton mattress comes with great benefits of breathing ability during sleep. So you are going to experience a great sleep with a cotton mattress.

Hypoallergenic Factor

Cotton is a natural product so it means there are no chances of allergies and reaction. In its manufacturing, toxin chemicals are not used; there are natural elements in each and every layer. In many peoples the allergic issues are due to chemicals while some may face due to some natural products, so it’s very important you should know if you are allergic from chemical elements or natural.

Moisture Problem

As you know cotton mattress is great in hot weathers and hot areas it also provides great services during cold weathers. It has the ability to absorb the moisture from your body so there is no irritation due to moisture. It means your sleep will not disturb due to moisture and you can continue to sleep. You can’t sleep with wet skin. Cotton can absorb all your body moisture but not the remaining water after a shower. 

The Durability Of Cotton Mattress

 When it comes to durability cotton mattresses are the number one. Their life is 5 years plus but you can increase it with good care. The retail price of cotton mattresses are also much higher than other mattresses because of the use of cotton in highly reputed brands. There is nothing like synthetic used in manufacturing so the durability will automatically increase. 

Great Firmness Of Cotton Mattress

Are you married or sleeping with your partner? Cotton mattress provides great firmness and consequently no disturbance during sleep. A great firmness is also very important for your spine alignment and posture. The forces that are caused by movement of your partner at bed are easily absorbed by a cotton mattress.

Cost Friendly

The cotton mattresses are so cost friendly that you will get the mattress in just some $200 to $300. So it’s a very positive point for a budget buyer. 

The Disadvantage Of Cotton Mattress

Like the benefits, the disadvantages of cotton mattresses are very less making it a great choice for your room. It’s better to understand and keep in mind before making any purchase whether this will affect you or not. Have a look at below listed information. 

The Pressure Points In Cotton Mattress

The pressure point can be the major disadvantage of a cotton mattress. They have innerspring units so that means there will be pressure points to support your body weight. When the weight of the body presses the innerspring they resist to maintain the shape of the mattress. After a long time of use and during laying you may feel these springs that can cause disturbance and irritation.

Use Of Metals

To provide support and to continue the original shape of mattress they use innerspring in cotton mattress. They are ok to use but some people can have some type of phobia of having a metal in the mattress. These types of people can say no to cotton mattresses. 

Fire Friendly

Cotton mattresses are a natural product and can easily catch fire. When it comes to fire each and everything is fire friendly just you have to pay the same attention as you paid to others to save them from fire. Be cool, it’s cotton not petrol. Your little attention is enough. 

Dust Mites With Time

The cotton mattresses are 100% natural product so they can attract mites with time. That can cause respiratory issues. You can avoid them with regular cleaning just keep your eyes open and whenever you inspect them it’s time to clean your mattress.

The Less Warranty

The warranty of cotton mattresses is very less. The reason behind them is that the cotton accumulates in 2 to 3 years of use. It means you are going to experience a bad sleep after some years. So the manufacturer plays here and offers very less warranty time to claim anything.


Sleep is very important for human beings and a good mattress can provide you with quality sleep.  If you have made your mind about cotton mattresses you should read all the benefits and disadvantages of mattresses that will help you make the final decision. Nothing is permanent and does not come with unlimited lives. It’s better to get knowledge about other mattresses also so you can decide between them and avail a great deal. The cotton mattress can have less warranty and may not be good for your back pain issues but its cost economical.

Frequently Ask Questions(FAQs)

What are the advantages of a cotton mattress regarding health?

There are several advantages of a cotton mattress regarding health as you know its a natural product that provides good air circulation to your skin and its less hypoallergenic.

What is the major disadvantage of cotton mattress?

Cotton mattress is a natural product containing a very short list of disadvantages but some are real as innerspring that are used in cotton mattresses which will disturb your sleep with the passage of time. Some people can have a phobia of metal in their mattress. 

What type of feel will you experience with a cotton mattress?

You are going to experience clouds sleeping on a cotton mattress. Your sleep will enhance and your health will increase automatically. 

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By Muhammad Asim