Can You Fold A Mattress?


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Are you shifting to a new home? Or wanted to store an old mattress. Well whatever the situation is this I will guide you about can you fold a mattress. Mattress transportation can cause a headache but there is no need to worry.

Inside the house or outside of the house, the mattress required the same care and attention during moving. The bending and folding of the mattress are not a one man job you have to take help. You should perform it with full care and attention to avoid any damage to your mattress.

I recently managed to shift to our new home in San Diego. It was not easy but some friends helped me and by the grace of God it was completed. Transportation of bulk items was the main headache. There was a painful question in my mind about how I would transporte them without any damage.

I recently bought a new mattress and it was my lucky one(because I bought a new house just after it). In this guide I will share all my knowledge of mattress folding with you, just take a seat and read it completely.

Reasons For Folding A Mattress

There can be various reasons behind this activity. You are shifting your home, moving the mattress upstairs or just wanted to store your old mattress. So just grab the proper tools and wait for the middle of the day to perform this, because this task cannot be achieved in the dark night. Keep in mind safety first.

Tips For Transporting Of A Mattress

I know you are excited about your new home. But keep in mind you will face many challenges of transporting bulk items like mattresses. So choose a suitable vehicle with accurate space. You can use your minivan or pickup truck. Just keep in mind the safety of your items and drive slowly. 


  • Before starting to start loading , make sure your mattress is properly covered in a mattress bag. This bag or cover or mattress will keep your mattress free from dust and dirt.
  • Use a bungee cord or rope to secure the mattress to the vehicle. The rope will keep your mattress tight and prevent your mattress from moving during transportation.
  • You should drive with care and attention. Avoid sudden movements to ensure the safety of your mattress.
  • If you have placed a mattress at the roof of your vehicle, then be mindful and choose the roads accordingly because you have added some extra height to your vehicle.

Always keep in mind local road rules and regulations about transportation and follow them. If you are feeling unsure about transportation you should hire some professional driver to perform this task.

Store A Mattress

If you’re folding a mattress with a storage mindset then you should pay extra heed to other factors like your storage space and your storage techniques. It’s better to cover the mattress in its bag and place it with proper care. There should be no moisture and water and other bad for mattress like bugs. It’s better to clean it first before storing. 

Which Type Of Mattress Are Foldable?

Each and every type of mattress is not foldable, you should better know which type of mattress you are going to fold and is it foldable or not? As you know there are many types of mattresses in the market including memory foam, innerspring, latex and hybrid mattress. Only the mattresses that are made with memory foam and gel infused are foldable and rotatable. Other types of mattress demand proper flat space or side wise position during transportation. 

Mattress That Support Folding

Futon Mattress

Futon mattresses are usually made with cotton and foam like materials or there will be a combination of both of them. 

Roll-up or Compressed Mattress

These types of mattress also support folding and are usually made with memory foam or latex. You can compress or vacuum them for shipping and storage. You can fold them for a short time period just for shipping, long time compression can damage them permanently.

Air Mattress

Air mattress can be inflated and deflated as per requirements. Basically you have to fill air when you have to use them so when not in use you can deflate the air and store them easily. 

Thin Or Low Profile Mattress

These types of mattress are used in bunk beds or daybeds, can be more flexible and easier to fold.

Required Material For Folding

To perform the folding task you need some basic equipment. 

  • Mattress Bag
  • Ratchet Strap
  • Tape
  • Vacuum Bag
  • Vehicle (for transportation)
  • Assistance (can be any body your wife, friend or dad)

7 Steps For Folding Of Mattress

Follow these following steps to perform a secure folding of a mattress. It’s better to clean the floor and place the mattress on the ground. A clean ground will keep your mattress free from dust and dirt.

1.Clear The Area

Clear the area around the mattress that can cause damage. Remove all bedding, pillows or any other obstacles.

2.Protector Of Mattress

The protector of the mattress or cover will work as a shield against the dust and dirt. So cover it properly.

3.Place The Mattress At Ground

Now place the mattress on the ground. You can use a large table if you have one. 

4.The Right Side

Now you should find the right side of the mattress, in other words it will be the top side of the mattress. The side you use for sleeping is the top side and the bottom is another one.

5.Start Folding

Stand at the head of the mattress and fold it toward the foot area. By doing this the two long sides will meet.

6.Use Of Rope

Once you complete your folding now you should use a rope or strap to secure it tightly. You should avoid extra tightening because it can damage your mattress.

7.Again Fold In Half

You can perform the above mentioned procedure once again if your mattress is not getting fit in desired space. 

Pro Level Tips

  • Use a vacuum to suck the air in the protecting cover of the mattress.
  • Use duct tape as much is required and make sure your mattress will not damage during transportation. Apply more if required.
  • Transport it in a horizontal position. 
  • You should also read your warranty card before performing any folding. 

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

Which types of mattress support folding

Each and every type of mattress cannot support folding. Only memory foam mattress and gel infused can perform folding.

Best vehicle for transportation of mattress.

You should use a mini van or pickup truck or any suitable vehicle according to the size of your mattress.

Can I fold an innerspring mattress?

No, you can’t. Innerspring mattress or any other mattress which contains metal are unfoldable. 


It’s better to perform a task properly rather than inaccurately. So folding a mattress is a serious job requiring little effort while performing. You should ask your friend to help. Folding and transportation of the mattress both required proper attention. Hope so you enjoyed my guide about can I fold a mattress. Still have a question in mind, feel free to ask. Stay happy and healthy and congratulations for your new home. thanks.

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By Muhammad Asim